Anne Glenn – triumphing over an afflicted Mercury


Anne Glenn has died at 100, the widow of the astronaut and fighter pilot John Glenn who was the first American to orbit the earth in 1962. She was his childhood sweetheart and suffered from the most severe level of stuttering which prevented her communicating until she took a course in her mid-fifties which cured her. In later years, during her husband’s four stint term as Senator, she campaigned tirelessly for those with speech disorders.

Born 17 February 1920 in Columbus, Ohio, no birth time, she was a Sun Aquarius with her Mercury in Pisces conjunct Uranus and opposition Saturn in Virgo and trine Pluto and Mars in Scorpio. So she had an overloaded and frustrated Water Grand Trine of Sun Mercury Uranus trine Mars trine Pluto formed into a Kite by the Saturn opposition.

Ebertin describes Saturn Mercury as leading sometimes to ‘defective speech’ and a blocking of the functional relationship of the nervous system to the organs of speech and hearing. Mercury Pluto can also lead to nervous irritation as does Mercury Mars.

When she was finally able to leave her stutter behind in 1973 tr Pluto was in a successful and confidence-boosting conjunction to her Solar Arc Jupiter; and tr Uranus was in a life-changing opposition to her Solar Arc Sun and Uranus. Tr Neptune was also square her Saturn and Mercury for a healing event which must also have felt quite disorienting after half a century.

Her husband John, 18 July 1921 4pm Cambridge, Ohio, had a powerful, intense, secretive and influential chart with an 8th house Cancer Sun conjunct Mars and Mercury Pluto also in the 8th – not that easy a personality despite his charmingly light-hearted 7th house Venus in Gemini. There are shades of JFK with that hefty 8th house which would make him courageous and attracted to high-risk situation.

Glenn had Jupiter Saturn conjunct in Virgo, sitting on his midheaven which would make him a good organiser and lucky. His adventurous and outspoken Uranus in the 3rd was opposition Jupiter and trine Pluto Mercury. His domestic and emotional life wouldn’t be too straightforward with his Capricorn Moon opposing Pluto, Mercury and Mars – that’s quite a psychological legacy which wouldn’t always make for a comfortable family life. Though he’d soak a good deal of it up in his war years, as an astronaut and later a senator. And those were different days with different kinds of marriages.

It wasn’t an intuitively obvious match with her Aquarius Sun and his Cancer Sun though her three Pisces planets and Mars in Scorpio would provide some cross over with his water planets. Their relationship chart did suggest a rather one-sided relationship where one partner had to sacrifice a good deal to make it work. There was a composite Mars Saturn suggesting a fair amount of work and duty/discipline. Though her disability must have also added an additional strain in the early years.

But for all that it’s reasonably well-knit together relationship chart, despite having stress and strains, with the composite Uranus opposition Saturn providing a platform for a Half Grand Sextile in trine/sextile to the Sun Mercury and Pluto. The composite Sun was also square Neptune for idealism if not realism – though I’d imagine there were disappointments along the way. Plus the composite Venus squares Pluto for passion and attraction. The Sun was also opposition the North Node tying them as a couple into the zeitgeist.

He had no Fixed planets while she had a Fixed Sun, Jupiter, Neptune Mars and maybe Moon, so she’d be the one with staying power.

When he had his five hours in space in 1962 tr Uranus was conjunct his Solar Arc Mars for a high-risk, adrenaline-pumping experience with his Solar Arc Jupiter in a successful square to his Sun; and a game-changing tr Pluto opposition his Uranus, sending his life off in a different trajectory thereafter. He became friendly with the Kennedys who suggested he go into politics and after a stint in business he did win a Senate seat in 1974, the first of four re-elections. He retired in 1999 and died aged 95.

4 thoughts on “Anne Glenn – triumphing over an afflicted Mercury

  1. Maggy.. that is interesting because the last person I meet who had a severe stutter was born around the late forties.

  2. Oh dear, mea culpa maximus or something!!! I ran out of chart space on astrodatabank and used Captain Tom’s chart instead of setting up Anne Glenn’s – apologies, to all the dead and alive!!!

  3. Fascinating, Marjorie, she looks intelligent, involved, humorous…..isn’t it amazing, growing up in the 1950’s I met so many with stutters but haven’t met one person for over AT LEAST 50 years with one…why is that? I thought it could be Merc/Pluto (a block, perhaps) or more likely (to me) Merc/Uranus – she had a steadiness of character having Sun Taurus, Moon Libra, so her social manners eased her way…Venus opp Mars (conj Mercury) obviously gave the mission since it was in Aries….Mercury was conjunct Chiron which is meant to be the healer, so perhaps she intuited that she must work on that….clearly she was aware of that but looks confident, very present, a strong person I think…the Mercury was also philosophical, trining Jupiter and Neptune…..she knew life was not perfect…..a 50’s housewife with a personal mission, depicted largely by the Merc/Mars – I do wonder if these ladies ever thought they could be career women…. she definitely had opinions she’d fight for. Enlightening….

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