Hillary Clinton – through the glass ceiling



Hillary Clinton was declared Democrat nominee for President at 6.39pm last night in Philadelphia, with Bernie Sanders doing the honours 14 minutes later – the first woman ever to lead a national US party into the elections.

There’s not much of note about this chart apart from the MC being conjunct Hillary’s Scorpio Sun, almost exactly. The Saturn square Neptune is tied into a T Square by the Virgo Node – so highlighting Saturn Neptune’s support for women’s rights and equality. The Yod of Jupiter sextile Mars in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus is still in place – strained, waiting for a catalytic turn of events to get it into gear.

The polls show Trump marginally ahead but that’s partly because of his post-convention bounce – so fairly neck and neck. She’s certainly not home and dry, much to the astonishment of the rest of the world, who don’t quite get the Hillaryphobia. She’s certainly not perfect but she has experience and when it comes to untrustworthiness? Pots and kettles.

Her relationships with her cheerleaders Michelle and Barack Obama and husband Bill, all look uneasy over the next three months; and her own chart has some sinkers through October though disappearing into November. So it will stay anyone’s guess until the results come in.

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  1. Hello Marjorie, I dont know how you sourced this time but I dont think it is the most accurate. The nomination process actually had three stages. Firstly, when the candidate gets enough delegates to be the unquestioned nominee. Secondly, they are proposed and thirdly this is seconded. All the American astrologers I have discussed this will record the moment of seconding the nomination is the crucial time. The astrologer Tony Paterniti timed the exact nomination of Hillary Clinton live with the following times:

    The South Dakota delegate gave Clinton enough votes to win at 18:38:30 PM. The mundane astrologer Tony Dickey rounded this off to 18:38

    Bernie Sanders moved to nominate Clinton her by acclamation: 18:53 PM.

    Convention declaration that “The Ayes Have It”, 18:55:20 PM The Washington Post rounded this off to state Clinton was nominated at 18:56

    regards, Mark

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