EU – unity or split: German leadership the key


The jury is still out about whether the Merkel-Macron recovery fund of half a trillion euros will: a) be enough to make a difference: and b) will fly in the face of opposition from the ‘frugal four’ of the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Denmark who have all held out against direct subsidies. Never mind the German Constitutional Court, who have already made their displeasure known – see previous post May 6. Repayment would be the responsibility of the entire bloc but it would primarily benefit the poorer south. Though not oddly enough Italy who is a net contributor and would gain nothing from agreeing and their budget chief has described it as a ‘gimmick.’  Pro-EU optimists see it as a major step toward a more unified Europe. Sceptics take the alternative view.

The timeline on the EU chart ahead: There’s a seriously-blocked Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct Pluto through 2020; with the worrisome, panicky tr Neptune square the 3rd house Saturn, around in April and returning September and early 2021, making negotiations and discussions, never mind transport and communications tricky. But what will have most impact is tr Uranus in a jolting conjunction to the 8th house financial Moon and square the forward-planning 11th house Uranus from July 4th this year running till late September and returning through the spring of 2021 and across the New Year into 2022. It then moves on to square the 5th house speculative Venus in 2022 into 2023 – so an extended period of extreme turbulence on the money front.

The previous time tr Uranus was in hard aspect to these planets was in 1998/99 when the single currency of the euro was agreed and European Central Bank was set up. So it is likely to signal a shift in financial arrangements. Uranus is usually more of a separating than a merging influence but it can also have a catalytic effect.

However tr Uranus moving through the EU 8th house of international trade until 2025 will be an erratic time economically. The global recession-bringing tr Uranus square tr Saturn in 2021 will hit those EU financial planets hard, so it will be in the eye of that particular storm. With major shocks from Solar Arc Mars square the Moon, exact in May 2021, and even more explosive setbacks in opposition to the Uranus, exact in late 2021 into early 2022. By 2023 the Solar Arc Neptune moves to undermine the EU Sun by conjunction. In 2024 tr Neptune squares the EU Midheaven and opposes the Ascendant, which will be directionless and not committed to co-operation, with close relationships sagging. That’s followed in 2025/26 by a dead-halt Solar Arc Pluto opposition the EU Moon and a disruptive square to the EU Uranus.

The key country is Germany since without it the EU boat won’t float. This June’s Cancer Solar Eclipse will oppose the Germany Saturn in Capricorn (square Mars) which intriguingly often carries a lesson about shouldering responsibility for others, though, as ever, the challenges of Eclipses are often ducked with crises forcing the issue in the months thereafter.

Even more interesting astrologically is tr Pluto moving to oppose the Germany 10th house Uranus from early 2021 to late 2022. This could indicate a radical change of direction, certainly a period of upheaval and turbulence. Previous hard aspects of transiting Pluto to the Germany Uranus heralded strong leaders taking over. In 1934 tr Pluto was conjunct the Germany Uranus as Hitler rose to power; and in 1982 as tr Pluto in Libra was in square to the Germany Uranus Helmut Kohl, described as “the greatest European leader of the second half of the 20th century”, took over as Chancellor. He was committed to European integration, French–German cooperation and was a steadfast ally of the USA. He oversaw the end of the Cold War, the reunification of Germany and with François Mitterrand, was the architect of the Maastricht Treaty.

The above could argue for a more integration-friendly Germany but the anti-bailout right-wing opposition and the constitutional court would be an enormous hurdle to overcome – and times have changed.

All of the principal EU countries and not just the ‘frugal four’ look in turmoil vis a vis the EU’s direction right through till the middle of this decade as tr Neptune in last decan Pisces and tr Uranus moving through Taurus undermine and rattle all of the composite charts.

Mind you that includes the EU/UK relationship chart as well and with a Tory Government in place I can’t imagine that Brexit won’t move ahead, given that staying would double the contribution with no obvious benefit.

The Maastricht Treaty chart, 1 November 1993, a symbol for further EU integration, has Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct the Mars Pluto and opposition the Moon – perhaps an indication of the present push for further unity. But there’ll be hitches and glitches from tr Uranus opposition the Sun later this month and on and off into 2021; with cataclysmic changes coming in 2023/24 as tr Uranus is conjunct the Moon and opposition Mars Pluto and square Saturn. That last set of Uranian firecrackers coincides with grinding changes, mountainous obstacles and serious disturbance on the EU chart itself.

