India & Pakistan – heading for an incendiary Eclipse


India and Pakistan appear to have missed the worst of the first wave of coronavirus though the lockdown and general global recession will affect them. India is also facing a potentially devastating and destructive super-cyclone due to reach the east coast by tomorrow. And Pakistan PM Imran Khan, in a face-saving gesture to root out corruption, is embroiled in a power struggle with the sugar barons who claim they won him his election victory as well as the military who sidelined him over his indecisive response to a lockdown. Experts warn of the danger to western security interests in the region if he falls and the (just as corrupt) military take over the nuclear-armed country.

What’s of note astrologically that the India and Pakistan independence charts from the 1947 Partition both have Mars at zero degrees Cancer which will be exactly conjunct the June Cancer Solar Eclipse. Mars on an Eclipse is argumentative and then some, bringing surges of anger, sometimes bringing a feeling of a collision as well as a confrontation . In the case of India since their Mars is in their 2nd house the consequences may be mainly financial. For Pakistan with Mars conjunct their Midheaven it’s more likely to be a crisis affecting the country’s direction.

Both charts are obviously similar but with Pakistan claiming freedom at 9.30am the day before the axis of the chart is different. But both will catch the turbulent tr Uranus square tr Saturn in hard aspect to their Pluto Saturn and financial Venus in 2021 which will be a tough and jolting phase economically.

Narendra Modi’s Term from 30 May 2019 7.04pm Delhi, has a lacklustre, over-hopeful and confused Mercury opposition Jupiter square Neptune which is catching tr Neptune hard aspects through this year into next which doesn’t suggest they’ll be exactly on top of problems.

The Reserve Bank of India chart, 1 April 1935, looks shell-shocked exactly now because of the economic hit with Solar Arc Mars square the Sun. There’ll be more confidence after mid this year for a few months. But 2021 will be economically challenging with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn hitting on the financial Venus in Taurus; and 2022 will be much worse with a dead-halt Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Mars and a disruptive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Pluto.

Imran Khan’s Government, 18 August 2018 10.15 am Islamabad, will be facing a setback over coming months as the June Eclipse opposes the Saturn in Capricorn, which will bring chickens home to roost, serious challenges and a need for a revision of policies.

The Bank of Pakistan, 1 July 1948, will be slipping and sliding in 2021/22 witha panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition the Mars and in a bubble-bursting and confidence-denting square to the Jupiter – and tr Neptune will hang around for another three years thereafter. So not an easy financial run.

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  1. Marjorie,

    As an aside, what would a Solar Eclipse on an ascendant indicate? My Ascendant is at 1 degree of Cancer, so definitely in orb of the Solar Eclipse.

  2. Fascinating, really interesting to hear about how the astrology is impacting the Indian subcontinent. They have so much potential in terms of the populace, but continually marred by corruption and mismanagement. I hope the oncoming disruption will force a better course ahead, they could sure use it.

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