Harry risks resurrecting an unfortunate Diana story

Oliver Hoare, a blast from the past, one of Princess Diana’s revolving affairs, is being dragged into Prince Harry’s court action, which alleges that pager texts between the lovers were found in a media executive’s office.  It hardly seems wise to turn the spotlight back on to Hoare which only serves to dredge up the unedifying tale of his saintly mother bombarding Hoare’s marital home with nuisance phone calls after he broke off their four year liaison. Scotland Yard traced more than 300 calls to the private line of Princess Diana at Kensington Palace and her mobile phone.


 Hoare was an art dealer, married into money and was romantically involved with Diana, 1992 to 1996, following the four year liaison with James Hewitt and before heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed.

  Hoare, 18 July 1945, was a Sun Saturn in Cancer with his Sun opposition her Saturn in Capricorn and his Saturn conjunct her Sun – Saturn often crops up in relationships that face barriers to life-long commitment which can’t be overcome. In milder form it does give endurance to a bond.

  His Mars in Taurus was conjunct her Venus which would bring  a passionate connection as did her Venus square her Pluto, but his Mars was also square her Moon and Uranus – a roller coaster of tempestuous togetherness and then separation – a turbulent relationship.

  The relationship chart is even more eye-curling with a volatile, combustible composite Sun Mars Uranus square a Saturn opposition Neptune – a volcano waiting to erupt. Plus a power-couple but also power-struggling Pluto square Jupiter – which meant when the split came she couldn’t bear to let him have the last word.

  It was always said that Hasnat Khan, the heart surgeon, 1 April 1958, was the love of her life but that bond was no easier. He is an Aries Sun with his Venus in Aquarius conjunct her Moon and opposition her Uranus; his Mars square her Neptune; and his Pluto (Moon) conjunct her Mars Pluto. Fraught, not mutually supportive, some good moments and more not.  The relationship chart is sparky, adventurous but also argumentative and blocked.

  Prince Harry understandably enough would not be overly comfortable with either of his mother’s main lovers. In both cases their respective Pluto fell in Harry’s 8th making him feel he had no choice.

  Hoare’s Mars in Harry’s 4th close to his Harry’s Moon made him an irritant to the teenager. Hoare’s Uranus opposition Harry’s combustible Mars in Sagittarius would be another flare up point. With Hoare’s Scorpio Moon probably around Harry’s Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio which would see young Harry put up blockers. And in turn Hoare’s Saturn blocked out Harry’s Venus.  The relationship chart is heavily aggravated with a composite Mars opposition Uranus Saturn.

  Khan was not much better with his Saturn conjunct Harry’s 12th house Neptune and square his Virgo Sun; and Khan’s Mars in Aquarius square Harry’s Saturn.

  How much Harry knew at the time given he’d be away at school is not clear but he must have heard the stories. It would be difficult for a young boy from a tricky family with split parents. But it is mystifying how he ended up seeing Charles and Camilla as the only transgressors when his mother was hardly perfect. Indeed Diana had a vengeful streak, veering towards a serious mental imbalance, that was ultimately her undoing.

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