Ian Brady – child killer and psychopath finally gone



Moors Murderer Ian Brady, who tortured and killed five children with Myra Hindley in crimes which sent him to prison for five decades has died. He buried four of his victims in graves on Saddleworth Moor, Greater Manchester, though he refused to reveal where one of the bodies was buried.

Born 2 January 1938 12.40pm Glasgow, Scotland, to a single mother with unknown father and brought up by another couple, he was in trouble with the police through his teens, in and out of detention. He was surprisingly intelligent, read Mein Kampf and books about Nazi atrocities; and was diagnosed as a psychopath in the mental hospital when he spent the rest of his life.

He had his Sun Venus in Mercury in Capricorn in the well-read 9th; and a Capricorn Moon conjunct his MC in his 10th; with a pushily confident Jupiter also in the 10th opposition Pluto. His Pluto was also in a bleak, tough-minded trine to Saturn in Pisces, which in turn was in a creative though also paranoid/neurotic opposition to Neptune – so an (ironically misnamed) Mystic Rectangle. He had maverick Uranus in Taurus conjunct his Ascendant from the 12th trine Mercury Venus, sextile Mars in Pisces – emphasising Mars.

Where his sadistic tendencies become clearer is in his Harmonic charts. His 9th = what brings pleasure – is especially brutal with Saturn Pluto Uranus opposition Mars square Moon. His can-be-mad 7H has Mercury Pluto Venus Neptune trine Saturn trine Moon, with Moon opposition Sun – so quite warped. Also his 12H connected with sacrifice, usually as a victim or a healer, but in his case obviously the perpetrator – with Mars Uranus trine Saturn Pluto trine Moon.

When he died Solar Arc Uranus was just over a conjunction to his Pluto, which in older people can point to health issues; with Solar Arc Pluto square his Moon exactly (to within two minutes of a degree), and tr Pluto conjunct his Moon.

His partner in crime, Myra Hindley, who died in prison in 2002, was born 23 July 1942 2.45am Lancaster, England, with an alcoholic father who beat her and taught her to fight back when she was bullied at school. Some commentators tried to excuse her behaviour as a result of her childhood brutalisation but she said she was worse than Brady since she enticed the children into the car.

She was a last degree Cancer Sun conjunct Pluto, with Pluto on her IC sextile Uranus Saturn in Gemini; and an aggressive Mars in Leo in her 4th which squared a Scorpio Moon.

Brady’s Capricorn planets including his Sun fell in her 8th, so a deep connection; with his controlling and determined Pluto exactly conjunct her Sun. Her Moon fell in his 7th and her Jupiter in his 3rd, so she would provide support as well as encouragement.

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