UK Tory Party – taking the fall for Brexit

I’m never entirely convinced about the value of political party charts but for what it’s worth, the UK Conservative Party started on 12 Nov 1867. There is a confident and optimistic tr Pluto conjunct Mercury/Jupiter over the upcoming election; and in general through 2017/18 with tr Pluto sextile the Scorpio Sun, a sense of constructive progress. Where it starts to run into trouble is 2019 with tr Pluto in a frustrating square to Mars/Node and trine Mars/Uranus; and a high-hopes undermined tr Pluto sextile Jupiter/Neptune. There will be some triumphs in 2019 with tr Uranus trine Jupiter/Uranus and Sun/Jupiter; as well as tr Uranus sextile Jupiter in 2018. But the 2021/22 patch looks discouraging and a real slog; with a ‘collapse’ upheaval come 2022 with tr Uranus conjunct the Pluto – which will be when the next election is if this government runs to term.

So the humps, bumps and glitches of the Brexit will take its toll; perhaps with a revamped or breakaway Labour Party of some complexion more in contention.

4 thoughts on “UK Tory Party – taking the fall for Brexit

  1. Anything new on the Tory chart amidst all this Brexit chaos? will they survive as a party of do you see them splitting in two?


  2. Marjorie,
    The Conservatives have always threatened to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998, which received Royal Assent on 9 November 1998, and mostly came into force on 2 October 2000. Royal Assent was notified in the Commons at about 4:07 or 4:08PM, in the Lords at about 2:35 or 2:36 PM. So, as the later time, it is the Commons time that is relevant as the time the law was enacted.

    In 2010-2015, they were thwarted by the Lib-Dems and in 2015-2017, by the snap elections.

    If the Tories do win a landslide as predicted, do you think the HRA will be repealed?

    • They won’t be able to repeal it till after Brexit, I’d imagine and even then there’ll be a long and horrible unscrambling of former EU legislation. Might be mid 2020s before there’s any real attempt.

  3. Effectively, the next Lib-Dems. Did right by the country (in implementing the results of a referendum), but will be shot to bits by the electorate in the next election.

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