Greg Norman – his bank account won’t be the loser

Greg Norman, nicknamed ‘The Great White Shark’, formerly Number One ranking golfer in the 1980s/90s, turned entrepreneur, has been under heavy criticism for taking on the role of CEO in the Saudi Arabian funded LIV Golf tour. Human rights groups claim it is sportswashing, a political strategy by Saudi Arabia to distract from its serious human rights abuses. Tiger Woods turned down an offer of around $700 million to join LIV Golf and while some PGA players have defected, others are backing off Saudi-funded golf, concerned about negative feedback. In 2022, a group of September 11 victims’ family members condemned Donald Trump for hosting the LIV Golf tour at his Bedminster Golf Club, New Jersey.

  Greg Norman became CEO on 20 October 2021 when there was an argumentative and ruthless Sun Mars conjunction square Pluto and trine Jupiter in Aquarius – high-octane, suited to sport with Mars Jupiter but destined to attract hostility. Plus the divisive Saturn square Uranus. It could grind to a halt in three or four years time as the Sun Mars square Pluto moves by Solar Arc to close the aspects to exact and cause a gridlock.

  Greg Norman, 10 February 1955, Mount Isa, Australia.  He is a toughie, super-controlling and unbelievably stubborn with an Aquarius Sun Mercury opposition Pluto square Saturn in Scorpio. His Pluto is also in a ruthless trine to Mars in pro-active Aries; and he has an adventurous and lucky Jupiter Uranus square Neptune – a man who thinks big, is a bulldozer and not given to nuances.

   He has no birth time so astrocartography is not available but his chart sits uncomfortably with MBS’s flamboyant Mars Mercury in Leo in a hard-edged (cruel) square to Saturn in obsessive Scorpio – a clash of two ultra-alpha types. His chart overlaid on Saudi Arabia puts his Pluto in the financial 8th house and his well-organised Saturn in the Saudi 10th; with his lively Jupiter Uranus on the Saudi Descendant opposition the Saudi Sun Jupiter. He’s a good sporting mix but it isn’t too clear who is using whom or who will have the upper hand.

  His relationship chart with MBS will be edgy, confused with overtones of a tug of war through 2023/24 and sagging through 2024/2025.

  His relationship chart with Saudi Arabia has an entrepreneurial flavour and will hit a few bumps in 2024/25.

 His own personal chart hints at confusion reigning with tr Pluto square his Neptune all year and his Solar Arc Sun opposition his Neptune; with disruption and upheavals from June this year on and off into and through 2024 as tr Uranus squares his Sun, opposes his Saturn and then squares his Pluto.

 No doubt Greg Norman will emerge richer and undented no matter whether it holds up or not. Criticism will be water off a duck’s back with his chart.   

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  1. Norman has been trying to set up a world golf tour for thirty years, in competition to the behemoth, the US PGA, which has sucked the life out of competitive golf in many parts of the world. With Saudi backing he finally has the money to make the attempt. With tr. Uranus beginning a long pass over his t-square of Mercury/Sun in Aquarius, Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo later this year the road will hardly be easy. They will have to arrive at some kind of compromise before too much damage is done.

  2. We in the UK do business with and profit from some of the world’s most odious regimes. So we are pretty complicit. Look at the economic ties for example between the UK Conservative Party and Putin’s Russia. Boris Johnson would prostrate himself and bite the pillow for literally anyone with a wad of cash.

  3. It is very difficult to please “human rights groups” as normally they appear to be happy with their own countries not being perfect, yet tell others how to live. Norman’s Sun/Mercury conjunction is in Aquarius, rule by Uranus, the planet which goes in the opposite direction. It is also the sign of “groupthink” – perhaps he thinks it could be good for the inhabitants? After all, his Solar Arc Moon is in Sagittarius, (sport) and long distant travel. Mars also is equated with sport is in Aries; in sextile to his Aquarius Sun, which will make him go for something unusual and different.

    Although Human Rights should be a prerequisite on this planet. As Marjorie’s posts show, Astrology Charts, for individual countries often shows a country’s motivation. Human Right groups are most vocal in the West, yet anyone who lives in these countries and sees the neglect and gloss overs, can see it is easier to judge others, than their own country. History informs us, that even in our worst times with these countries trade goes on. Maybe Norman sees this.

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