Ed Sheeran – success, money, loss and stress

Ed Sheeran is at the top of the male pop star pyramid,  selling out Wembley Stadium for the 12th time, every album at  No 1, singing with Eminem and Beyoncé and yet he puts out an image of normal-schtick. Despite the dizzying levels of his success he has had a nightmare 18 months of his wife’s diagnosis of cancer, the death of his best friend Jamal Edwards and now a copyright infringement case in the US, which he says will end his career if he loses. At the moment his fifth album is due out along with a Disney documentary: The Sum of It All – ‘a surprisingly moving, intimate view of marriage, loss and mental health.’

 He is modest about his rise to fame – “I’m speccy, ginger hair, really short, English, from the countryside, who stutters and beatboxes … that guy doesn’t become a pop star.” That he did is largely down to the late Jamal Edwards who put him on his YouTube channel – as well as his own talent and determination.

  He was born 17 February 1991, no birth time sadly, Halifax, England, and is a Sun and Mercury in Aquarius square Pluto – communicative and enduring (stubborn). His Pluto is also in trine to a musical Venus in Pisces and sextile Uranus Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. The Uranus Neptune conjunction generation are highly-strung and inspirational, some with a touch of genius. He also has Saturn in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo trine/sextile Mars in Gemini which will make him wobble between downers and uppers, flamboyance and under stated – and the stressed Mars in Gemini is possibly part of the reason for his ‘explosive and incessant creativity’. He composed seven songs in four hours his wife received her initial cancer diagnosis, so music clearly is a way of channelling emotional turmoil.

  His wife was diagnosed and Jamal Edwards died both in early 2022 when tr Saturn was square his Pluto. At the moment over his court case he has tr Uranus square his Mercury at 18 Aquarius and moving on to oppose his Pluto from late this month on and off into early 2024. He’s in a period of major change with tr Uranus heading to square his Sun in 2025.

  He will have upbeat, lucky and successful moments this year and again in 2024/25 but those run alongside times of uncertainty and disruptions.  All the adulation and money in the world can’t blot out problems.  

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