Ho Chi Minh – an enduring legacy


Ho Chi Minh, the North Vietnamese Marxist-Leninist President, is regarded as a historically important and influential 20th Century figure, inspiring other leaders in Africa, Latin America and Asia. He led his country’s independence movement in successful conflicts against the French and then the USA, though he died before unification with the south came after the Vietnam War. His birth data is suspect but best guesses appear to be 19 May 1890 5am Hoang Tru, Vietnam. He was born into an educated family, travelled and lived abroad for many years in France, US, England and China if his reports are to be believed.

On this birth data he was a New Moon in Taurus square Saturn in Leo – practical, a good organiser, stubborn to the nth degree, with great perseverance. Even more significantly he had the signature Neptune Pluto conjunction in Gemini of his generation which in his case was in a ruthless opposition to Mars.

Mao Tse Tung had a Neptune Pluto conjunction in Gemini as did Hitler. Stalin had Neptune and Pluto both in Taurus (though not conjunct). Neptune gives vision, idealism and strong ideology while Pluto backs it up with a power-push.

Lenin and Marx were both Sun Taurus, Marx with a New Moon in Taurus and Neptune square Pluto. Both Mao and Stalin were Sun Capricorns which is a key dictators’ sign. Pol Pot, the barbarous revolutionary Marxist-Leninist of Cambodia was Sun Taurus  with his Sun Uranus trine Pluto and sextile Neptune. Capricorn and Taurus are definitely the heavyweight signs.

On this chart Ho Chi Minh had Jupiter in Aquarius on his Midheaven. Given that Marx was a New Moon in Taurus, one might suspect this birthdate was brewed up to fit.

After his death a personality cult has been nurtured by later governments to preserve a perfect image of the ‘father of the revolution.’

4 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh – an enduring legacy

  1. Ho Chin Minh, an admirer of Thomas Jefferson, wrote to both Truman and Eisenhower in an attempt to use American influence to achieve an independent Vietnam. He was totally ignored by the racist, hyper-ideological Americans who of course eventually went to war in Vietnam.

  2. It is odd that at the time Ho Chi Minh became such an iconic figure in the West in the late 1960s his actual political influence in Vietnam had waned with power falling into the hands of Le Duan. Ho Chi Minh’s career really needs to be taken in parallel with that of North Vietnam’s military genius Vo Nguyen Giap born 25 November 1911, the architect of the French defeat at Điện Biên Phủ

    • Dates are dodgy for all of these, so hit and miss. Wiki has 25 Aug 1911 for Giap – Sun Virgo, a heavyweight/military Mars Saturn in Taurus; and a Yod onto revolutionary Uranus from Sun sextile Pluto. He and Le Duan were born in the ideologically intense (fanatical) Neptune opposition Uranus. Le Duan had that opposition square his Aries Sun; with Mars and Uranus in Capricorn.

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