Hunter Biden – stumbling from one pot hole to the next

Hunter Biden is in another legal tangle this time over child support for a child he initially disavowed until a DNA test proved he was the father. He was paying $20k a month for his daughter’s upkeep but went back to court asking to pay less because of revised financial circumstances. As a result he has been told by a judge to produce financial paperwork which could involve exposing the business dealings of other members of the Biden family.

  He is already being investigated by a federal grand jury in Delaware over tax charges and whether he made a false statement in connection with a gun purchase; as well as an investigation by Republicans in Congress over emails on a laptop that appear to tie his father to his business activities, despite Joe Biden’s denial of involvement.

  He is catching the 18 degree Uranus in Taurus hard aspect to his Venus in Aquarius exactly now so he’s in the centre of the whirlpool. And has a worrisome tr Saturn square his Neptune returning mid October to the end of this November, which coincides with a seriously stuck Solar Arc Saturn square his Pluto around this time. Tr Neptune is also undermining a couple of his midpoints then as well. Tr Pluto is square his Saturn in 2024/25 which will be a gloomy slog and discouraging.

 Joe’s relationship chart with him is less ebullient than usual with a stuck tr Saturn opposition the composite Pluto in place recently and repeating in September and December this year. With jangles and jolts mid June to mid July, late October to mid November and March 2024 with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Saturn. Plus major confusion with tr Pluto square the composite Neptune in 2024 from late February to mid April, and late May to late July, returning over the Inauguration in 2025 – which is when tr Pluto is square Joe’s Taurus Moon in the 5th house which rules children.

  Tr Saturn is also opposition the composite Jupiter from April 2024 on and off into January 2025 which will put their enthusiasm and confidence in each other at a peep.

  As far as Joe is concerned Hunter is family so to be protected at all costs but the political price may be high. Jill is less enamoured of Hunter and could rock the boat come August onwards.

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