Gypsy Rose Blanchard – a messed up life

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a Munchausen-by-proxy victim, who was jailed for her complicity in killing her abusive mother Dee Dee, has been released after serving eight years in prison. She spent her childhood with her head shaved, pumped full of drugs, posing as a wheelchair-bound invalid suffering from leukaemia and muscular dystrophy. She was fed medications that caused her to lose her teeth and was forced to undergo unnecessary surgeries on her eyes and salivary glands while cashing in with charity handouts and perks including a free trip to Disney World. When doctors raised red flags, Dee Dee relocated to Missouri where she got a home built for free, courtesy of Habitat for Humanity and told everyone that Gypsy’s medical notes were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.

 Eventually in an effort to escape 24 year old Gypsy persuaded her autistic boyfriend to kill her mother. Gypsy was born 27 July 1991 11.12 am Raceland, Louisiana and has a Leo Sun conjunct Chiron opposition Saturn in Aquarius. Her 5th house Aquarius Moon opposes Jupiter squaring onto a 2nd house Pluto. A disruptive-homelife Uranus Neptune in her 4th is trine Venus Mars in Virgo in her 12th.

  I must confess I was expecting a starker chart than this.  The Moon Jupiter Pluto certainly suggests a controlling/possessive, drama queen mother. And her childhood home looks chaotic and off-the-wall with Uranus Neptune in the 4th; and a 12th house Venus Mars suggests an affection-deficiency as well as buried anger. Chiron close to the Sun would bring loneliness and low-self-esteem, exacerbated by the Saturn opposition.  So there are hints of her bizarre and damaging childhood but not a strong indication of what was effectively torture.

  Dee Dee Blanchard, 3 May 1967 no birth time, was a Sun Taurus trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo with a Pisces Moon. Her Venus in Gemini was trine Mars square Uranus Pluto and inconjunct Neptune, so emotionally unsettled with contradictory and erratic reactions. Her Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant and hard edged Aries was unaspected, bar a wide opposition to Mars, hinting at a disordered life.

  Her Sun fell in Gypsy’s 8th, her Saturn on Gypsy’s Descendant and her Pluto Uranus in Gypsy’s 12th – a deep, entangled connection, with empathy lacking and psychologically damaging.  

  Their relationship chart had a composite Sun opposition a delusional Neptune square a competitive and publicity-seeking Mars. Confusion was writ large in their connection with an underlying fear that only one individual’s needs could be fulfilled. There may also have been a yod of Venus sextile Mars inconjunct Moon – which sounds likely – again pointing to emotional disorganisation.

  Gypsy Rose Blanchard has stepped out into a blizzard of publicity with promises of a reality show and a new husband whom she married when inside.  Fans can look forward to her TikTok page – with 400,000-plus followers – and her new eBook, Released: Conversations on the Eve of Freedom.

  Not the best way to heal from her ordeal and it won’t be an easy road ahead with tr Pluto opposing her Chiron this year and then her conjunct her Saturn and opposition her Sun through till 2027.

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  1. This is all so complex and so awful.

    From my perspective of having a highly manipulative, explosive mother, my first thought was…
    “there but for the Grace of God… could have been me!”

    Years ago, an older woman friend noted that I MUST have had at least one “normal” person in my life as I clearly was able to break free from my childhood. She was correct.

    Gypsy as a victim of abuse and torture is indisputable. As a child of a highly manipulative mother, you simple learn to survive. And?… YOU learn to manipulate to get love. I did. I was sick a lot.. genuinely.. but also, I had to accept later in life, it was a way to get love. I think it is a very primal thing for a child to do. These are the seeds of the Victim also embodying the Persecutor.

    It is all soooo insidious and sticky. Although I did have freedom to move and play and study, my Mother was in complete control of my mind. It NEVER occurred to me that I could escape or run away. All I could do was figure out how to survive. Abuse of the mind was much worse, for me, than her physical abuse. She was IN my mind ALL the time. What I did have was a huge, huge amount of rage and an overwhelming desire to kill my Mother…. even had the fantasies. Somehow… for some reason… I didn’t do that! I have no doubt that Gypsy was in a similar circumstance.. but worse.

    And so…. I can understand Gypsy. That south node in Cancer and Chiron at 0 Leo…. the Wounded Child in two ways!! Neptune next to that North Node in the 4th? Absent father but also, Dee Dee was the authority and not really the Mother (10th).

    Gypsy’s choice to manipulate her boyfriend to kill her Mother?…. Now THAT, to me, shows her Moon in Aqu opp Jupiter in Leo square Pluto IN Scorpio… never mind other things. (her harmonics must be intriguing!). The Pluto in Scorpio generation is like my Pluto in the 8th. We have a deep, deep tap root into the taboo.

    I, too, hope she has had or will have some good therapy. That dark closet of the Persecutor/Abuser in her chart needs some attention. And her Neptune conj her North Node??? oh yes…. using “seduction” as a way to manipulate others. She has some deep work to do re: personal responsibility.

