Orrin Hatch – waiting in the wings


Orrin Hatch, the respected elder Republican Senator for Utah, is third in line for the presidency if Trump and Pence should fall. One political blog (but only one) suggests he is getting security briefings in preparation for a defenestration at the White House after the firing of James Comey. How much of this is heated conspiracy theorising, I don’t know.

Born 22 March 1934 1pm Homestead Park, Pennsylvania, he’s a Sun Mars in Aries; with an Air Grand Trine of a Gemini Moon trine Saturn, North Node, Venus in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition a 10th house Uranus which squares onto Pluto and Ascendant in Cancer. He certainly fits with the mood of the moment with the present Uranus opposition Jupiter square Pluto in Capricorn.

He does look to be facing a shake up in his direction with tr Uranus conjunct his Uranus, running till early 2018. But given his age that could mean several things. There’s nothing much on his MC or Solar Returns to suggest such a considerable leap.

His relationship chart with Trump is uncertain and chilly till late October with tr Saturn square the composite Neptune Moon; and turning on its head in 2018.

Such rumours won’t do Trump’s paranoia any good.

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  1. Although Hatch is 4th in line, rumour also has it that Ryan is as implicated as Trump and Pence so Hatch is being spoken of as next in line.

  2. Orrin Hatch used to be fairly well regarded by Democrats and Republicans; before the atmosphere became so polarised, he had a reputation for intelligent compromise. Paul Ryan is a knee-jerk partisan.
    Since Trump’s release of classified information to the Russians yesterday, it’s all become more relevant. There’s talk of impeachment from key Republicans at last, though any action they’re taking is still hidden. Thank you for the attention you’ve paid to the U.S. chart and principal actors. It’s hard to imagine light at the end of the tunnel at present, with Trump giving our secrets to the Russians, saying he’d be “honoured” to meet the North Koreans, and trashing our health care infrastructure. Scary, dark days here.

    • Yet Obama said to the Russians on an open mic “I ll have more flexibility after the election”. Hillary sold a chunk of our uranium to them. John Podesta – HRC campaign mgr – has major business relationships with Russia…

      Trump is not going anywhere.

    • Your comments regarding Hatch’s reputation pre-trump, ring true. I also read Hatch planned to retire after this term. But the Orange Menace asked him to stay, claiming he, “needed Hatch.” ….Hatch bought it, (smh) and stated he’d run again. Though I have no idea if his spot is guaranteed. His constituents may be ready for him to go.

  3. All political views and informational comments welcomed. It is a) never a good idea to sit in an echo chamber, having one’s opinions confirmed all the time: and b) it is salutary to realise how slow people are to change their minds, despite mounting evidence.

  4. In the event the US president resigns, is incapacitated, or removed from office, the “order of succession” is as follows: Vice President (currently Pence), Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan), if neither could serve, then it would fall to Orrin Hatch. Hatch is fourth in line to the presidency, not third. So that rumor is false, given it contradicts the actual line of succession.

    See US Order of Succession at link: http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/27/us/succession-presidential-and-vice-presidential-fast-facts/

    • Aah, I re-read wiki which is oddly phrased. ‘Since enactment of the current Presidential Succession Act in 1947, the president pro tempore (Hatch) is third in the line of succession to the presidency, after the vice president and the Speaker of the House of Representatives and ahead of the Secretary of State.’

      Agreed seems most unlikely and he is very elderly.

    • Jessica, why don’t you just avoid the Trump and Trump connected posts along with their comments? Voila! The simplicity of life is restored. Nobody is forcing you to read such posts. Also, nobody ‘is losing it over Trump’. Unfortunately for many, he and his party are very much a hot topic globally. Marjorie’s job is to look at the astrology when a request comes in. It would make sense there are a lot of negative aspects in their charts considering the big opposition they face from the public. If you fail to comprehend that, maybe you’re on the wrong site?

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