King and Heir – an uneasy power couple

King Charles was always notoriously sensitive about Diana stealing the limelight and twas said when William came back into the fold he tread cautiously to ensure he and Kate never upstaged his father. That reticence has been thrown out of the window as the new Wales go on an exuberant publicity spree. Which got me wondering how it was all going down inside the Royal domain.

   Despite the touching moment when William pled allegiance to his father, their relationship has never been easy or settled. Chas’s Uranus is conjunct Will’s New Moon in Cancer; and Chas’ Pluto falls in Will’s 8th – so mixed messages of you’re under my control but I need space from you. Will’s angry Mars Saturn in Libra is also conjunct Chas’ 4th house Neptune Venus in Libra for a scratchy, argumentative family interaction.

  On their relationship chart there is an easy going Moon opposition Jupiter which will smooth round a few rough edges. There’s also a complicated composite Sun, Uranus, Pluto with Pluto conjunct Saturn – constantly changing, with a repeating pattern of rejection and possessiveness, and chained together by circumstance. Most significantly there is a composite Mars Neptune conjunction which points to an underlying ego clash – when one succeeds the other feels diminished, so not mutually supportive of each other’s triumphs.

  Tr Uranus is exactly opposition the composite Neptune now and repeating on and off till March 2024  – so who gets the attention may be an issue. Plus tr Saturn in Pisces putting a damper on the composite Moon Jupiter this year.

  Will does have tr Pluto square his Jupiter exactly now and throughout 2024 which will boost his confidence – and may push him into going over the score. Their publicity grab may also reflect a reaction to the Montecito pair in trying to upstage them as well.

 Worth watching.    

PS. Someone should have told Charles to ditch the ermine or at least not  clip it together under his chin – not a good look.  

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