Jared Kushner – flying too near the sun



Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law was to be the boy wonder of the new administration fixing a Middle East peace that had defeated multiple presidents, sorting the opioid crisis, reorganising government IT and another ten impossible things before breakfast. Vanity Fair acidly remarked “Given his track record, it’s unclear whether Kushner is even qualified to work as a White House intern — his only two professional achievements of note have been buying and running a newspaper into the ground and running his family’s real-estate business while his father was in prison, striking a deal that a decade later is still haunting his family.” The 5th Avenue building he bought for $1.8 billion on the eve of the financial crisis, has a 30 percent vacancy rate, an expected loss of $24 million this year, and a $1.2 billion mortgage that is due in February 2019. Despite scouring the world for foreign financiers to fend off his gigantic problem he’s come up empty handed so far. And he’s hovering on the periphery of the Mueller investigation, which could prove an unwelcome distraction from saving the world and refinancing his family empire.

Born 10 January 1981, he’s a Sun Capricorn square Pluto, a chip off daddy’s block; with a stubborn Mars in Aquarius trine Jupiter Saturn in Libra, and a Pisces Moon. This December/January 2018 tr Uranus will oppose his Pluto for some radical changes in his life, and tr Pluto will conjunct his Capricorn Sun from February 2018 to late 2019 which will see him facing a punishing series of challenges. He’s also due an almighty jolt from Solar Arc Sun square Uranus anywhere from mid 2018 into 2019.

His relationship with Donald Trump has a friendly, overly confident composite Sun opposition Venus Jupiter; but also an ego-clashing Mars Neptune conjunction; and more significantly an exact Yod of Pluto sextile Mars (Neptune) inconjunct Mercury. That Yod suggests a relationship that will bring extreme alterations in both of their lives. For Kushner that has already been the case. Though there may be other consequences to come. As if they were fated to be together and fate will dictate what comes next. There’s a fair amount of strain this month with tr Pluto square the composite focal point Mercury; and more of a rift from early 2018 as tr Saturn squares the composite Sun.

There are also indications of a disruption in the relationship chart between Jared and Ivanka this Dec/Jan 2018 with tr Uranus opposing the composite Pluto with a continuing strand of disappointment and failure in 2017and 2018 as tr Neptune squares their composite Sun. Tr Uranus will oppose her Jupiter/Pluto at that point which could suggest some positive outcomes, but she’s on edge through next spring; and generally feeling she’s not on the winning side in 2018/19. With a major shift in their relationship with her father from April 2018 onwards.


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  1. I think it is fair to say that Mr. Kushner and his brother-in-law Donald Jr. are central to the Mueller investigation,not hovering on the periphery of it.

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