Harry and Meghan – quick to snap and crackle

 Just as a Sussex-free week or two in the headlines induces a false sense of calm up they pop again. Prince Harry is kvetching about returning to visit the UK without full police protection, because photographers chased him last time he was here. And Meghan kicked up about the BBC getting it wrong in stating she had apologized for misleading the court in her privacy case. Splitting hairs, she insisted, au contraire, she only issued the sorry word for forgetting about vital emails, which by their omission did in veritas, ipso facto, mislead the court.

  Staff at the time they were resident in the UK did murmur as a pair they were hypersensitive, ultra-touchy and quick to take offence. Part of the problem may be that both have prominent Mars squares in their charts. Meghan has Mars in watery Cancer which has a tendency to boil over and it squares her Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, which will be ratchety.

  Harry has an 8th house Virgo Sun square Mars in outspoken Sagittarius; and an intense 8th house Mercury in a speak-first, think-second square to his Uranus. His request to pay for-hire police protection didn’t consider the precedent it would set, with every passing celeb and billionaire wanting the same. Nor indeed how other Royals manage without a 24/7 blue wall.

  What is puzzling is how both of them seem to be on a sanctimonious mission amounting almost to a mania to – cleanse the media, save the earth, abolish racism etc etc etc – all worthy causes but without seemingly having an ounce of personal insight into their own double standards.

  This year brings the Queen’s Jubilee, Prince Philip’s memorial, Prince Andrew’s sordid saga – and Harry’s dreaded memoir, the timing of which is typically ill-chosen. Given that Harry still appears obsessed with an idealized vision of his mother, he’s unlikely to be writing a balanced account of his upbringing.

  He’s in an unfortunate phase of his life with transiting Saturn heading downhill through his 1st quadrant, which is less successful, a time to retire quietly into the background and sort out unresolved psychological issues. Tr Neptune is in an undermining opposition to his Sun throughout this year and also squares his Solar Arc Midheaven – dithering and indecisive about what comes next. Plus his Solar Arc Moon opposes his 12th house Neptune, exact in six months, for more drift and discontentment. Tr Uranus moves across his IC from mid June this year onwards which will bring an urge to move house, and indeed he may move several times in the next few years. Uranus here can also bring insight into early childhood issues and cause family upsets and upheavals. By late 2022 into 2023 his Solar Arc Sun will conjunct his Pluto for a blocked stalemate. Tr Uranus is then conjunct his 4th house Moon from mid 2023.

A turbulent few years emotionally and in terms of family relationships.

  His relationship with Prince Charles will be rattled this month in particular; with William it isn’t great this month, but it is February to late April this year which will light a fuse with their argumentative composite Sun square Mars being triggered. And their stand-off will trail on for several years so the rifts won’t heal easily. Even Princess Eugenie who has been a supporter will gradually lose heart – though admittedly she has other problems on her plate.

  Meghan is on a completely different trajectory to Harry, getting more ambitious over coming years – and she doesn’t have the raft of difficult influences he has. This month and after August to late year look argumentative and irritable with tr Pluto opposition her Sun/Mars midpoint. And tr Uranus will square her Leo Sun this February for the final time. Her relationships with close partners, business colleagues and the general public will continue to be intense with rolling wrangles as tr Pluto slowly moves through her 7th for years to come.

  Her relationships don’t look good with any of the Royals – Camilla, Kate, Anne, Edward, Charles and the Queen – so she won’t be coming back into the fold with equanimity anytime soon.

  What will be worth watching is her relationship with Harry since tr Pluto opposes the composite Moon from March 10th this year running to late June, and repeating on and off in 2023. Part of that may be moving house but it also suggests family issues will loom even larger than usual.

7 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan – quick to snap and crackle

  1. I can’t stand Prince Harry or Meghan Markle. Prince Harry, for years, has rubbed me the wrong way – he acts like he has no appreciation for the culture and traditions he was born into….but….he certainly didn’t act like he had a problem with the money, privilege, and perks that came with being a royal.

