Graham Linehan – the trans war not a joking matter


Graham Linehan’s trajectory from much-loved comedy writer of Father Ted and the IT Crowd to a hated and permanently banned Twitter-ranter has bemused onlookers. He’s an outspoken liberal: a self-professed supporter of feminism, opponent of harassment of women in the gaming industry, a critic of Brexit who has spoken out about anti-Semitism. But he became embroiled in the trans debate after a 2013 episode of The IT Crowd was criticised for transphobic jokes and over the years has become more vociferous, some say bullying in defence of his position.

He wrote “I believe trans people – those unfortunate enough to suffer body dysphoria – are having their condition exploited and trivialised by abusive, controlling and authoritarian trans rights activists. And I think women and children are suffering because of it.”  He says trans activism has aggressively shut down debates and is misogynistic and erasing women’s and children’s rights.

Born 22 May 1968 in Dublin, he’s a vocal and argumentative Sun Mars in Gemini; with Mercury also in communicative Gemini in an intense and obstinate square to Pluto and outspoken Uranus. He has a Fixed T Square of Venus in Taurus opposition Neptune square Jupiter in Leo – such a Fixed Jupiter can be self-righteous and intolerant of other views and Venus in Taurus tends to be unbudgeable over emotional matters.

He’s also got a problematic Yod of Pluto Uranus sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn in Aries which does require maturity and self-discipline to operate at its full potential. Plus another Yod of Mercury sextile Saturn inconjunct Neptune – such a Neptune can be emotionally disorganized and self-defeating.

His Aries Moon may or may not be conjunct his Aries North Node and sextile his Sun Venus but it’s not that well integrated into his chart.

It’s not that I don’t agree with his generally stated views (not having seen any of his twitter tirades) but the mystery is why he has walked himself up a cul-de-sac which will over-shadow his career. It’s not that good fights don’t have to be fought – in protecting vulnerable women’s spaces and ensuring children aren’t pushed into irrevocable gender changes before they are mature enough to decide – but his strategies are clearly not working and volunteering to be in the middle of a twitter tornado is insane.

His Solar Arc Sun is exactly square his focal point Saturn this year which may bring a sobering reality and the need for a rethink.  His Solar Arc Saturn has been moving across the conjunction to his Sun and Mars throughout this past seven-year battle which would tune up his need to argue every point. Over the next two years he’ll be slipping and slithering under Neptunian transits to various midpoints as well as one leg of his Yod. With tr Pluto trine his Uranus, also a Yod leg, from early 2021 to late 2022 – for more upheavals and also more personal insight. He may emerge as tr Pluto moves towards Aquarius to trine his Sun by 2024 a transformed personality.


13 thoughts on “Graham Linehan – the trans war not a joking matter

  1. A about the generational divide, I am 62 I fought for sex minority rights for many years as well as women’s rights. It is not a generational divide, the boomers, contrary to press, formed refuges, crisis centres for abuse, won female maternity and equal pay rights the list goes on and they were very active to defend the rainbow community.,the trouble is the rainbow community does not defend women’s rights anymore and have ceased to protect lesbians especially.

  2. Women still suffer around the globe, especially in religeous countries. It has got to point where to mention this is seen as being anti trans…it is about protecting female rights. I agree with Graham. I am over people’s speech being policed by the far left. All voices need to be heard. Many of those who stifle speech allow degrading, violent speech and behaviour towards women on social media sites. Physician heal thyself, would be my suggestion to Twitter, and Reddit, when they ban women and men who do not idealise their far left politics.

  3. I think generational differences exist for sure, my nieces are the same and don’t see what the fuss is about. I don’t feel hostile to trans people or their rights. I am finding the new “inclusive” language difficult though. People who menstruate, female bodied, cis etc. the general absence of woman as a descripter to describe, well, woman! The recent JKR twittergate coincided with a lunar eclipse in my 1st house. It really triggered me. Turns out I like to be called a woman too. Language is another reason it’s gotten so heated.
    I am struggling with how my sense of womanhood fits into this new world order. On twitter I would be tagged as transphobic and this saddens me, I’m not.

    • Right, whats interesting to me is that it doesn’t happen with men & transgender men. With women you have multiple oppressed and vulnerable groups who all need to be protected and supported in society, and have all fought to try to be recognized as equal people society.

