France – a way of life under assault

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In France an 84 year old priest saying Mass in a Rouen church in northern France had his throat slit by two armed men, claiming to be from Daesh/Isis. The terrorists were killed by French forces when they exited and one hostage is critically wounded. In this instance armed intervention moved in swiftly to end the situation in contrast to the Nice truck killings. There’s now a major argument raging between local Nice police and the national authorities over an alleged cover up about how useful the heavily armed National security forces were. Reports put only lightly armed police on the promenade with suggestions that there was a request to delete/hand over cctv footage. If the scandal gains traction, Hollande evidently thinks it will finish his political career.

The France 21 Sept 1792 3.30pm is less clear cut than the Germany one – perhaps a reflection of a different national temperament. Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct the 8th house Sun/Venus midpoint now which will bring up hidden, intense emotional reactions. The population may react more openly in 2017/18 with tr Pluto opposition the Solar Arc Moon.

In addition, the recent and next Eclipses, located to Paris, have planets significantly clustered on the chart axis. Lunar Eclipse March 2016 – Sun MC opposition Moon on the IC; and the Lunar Eclipse Sept 2016 – Pluto MC, Uranus Ascendant, Venus Descendant. Solar Eclipse March 2016 – Saturn Asc, Uranus IC; September 2016 – Uranus Desc; Feb 2017 – Uranus Mars MC opposition Jupiter IC.

Tr Mars in Scorpio is now conjunct the France Mars MC. At the Charlie Hebdo/Jewish supermarket shootings in Jan 2015 tr Mars in Aquarius was exactly square. And the Fixed T Square of Uranus opposition Pluto square Mars MC is being rattled at the moment and into 2017 by tr Uranus trine Uranus and sextile Pluto – so there is pressure towards a radical shift in thinking and direction.

Tr Pluto is moving through the France 12th until 2021 which will feel trapped; with tr Pluto conjunct the Ascendant as it sextiles the central Mars in Scorpio in 2021/22/23. That Mars is vengeful and France will undoubtedly extract a price for attacks.

Hollande’s Presidency chart, 15 May 2012 10.45am, has the upcoming Solar Eclipse conjunct the Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune, bringing a shock and severe dent to confidence; with a major upheaval come next April, as the election gets under way. He looks very stressed, almost anguished at that point with tr Pluto conjunct his Capricorn Moon just before and tr Uranus trine his Pluto and square his Uranus in April.

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