Milton Glaser – capturing the mood of the moment

Milton Glaser, the graphic artist forever identified with the I Love New York logo, has died. He was also responsible for the psychedelic Bob Dylan poster and logos for DC Comics, Stony Brook University and Brooklyn Brewery. His artwork is in permanent collections in many museums worldwide and he was the first graphic artist to be awarded the National Medal of the Arts from President Obama in 2009.

When he designed the NY logo in the mid 1970s the city had an escalating crime rate and was on the verge of bankruptcy. “Glaser loved New York so much that he gave his work to the city for free, hoping it would become public property.” The logo earns New York state $30 million each year and has become a pop culture icon and is reproduced on everything from coffee cups to T-shirts and hats.

Born 26 June 1929 in New York he was a patriotic, creative and ambitious Sun Cancer in an innovative square to Uranus; with Uranus in turn in a revolutionary square to Pluto. His Sun was in a hard-working opposition to Saturn. He also had the publicity-attracting, showbizzy Mars Neptune in Leo opposition his Aquarius Moon and trine his Saturn. Cancer is not only associated with creative design as a sign but has its nose on the public pulse so often homes in on the trends of the moment.

His Sun square Jupiter sits neatly with the New York Capricorn Sun square Jupiter for a serendipitous mix. With his marketing-genius Mars Neptune in upbeat Leo square the NY Chiron and trine the NY Mars Venus in Sagittarius; and his communicative Mercury in Gemini was conjunct the NY Pluto.

The Milton/NY relationship chart has a mutually-supportive, morale-boosting composite Sun Mercury trine Jupiter with a creative Neptune trine the composite North Node in Pisces maybe conjunct Moon.


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