Gracie Gold & Ashley Wagner – struggling to regain old form




Two figure skaters who are having a shaky start to the competition season are Gracie Gold, 17 Aug 1995 and Ashley Wagner, 16 May 1991.

Gracie Gold was an Olympic Junior medallist and national champion. She’s a charming Sun Venus in Leo in a determined square to Pluto. Her problem is her Mars at 16 Libra which is picking up the tr Pluto square which is highly frustrating through 2016/17. She’s been talking about her weight problem since although she looks slim she feels she needs to be leaner to cope with the demanding agilities of the sport. She looks muddled through 2017 as well as stuck.

Ashley Wagner is a multiple competition winner and national champion. She’s a redoubtable Sun Taurus opposition Pluto, sextile Mars in Cancer; with Mars in turn opposition Neptune (Uranus). Her problem at the moment is her Neptune at 16 Capricorn which tr Pluto is conjunct in 2016/17. That’s confusing, and disorienting. She’s got a run of insecure, accident-prone Uranus transits to Mars midpoints up to late April when she may start to hit her old form again.

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