There won’t be anything straightforward or clear cut about what lies ahead in an extremely stormy few years.


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  1. I’m also wondering about the charts for the Euro currency itself. There are two on Astrodienst – one for the business Euro – 1st January 1999, and one for the introduction of the single currency, 1st January 2002. The 1999 Business chart has Neptune at 1 Aquarius and Uranus at 10 Aquarius – so already under pressure. Plus Saturn 26 Aries, Venus 25 Capricorn are also under pressure. The physical currency, 2002, has Mercury at 25 Capricorn. Uranus in Aquarius is in the 5th house of both these charts – so it looks like the speculative “gamble” and new, inclusive invention that represents will be tested quite severely by Saturn?

  2. I remember the discussion about a two tier EU. I’m wondering about the mutable anaretic degrees on the angles of EU 1957, and whether some kind of transition is already built in to the chart, and the EU itself? The original plan may have been for a federal states of Europe ideal. Yet those angles suggest something more flexible perhaps?
    The Maastricht chart is very fixed and uncompromising, and as Marjorie says, has “grinding changes and mountainous obstacles” ahead. It will be interesting to see what emerges when Saturn in Aquarius returns to its natal place in the 7th house of that chart.

  3. Quite a while back (about 2-3 years), another astrologer (I’d don’t even recall who) had predicted that after Brexit, the country next most likely to leave the EU is Germany and I had laughed. To me, it was politically and economically unthinkable that Germany, a lynchpin of the EU, would want to leave.

    Now I am not so sure. Whether one likes it or not, he who has the money has way more mobility than he who doesn’t. Whether a democracy or not, if everybody starts making too many demands on the rich, they can up sticks and leave. Germany is in the position where other EU countries are making many demands and that is making Germany (including parts of the state, such as the judiciary) nervous and jittery. If, as you forecast, Germany gets another strong leader, it is quite possible that he or she may take Germany out of the EU and the Euro. Germany can manage the damage to its economy, but I think that the cost to the other countries will be far higher.

    And if Germany leaves, with both the UK and Germany out of the EU, there will be no incentive for countries like Poland and Hungary, who are in the EU for the cash handouts to remain.

    Also, re the German Constitutional Court judgment, although nobody commented on it here, I saw a lot of chatter about just how harsh the German court was with the ECJ. Below is a quote from a professor of EU law at City University, London.
    “The BVerfG judgment is significant for both what it does and does not do. First, its wording is strong. In fact, it is very strong. Whilst it points out the spirit of cooperation that governs the relationship between the domestic courts and the ECJ, the BVerfG went on to refer to the latter’s approach (in a Grand Chamber judgement) as ‘simply untenable’, ‘objectively arbitrary’ and ‘simply not comprehensible’.”

    At heart is the question of who decides what the limits of the EU are, especially as regards the identity and constitutions of the Member-states.

    I think we are in for an interesting ride with the EU and the Member-states

    • The dogma has always been that *supreme* power vests in the EU, either the EU Commission or the ECJ.
      That is, *no* national court, government or parliament can over rule the EU.
      Of course, the whole point is to pave the way for a federalist European super state on the lines of the USA, in which the individual nations of the EU are subsumed as mere provinces and map delineations.

      That, in a nutshell, was what Brexit was all about – don’t listen to the people who try to argue otherwise.

      • No one is arguing on this site. Astrologically the EU was about to go through considerable changes anyway and I would have preferred the UK to have a say in developments. The EU super state is being pushed by France and Macron, who may not last the course. It seems to me that Germany and the people here do not have the stomach for a United States of Europe.
        Regardless, the timing of Brexit could not have been worse for the UK and its economy. Still, nothing is random.

      • It was concerns over immigration that won the Brexit vote especially in working class areas, nothing to do with high minded nonsense about an EU superstate. People who never bothered to vote in general elections turned up en masse to vote for Brexit. Fears about lack of decent housing & jobs, cuts in council services etc all projected onto immigrants from the EU. If you were poor, you voted for Brexit. If austerity had not been pursued with such vigour, Brexit probably would not have happened.

