China 2024 – a limping dragon short on cash

China’s power-house economy is creaking with a mounting debt crisis hitting the property sector and local governments; and export earnings post-pandemic showing disappointing returns. There are doubts about whether the old playbook of credit-financed investment and monetary stimulus will be wise because of the weakness of the renminbi.

  The 1 January 1912 China country chart has been undergoing a sizeable upheaval since 2022 with tr Pluto conjunct the Uranus which has just completed its two year run though the after effects will run on. 2024 will see tr Uranus conjunct the Moon and Mars and oppose the financial Venus from April throughout the rest of the year which will bring sudden jolts and shocks, hasty reactions and some alarm – these run on into April 2025.  Tr Neptune is also square the Mercury opposition Pluto which will bring a degree of panic and confusion covered over by lies and deception.

 The Bank of China has been downgraded as the central party has taken over more of the money decisions but its chart is still flagging high-anxiety from May 2024, worsening as tr Neptune Saturn in Aries in 2025 squares the normally ebullient Mars Jupiter – and SA Neptune adds a larger dollop of woe in 2026/27. So it is showing no signs of a quick recovery.

 Xi Jinping’s 3rd term chart from 23 October 2022 is under heavy pressure to change with tr Pluto square the Sun through 2024 with high levels of panic about failures at the moment into mid February 2024. Possibly more relevant is his presidential start chart of 15 November 2012 which sees a jolting tr Uranus opposing the Scorpio Sun in the second half of May 2024 followed by tr Uranus opposition the North Node at 26 Scorpio in that troubled July 2024 Mars Uranus Algol patch.  Plus it has the panicky-failure tr Neptune square the Mars in April 2024, September to mid October 2024 and February 2025. Plus another Neptunian balloon-bursting, enthusiasm-denting Solar Arc by 2026.

 His personal chart is also flagging up 2026 as a disaster year with his SA Saturn Neptune opposition his Mars.

On international relationships:-

With USA a foot-dragging, edgy year ahead.

With Russia – confusion and disappointment extending into 2025/6.

India – a relationship under pressure, with uncertainty with hints of relief by July 2024 though more angst through 2025.

Saudi – high hopes may disappear into the sand by 2025.

EU – fractious in the extreme in 2025 and heavy challenges through 2024.

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  1. The property sector in China – in the form of Evergrande and others – has been the elephant in the room for several years. In free market economies, such zombie firms would have been allowed to fail; but not in China. This is part to do with saving face and part to do with the fact that many individual (often small) investors are involved. When companies in this sector eventually crash, stand by for a tsunami!


    Foreign Direct Investment into China has declined due to China’s policies.

    Executives and other workers are cautioned against travelt to China. I have heard more than one story of senior level managers being unlawfuly detained and not allowed to return to their home countries. State Department cautions against travel there.

    They are doing this to themselves.

    I have been tracking this for a while. Thank you for your post.

  3. Very interesting. The coming Pluto-Neptune-Uranus sextiles in fire and air signs will bring in a new era much like they did the last time at the end of WWII. The send-off will likely be the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 2026 which will give that era concrete form. I expect Putin and Trump will be gone by then and China will decline while India rises. China’s economic and political model is doomed but it may go down fighting.

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