Green and Ashley – capitalism is rough for some



The reputation of Brit business is taking a pounding this week from two Westminster reports. One said that BHS (British Home Stores) was subject to “systematic plunder” by former owners Sir Philip Green, Dominic Chappell and their respective “hangers-on. It said the “tragedy” of BHS was the “unacceptable face of capitalism” and raised questions about how the governance of private companies and their pension funds is regulated. The other MPs report said that the billionaire retailer Mike Ashley had been running his business, Sports Direct, like a Victorian workhouse, treating workers “without dignity or respect – as commodities rather than as human beings”.

Philip Green 15 March 1952, is a Sun Pisces trine Mars in Scorpio with an ultra-determined Mars square Pluto and a high-finance Jupiter in pro-active Aries opposition Neptune Saturn in Libra. He’ll be bullish going ahead with tr Pluto square his Jupiter in 2017/18; but also in a panic with a sniff of failure in the air as Solar Arc Mars squares his Neptune within a few weeks. Tr Pluto also squares his Jupiter/Neptune midpoint in 2017/18 and then his Neptune which might just burst his bubble.

Mike Ashley, 9 Sept 1964, is a Sun Uranus Pluto Mercury in Virgo; with Saturn in Pisces opposition Mercury and square Jupiter in Taurus; Mars in Cancer; and Neptune in Scorpio widely opposition Jupiter. He’s got a discouraging tr Saturn square his Uranus Pluto Sun now and over coming months; with an undermining tr Neptune in opposition for the next three years. He’ll be pushing back hard with tr Pluto opposition his Solar Arc Jupiter in 2016/17. Into the 2020s he’s running into even more and worse trouble.

What’s interesting, apart from both sharing Jupiter Neptune oppositions and Jupiter Saturn hard aspects, is that both have exceptionally heavily aspected 9th Harmonics, which are supposed to be the humanitarian ones. In fact they often crop up with the only-money-makes-me-happy brigade.

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  1. Thank you Marjorie, most illuminating.

    Whatever happens to these two they will never feel an ounce of the anguish felt by the people they have ripped off.

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