        • Not true:

          British euroscepticism – such as that displayed by the likes of the pre 1983 Labour party, the so called Maastricht rebels in the early 1990s, and such luminaries as Tony Benn, Enoch Powell, Michael Foot, Peter Shore, Nigel Farage, Bill Cash, Jacob Rees-Mogg etc etc was always predicated on a deep respect of British political history, the doctrine of Westminster supremacy and sovereignty and ultimately the notion that the British people – and no one but the British people, should be the ultimate arbiters of political power and thus political and legal supremacy and sovereignty, in matters pertaining to the UK. This expressed through democratic elections under universal suffrage to the Westminster parliament.

          For years and years this passed over most voters’ heads, and they were unconcerned, euroscepticism had little traction. But the absurdity of the immigration situation in the UK of the early 2000s, in which enormous numbers of eastern Europeans entered the UK, and the Westminster government was completely impotent to do anything about it – even it it tried and wanted to – woke people up to just what the abstract ideas of independence, sovereignty and supremacy actually mean in practice in every day citizens’ lives.

        • It’s not ‘high minded nonsense’ about an EU superstate.

          This has been implicit in the Treaty of Rome, signed in 1957 *right from day one*.

          What else do you think the Euro currency – currently causing so much grief to Europeans – is all about?.
          It’s purely a *political* currency with the explicit aim of forcing political integration. Nothing more nothing less. Once you take away control of a nation’s money, you take away control of a nation.

        • Oh, and to get back to the astrology, just a word to say that the 1993, Founding of the EU, ‘Maastricht’ chart is just about the most *EVIL*, overbearing, tyrannical, anti-human and soul crushingly despotic chart you’ll ever find for any national chart in the whole history of astrology.

          So, if you take astrology seriously, you should kiss Nigel Farage’s posterior.

          • Calm down. I do think Jess is right in the sense that those in the Westminster bubble and the ‘broadsheet’ reading punters (presumably like your/ourself) have a different view to a great chunk of the electorate who don’t read the minutiae of the news or care much. Their worries are closer to home and predicated on how it affects their daily lives. As far as many of them are concerned Westminster is an alien superstate anyway.

    • Hello Unmystic Mum,
      I read the article about Germany leaving the EU too and found it difficult to believe back then. I live in Germany and with Angela Merkel about to step down it is quite possible that the far right get a stronger hold on government.
      As you say the possibility seems much more credible now, particularly with the current possible contenders for leading the CDU – like Frederik Merz. God help us.
      Some time back there was talk of having a two tier EU – perhaps more or less a north-south divide – with the richer countries and the poorer economies split. Could this idea be revived.
      Germany has greatly benefited from the Euro and perhaps this could be in question too. The astrological chart for the birth of the Euro many years ago was not good.

    • Political unions of diverse countries by their nature require both an agreed currency exchange mechanism and the agreed cross transfer of funds from richer areas to poorer areas. They also need everyone to operate a certain level of unified tax and social security regimes to stop areas gaming the system for their own advantage. This issue has never really been resolved by the EU which is why it is currently having such difficulties. Put simply certain countries in the EU need to shoulder a bigger tax burdens and others will have to accept less generous social support mechanisms for it to survive. My personal feeling is that this is not going to be achievable. I think there will be a major structural change in the way Europe is organised politically and economically in the mid 2020s though rather ironically I think as part of the process the U.K. will come back into the European fold ( not that it can ever really leave for a number of reasons which have nothing to do with the EU). The last decan of Pisces is traditionally ruled by Mars so Neptune’s transit through it could be a time of turmoil. Uranus will be at 24 Taurus conjunct the Maastricht Treaty Moon and opposing its Mars/Pluto in Scorpio in mid 2024. There is a potent Mars transit of that degree in July of that year too. At that time Pluto will have moved to Aquarius and Neptune have just gone retrograde in the final degree of Pisces. Interestingly Uranus will be conjoining with the England 973 Sun, Mars and Mercury at 25-26 at about the same time. All change then I think.

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