    When Harry married Meghan Markle, my biggest issue with her in the beginning was that she was yet ANOTHER commoner infiltrating the British Royal Family – just like Kate Middleton and so many others in recent years. I still believe royals should practice endogamy….otherwise these institutions simply become nothing more than a bunch of very wealthy people with no pedigree.

    I eventually got used to Kate Middleton because she appears to at least have made an effort to fully comply to the expectations of the Royal Family. However, Meghan Markle, on the other hand, has that typical “ugly American” attitude. Meghan obviously knows very little (or simply doesn’t care) about British Royal tradition and she went into THEIR culture and tried to do everything HER way. I can’t stand her for that. And I can’t stand Harry for going along with that.

    All in all, I wish Queen Elizabeth II well and I greatly admire her for keeping with tradition and setting such a positive example for the British Royal Family. I hope when Prince Charles takes the throne, that he’ll follow in his mother’s footsteps.

    On a side note, for years, I always thought Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini from Eswatini (Swaziland) would have been a perfect match for Prince Harry – given how they’re both known for their rebellious and unconventional antics.

  2. Goodness. In the past the Sussexes would have provoked scores of rather febrile comments by now. Have they achieved a peak in our interest?

    Thanks to Marjorie for soldiering on with this pair and thanks to the always illuminating comments.

    • Haha, PC. They’ve certainly peaked (not piqued) as far as my interest is concerned. I’m waiting for them to get a new violin that plays new tunes. They’re so predictable and many of us figured them out a couple of articles ago.

  3. Thank you Marjorie. It was astonishing to read he was effectively suing his Grandmother’s Government, for not being treated as important as he thinks he his. I noticed that his Venus/Saturn midpoint sits on his Natal Pluto and wondered if this could indicate a gradual feeling of being unloved? I write gradual as Venus in Libra needs to feel secure and have a reciprocated love, yet Saturn in Scorpio is vengeful and wants to destroy, those who cannot see his importance or right to be in control. Saturn/Venus midpoint on Pluto could make him want to destroy anyone who he perceives as letting him down, or not giving love. He could turn to other women, if he feels his love has let him down? This set-up in the 9th could be why he idolises his Mother and Meghan. His Mother is dead and will stay idolised, whereas, those alive, who he wishes to avenge will see this Plutonic vengeful power unleashed. His Sun Virgo in Pluto’s natural 8th house also emphasis is obsessiveness. Therefore, it may be the women in his life who are the ones he ends up destroying? He appears to have little care for the Queen as it is. Saturn conjunct Pluto in his relationship composite chart will also trigger his own Pluto/Saturn midpoint.

  4. Thank you, Marjorie, as always for your insights! Could you possibly look at: a) the actual success of Megan’s ambitions for wealth, status, political influence or even power moving forward and b) what you foresee about their children?

    Meghan clearly has leanings towards the Democrats but the Obamas’ snub and her lack of popularity with the pro-Democratic elite of Hollywood don’t bode well. Further, any skeletons in her closet — not to mention her toxic relations with her own family — would be exposed ruthlessly by the Republicans should she seek office.

    Your lack of mention of their two children and their rare sightings makes me wonder if some of the many, weird theories about them might be true!

  5. I wonder if the combination of transit Neptune opposite natal Sun (the father) combined with transit Uranus conjunct natal Moon (the moon) might lead him to insight and shedding of illusions about his roots.

    Like Harry, I have moon in 4th and I came across an interpretation that stated “having a good family around you is really important” – which has always felt very true for me. Either you achieve this with your parents, or by starting your own family. Harry has obviously gone for the latter option. It always seemed clear to me that he wanted what William had with Kate so when MM came along he dived in – believing her sincerity and version of events while ignoring the due diligence of how her first marriage played out and ended etc, etc.

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