    I have a few people in my life with Jupiter in Leo.. including my deceased Mother. My Dad had a saying about my Mom. “She could fall into a sh*thouse and come out smelling like a rose”… and it was very true! It seems a fortunate placement for Jupiter!

    I am forever grateful for the few good people in my childhood that offered a glimpse of “normal”. I don’t think Gypsy ever had that… and that is both deeply sad and, at the least, challenging. We shall see.

  2. Thank you Marjorie. The TV series, ‘The Act’ which is very good by-the-way – Patricia Arquette and Joey King as mother and daughter won awards for their performances – implies in some scenes a ‘folie a deux’, particularly as Gypsy is at this point a grown woman of 23/4. But it’s impossible to judge at what point appalling abuse ends and collusion begins at this stage of their relationship. Gypsy as an adult may have been aware for instance that her shaved head was part of the deception, that she was perfectly capable of walking. It all leads one to that IC in Gypsy’s chart with the generational Uranus/Neptune North Node conjunction in Capricorn which blurs and distorts everything with its implication of imprisonment without bars (Capricorn), eccentricity and delusion. Gypsy was a science fiction and fantasy fan and liked to dress up in costumes and attend conventions, perhaps that’s one way she could channel those difficult combined planetary energies. She is a Leo too – dressing up and wearing luscious wigs would come naturally to her. Fantasy was one way she could escape her imprisonment.

    Dee Dee grew up in Louisiana, one of 5 children and from childhood. According to wiki: ‘

    ‘She had a habit of stealing from her family, which they speculated was a form of retaliation when “things didn’t go her way”. At some point early in her adult life, she worked as a nurse’s aide. The family expressed suspicion that in 1997 she might have killed her own mother by denying her food.’

    Thus Dee Dee has her own mother issues. Interestingly her Piscean Moon may be unaspected but for a trine to her North Node. Dee Dee is a Taurean, security is most important to the sign and stealing as a child may indicate a craving for attention or an underlying rage with her own mother. Starving her own mother because she was starved of maternal love and security. You get the feeling that sadly, no one had ever loved Dee Dee. I was shocked to read that own family said, following Dee Dee’s funeral that they had flushed her ashes down the toilet.

    I agree with Marjorie that a future in the media spotlight will not help Gypsy. That she needs to heal, away from social media and bright lights.

    • Just wanted to add that in mid June 2015, when the murder of Dee Dee occurred, Pluto was at 15 degrees of Capricorn – conjunct Gypsy’s 4th house Neptune.

    • My typical 8th house instinct was to assume there’s some form of folie a deux going on. There’s a lot playing out between those charts. Two people thinking they are giving/receiving love but actually it all being very negative in its expression.

      The fixed t-square would need her mother’s Taurus sun to complete it and bring stability but with a Pisces moon, I’m not sure she’d be that stable. Not hard though to think an Jupiter/Sun Leo with Aqua moon/saturn would enjoy the attention it receives from being ‘different’ and the saturn in aqua feels more comfortable as a societal outcast (unless it sorts itself out). As you say, VF she liked sci-fi and dressing up.

      The Pisces-Virgo axis is also emphasised between them – healing/rescuing. We can’t be sure of the degree of the mother’s Pisces moon but the daughter with mercury, venus, mars will have been playing off it. That can be a rather depressing spiral of victim attitude, scapegoating etc etc.

      Will just add that if Gypsy Rose has now married while in prison, it suggests another illusionary relationship.

      • Thanks GD. That’s a great reading of the Leo/Aqua polarity in Gypsy’s chart. It can be like that – husband has the opposite – Aqua Sun opposition Saturn in Leo. Unlike me, he is in his element when he is in the spotlight and has an audience.

  3. Both Gypsy and her mother have strong Lilith connections. Gypsy Lilith conjunct Neptune in the 4th, Dee Dee Saturn conjunct Lilith in Aries, I haven’t got to grips with Lilith but in terms of the mythology of it around motherhood it seems interesting.

  4. I remember watching a documentary about this. Yes, Gypsy was a terrible victim of abuse. However, one expert concluded that Gypsy’s manipulation of her boyfriend to kill her mother suggested a degree of sociopathy. I tend to agree with him. Although her boyfriend had mental health challenges, I felt badly for him because he was discarded after the deed was done.

    • That is helpful thanks. Might explain why her chart is not as bleak as it might be. Even though she was a child there may have been a hint of a folie a deux with her mother.

      • Yes, along sociopathic lines, I was also uncomfortable with continuing media notifications about Gypsy’s release from prison. Why would someone who has suffered so much trauma want so much public exposure? As someone who has had been in lifetime therapy for depression and PTSD from childhood abuse and living with a schizophrenic mother, Gypsy embracing and seeking a public profile seems very curious. I am not on social media and don’t feel comfortable sharing past traumas except with my doctor and therapist. They are professionals and are essential for healing. The general public? Not so much. Gypsy had to have learned from her mother how to exploit others. I feel badly for her and don’t know what of therapy she may have received in prison. She has a long road ahead of her.

        Here is a link in Rolling Stone that discusses the documentary I mentioned:

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