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The Tweedledum and tweedledee of UK politics, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, appear to be over their knife-in-the-back mid-2016 spat when Gove wrecked Boris’s chances of running for the Tory leadership, only to run himself and lose. They are back together and have evidently sent Theresa May a secret letter dictating how the cabinet should sharpen up over the Brexit negotiations, i.e. toe their line. A source described it as a “soft coup” against Theresa May and said she was now “their Downing Street hostage”.

To make matters worse, Gove this morning on television muddied the waters over the imprisonment in Iran of Nazanin Zagari-Ratcliffe, by suggesting the government had no idea why she was in Iran, rather than insisting she was on holiday to visit her parents.

Gove, born 26 August 1967 in London, is a Sun Mercury in Virgo, with Uranus Pluto also in Virgo; and a determined and vengeful Mars Neptune in Scorpio. He was born two weeks before Louis CK the US comedian who has admitted to the sexual harassment allegations made against him, with the same Virgo Sun and Mars in Scorpio. Two years earlier in 1965 when Mars was also in Scorpio conjunct Neptune, another two Virgos are also catching the headlines – Kim Davis and Bashar Assad. It makes for an unpleasant combination with alternative outcomes, many of them deeply negative.

Gove looks seriously stuck from early 2018 to late 2019 with tr Pluto square his Mars/Pluto; with a long run of undermining Neptune transits to midpoints from now onwards, the most damaging of which picks up from April next year through 2019.Plus in 2019/2020 tr Pluto squares his Mars/Uranus for a series of disasters.

His relationship chart with Theresa May is fraught and hostile at the best of times with a composite Mars trine Pluto, Mercury, Sun – so an ongoing tussle for the upper hand. It’s at daggers drawn this month, jangling through 2018; with worse in 2019.

His superficially friendly relationship chart with Boris Johnson, with a composite Sun Venus also has an ego-clash Mars square Neptune (one wins, the other feels damaged). Their bubble will burst a touch over the New Year; and a major rift will widen the cracks mid 2018 onwards.

Theresa May’s relationship with Boris, definitely a marriage of inconvenience, is in the mire this month with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn; at odds in March 2018 and spitting teeth by 2019/2020 with tr Pluto square the composite Mars. They were never destined to occupy the same space with comfort with a differing-agendas composite Sun Uranus and an outright-dislike Mars square Saturn.

A bunch of fifth-rate creeps, crawlers and losers intent on NOT governing the country while they fight their petty rivalries for the Tory leadership. What happened to the national interest?


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  1. Tara the 13 Scottish Tories account for a slim majority in the Commons. One that could have been overturned by a coalition. That’s why Theresa May forked out £1 billion (and the rest) to get the DUP onside.

    Nationalism did make it possible that is an insular, xenophobic British nationalism. That and the fact that the Westminster Tories pumped millions into Scotland to achieve the desired aim. Add to that Scotland has no control over broadcasting, disgraceful, and not one daily or Sunday newspaper is owned or controlled by a Scot. MSM propaganda is the name of the game.

    I too have lived in Ireland, the US and New Zealand, where I was born. How the Scots have put up with the treatment that Westminster has been doling out for many decades now is just beyond me. An issue that really gets to me is that the Scots are told that they are subsidy junkies when in fact the reverse is true. Five million Scots with their manifold natural resources have been keeping England afloat. Not for much longer by the looks of it ….. from what I see on the ground and astrologically.

  2. You clearly don’t know what’s going on in Scotland Tara. In 2015 the Tories got 15% of the vote in Scotland. The lowest recorded statistic ever in over 100 years. That followed with Ruth Davidson fighting a General Election this year based on no more than spouting No for another Scottish Referendum. Not one mention of her party’s policies in the Media (helped by the fact that she used to work for the BBC), and dozens of no Indyref2 leaflets flying through our letterboxes, as should have been the case in a General Election. Add to that the Labour and Lib-dem leaders, Kezia Dugdale and Wullie Rennie, advising their supporters to vote for the Tories to keep SNP politicians out AND Orange Order unionists flocking to her cause. And, eh, there’s also a wee issue about where funding came from.