      It cant be right to support one vulnerable group at the expense or erasure of another vulnerable group (whichever side of the debate you are on). Probably multiple solutions are needed for different individual needs, but thats going to get complicated. Poxy patriarchy!

      Has Marjorie written about women’s rights movements or Emmeline Pankhurst etc.., couldnt find anything, maybe one for the future.

    • We are not living in a time of liberation or of widening horizons are we ? The closing down of debate and the increasing use of sanctions against those who have non conformist opinions is just depressing. Of course Twitter is not a medium of social discourse but was to designed to be money making enterprise. Do we want to live in a world where giant corporations are the arbiters of what people are allowed to think and say ?

  4. Just want to clarify that I am not saying I agree with everything he has stated in terms his definition of the group. I do agree with him him about there being this climate that states no one can disagree with this group. Virgoflake is right that this is too deep a subject to get into at forum blog or twitter level.

  5. Twitter is a terrible format for any deep discussion.

    I feel there is quite a generational divide on the Trans issue. Listening to my nieces and nephew, they simply do not have any difficulty in acceptance of Trans people and don’t see a problem with it. My niece, a huge anime and cartoon fan has grown up with animations such as ‘Steven Universe’ which accommodates LBGTQ characters without issue. So I do feel that Trans people will not have to struggle so much for acceptance in the future, as the younger generations come into ascendancy.

    • I very much hope you’re right Virgoflake, I really do. There’s always been acceptance in some corners of society though, and I acutally had no idea quite how much prejudice there is today. I’ve always known a few trans people, and have worried about LBGTQ friends and colleagues being attacked – but shocked by the way things have developed on all sides of this issue. Perhaps polarised is a better word. Could this be Neptune in Pisces in some way? Victim/Saviour? The protean nature of human identity or sexuality? I don’t know, just exploring possibilities really…..

      And I agree Twitter is no place for depth or nuance, both of which are sorely needed in this tick-box online world.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. This is such a toxic debate, and certainly there are voices that aren’t being heard at all. Stonewall estimates that 1% of the UK population are trans, including those who identify as non-binary. That’s 600,000 people in the UK population as a whole. So within that population there will be a range of views, and a desire for self expression. I have a trans friend who regrets her surgery, for example, but is wary of expressing this publicly. Really, we do all have to be kinder to one another, and make space for conversations.

    I was curious about how Graham Linehan’s chart compared with the one for Twitter, 21st January, 2000 ( There are some interesting connections. Twitter’s Jupiter in Aries (26) trines it’s Venus and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius (25), activating Graham’s Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus. Twitter’s Pisces Mars (13) would square his Gemini Mars, with Twitter’s Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius opposing it. Twitter’s Sun conjunct Mercury and Neptune in Aquarius (what else?!) trines G’s Sun in Gemini. What might start out well with those airy Suns would descend into conflict with the Mars, Pluto and Chiron battlefield? Plus the fiery instability and wild card atmosphere of the Jupiter/Venus/BML party.

    Why anyone well known would use Twitter is a mystery. I suspect it’s Pluto/Chiron square Mars might be a clue to the endless trouble that arises, plus Mercury conjunct Neptune may not exactly foster rational debate.

  7. I haven’t been following him or what he has been saying but regarding the quote above on that subject, I say not enough people have been telling the truth on their position about this. I agree with him and sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. I commend him for looking past his career and such personally motivated delights, and calling out what he sees, regardless, in line on some level with the astrology. Of course, many will disagree, and I respect their stand so respect mine accordingly. Live and let live goes for him and views that agree with him, just as those opposing it wish it to be for them. Peace out!!

    • Ever tried to tell this to a trans person they are mentally ill, in their face, and then tell how you respect them and tell to “peace out”? I don’t claim to have much experience with trans people. But I was in a position where I effectively helped some people to get rid of their “dead names” in records. And I can guarantee you that I’ve never, ever, seen the pure joy, relief and pride in face of people I saw with these people. If I ever had any difficulty in understanding the trans experience – and as a menstruating, ovary carrying person who has had tons of medical issues related to female reproductive organs, I did wonder why anyone would want this and did think that maybe trans men just had my issues -, it occured to me this was not a case, seeing this. Now, I just acknowledge trans experience is very different than mine, and not releted to reproductive organs or mental health. My little theory is that it may have something to do with neurology – we are just “wired” differently neurologically. This isn’t something to be cured, just to be understood.

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