Holly & Phil – sofa buddies but not for ever

The Holly and Philip fall-out is exercising the minds of morning UK TV-watchers, though like all on-screen partnerships there usually comes a day when it turns out now to have been as easy-going as it appeared.

  Philip Scofield, 1 April 1962 2am Oldham, England, has had a turbulent time in recent years, coming out as gay after a 27 year marriage in 2020 and his brother last month was convicted of sexually abusing a teenage boy.

  He has a chatty, quick-witted 3rd house Aries Sun with a troubled 8th house with Uranus in Leo there opposition his Aquarius Sun and Pluto opposition both Mars and Jupiter – good at communication, upbeat from Jupiter Mars with an undertone of desperation from Mars Pluto and fairly chaotic.  He’s moving into a less successful phase of his career with tr Saturn moving through his First Quadrant and at the lowest ebb at the moment.

  Holly Willoughby, 10 February 1981, no birth time, Brighton, England,  is a Sun Aquarius which fits his Aquarius Moon but clashes with his 8th house Uranus. Her Mars Mercury in Pisces likewise chime with his Jupiter but don’t sit comfortably with his 8th house Pluto. Her Venus is conjunct his Saturn for a good working connection. Her Pluto conjunct his Midheaven will put her in the driving seat and she’ll want to be in charge on the work front – but if that turns sour it could damage his career. His Midheaven is catching both Solar Eclipses this year so he is at a crossroads anyway.

  Their relationship chart – without her birth time – is not too illuminating for this year. Recently tr Saturn squared the composite Neptune for uncertainty and confusion which will be around all year. But the main rift looks to be next year.  Though without a chart axis there may be markers for this year which are missing.

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