    What you see is the sum total of individuals in Scotland who support the Union. It was at 29% but has dropped back to 23% behind Labour in Scotland now. And WELL behind the SNP. There are 13 Scottish Tories sitting in Westminster to 35 SNP MPs. SNP the third largest party at Westminster in front of a nationwide Libdem Party. No mean feat for a party that’s been in power in Scotland for 10 years now. Thirteen Scottish Tories of over 300 in total. Who voted for the 290 plus Tories? It wasn’t the Scots.

    And Tara there are 5 million Scots to over 50 million people living in England. What that tells you is that the people of England, due to sheer numbers of the electorate, are the people who ultimately decide who runs the country. There is no ‘working together’ at all, as can clearly be seen by this government’s contempt for the wishes of the Welsh, Northern Irish and Scots. The only people who can resolve the issue of creeps, crawlers and losers ruling the roost are the English people. Why haven’t they done so long before now?

    As I’ve said already the Scots have been lumbered with this shower of corrupt narcissists and to be honest they’re just one lousy government in a long line of hopeless cases from Callaghan to Heath to Thatcher to Blair, Brown and now May (and those in between). Taking into account future options that is Tory or Corbyn’s Labour Party the Scots would be better served bailing out, especially as you say people’s lives depend on it.

    That transit Pluto opposing the Moon (and the rest) doesn’t augur well for a united Union, imo. It looks as though England with Wales (maybe) will plough their own furrow in the very near future and if that’s the case I genuinely wish you all the best for the future Tara.

    • Thanks for your response Shirley. The fact remains that Theresa May wouldn’t be where she is now without the Scottish vote, in *2017*. I can’t quite believe it either, but it is a solid fact. Nationalism made it possible. The thing is when two sides are stubborn, uncompromising and entrenched in their ideology, the stalemate allows something even less desirable through.

      I think we will always see things differently, you in terms of 10 million v’s 50 million while I see things a lot more nuanced than that. I was mainly brought up in England, but also Ireland. Do you think I am any more powerful or privileged than you? Do you think people in England all think the same way? Do you think you have more in common with a Scottish Tory voter than someone from Liverpool or Brighton? It intrigues me.

  3. I found it odd that not much press and media emphasis shone on BJ when the sleaze list was produced last week, given his uber sleazy track record. Do you think he is regarded by the ” men in suits” as the Chosen One and thus left alone? Is the Tory party chart circling the lavatory bowl at the moment Marjorie? How much longer must we endure the rank incompetence and greasy pole climbing, not governing, as you say, in the national interest? Thanks for your good work

  4. “A bunch of fifth-rate creeps, crawlers and losers intent on NOT governing the country while they fight their petty rivalries for the Tory leadership. What happened to the national interest?”

    Nazanin Zagari-Ratcliffe is said to be close to having a nervous breakdown now and has found lumps on her breasts. Not that Tweedledum and Tweedledee will care.

    You can clearly see why many Scots want their country, or rather Kingdom, to be independent. They’re lumbered with a party, of creeps, crawlers and losers, that they didn’t even vote for. Didn’t want because they’re well aware of the track record of Westminster politicians, in particular the Tories. Add to that the Scots are also being co-ruled by the DUP. A party that they can’t vote for and if it were ever possible at all would never do so. Not exactly what you would call democratic. Far from it.

    It also makes one wonder if those who voted for Brexit have any regrets, as the creeps, crawlers and losers in the main were the great promoters of Brexit, as examples Johnston, Gove and Patel.

    • Lumbered with a party they didn’t even vote for? Shirley, I used to sympathise with that position until the last general election:

      I imagine the people of Canterbury and Kensington would think that the Scots lumbered them with the Tories! They certainly didn’t vote for the DUP either.

      Hopefully we can now forget all this division and work together to ensure we never again have such a weak government. It should be possible, there’s so much we all agree on. People’s lives depend on it.

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