Middle East & Russia – the kingpins of Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces


Photos: Suleiman, the Magnificent. Peter the Great of Russia.

History doesn’t repeat itself exactly but it does dance in tune to the recurring cycles of the planets. Both Pluto in Capricorn (every 250 years) and Neptune in Pisces (every 165 years), have on past form been associated with significant Muslim or Middle Eastern rulers and territorial domination often on an astonishing scale by a charismatic leader, who fostered justice, art, learning and culture. Both are in place now till the mid 2020s.

The 16th century Pluto in Capricorn with Neptune in Pisces also in place saw the rise of one of the greatest Ottoman Sultans – Suleiman the Magnificent of Turkey, who conquered Arabia, defeated Hungary, laid siege to Vienna, ravaged Croatia and conquered Iraq which prospered economically and culturally as does did the rest of his empire.

The largest land empire in history was created by the 12th Century Mongol Genghis Khan, the Great Khan, during Neptune in Pisces, later expanded by Kublai Khan, his grandson, whose rule culminated in the 13th century Pluto in Capricorn with dominions stretching from the Arctic to the straits of Malacca, Korea to Asia Minor to Hungary and China. He was renowned for the splendour of his court, Buddhism and learning.

During the 8th Century Pluto in Capricorn, with the Arab Empire at its political and cultural peak, Haroun Al Rashid (the Upright) becomes the most famous of the Middle Eastern Caliphs with a fabulous court immortalized in the Book of 1001 Nights. He invaded Asia Minor, ruled the Arabs and Persians, defeated the Eastern Roman Empire. Bagdhad, founded as the capital for the Caliphate and flourished into the most splendid city of the period.

Under Neptune in Pisces in 878 the hidden Imam of the Shi’ites disappeared and his followers still await his return.

In the 6th century, with both Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces in place, Chosroes became the greatest of the Persian (Iranian) Kings, promoting agriculture, commerce and science.

Russia also rose to great power, prosperity and culture under Neptune in Pisces with Peter the Great; and under Pluto in Capricorn with Catherine the Great.

The rest of the world didn’t disappear during these periods, since Charlemagne united much of Europe under Pluto in Capricorn at the same time as Haroun Al Rashid. The European Renaissance started as Gengis Khan’s empire spread to the east. And the USA was born as Catherine the Great exerted her will over Russia. Neptune in Pisces also figures strongly in Christian and Buddhist history. But there was a definite upsurge in Middle Eastern confidence, power, prosperity and culture.

Nothing about the past experience of Pluto in Capricorn’s tendency to promote culture, learning and justice has been much in evidence since 2008, though the disruptive Uranus square Pluto, now waning, may have blocked out its finer tendencies. But it does put a different perspective on the rise of Putin in Russia and perhaps of Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia.

History is always seen more clearly in hindsight – once rulers have succeeded in making their mark. And there’s no guarantee of an exact reprise, but intriguing to think we could see history in the making.

3 thoughts on “Middle East & Russia – the kingpins of Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces

  1. Thanks for this Marjorie. Since 2008 there has been a boom in digital culture. 2008 in particular saw a huge upsurge in smartphone and social media usage.

    It seems to me that one of the biggest cultural underestimations during this time is the power of the internet meme (which can be static pictures, gifs or video) which strikes me as very Neptune in Pisces. I was talking to a relative, who grew up in Aden, how important pictures and drawing were to me during my time in Russia and they said they experienced the same in ME. I expect it works vice versa, so when you are not using the Roman alphabet everyday, you are remembering western ideas as images rather than sounds and text. Perhaps one of the reasons why Russia and various Middle Eastern groups have been more adept with this medium and quicker to recognise it’s power and it’s ability to permeate.

    Pluto in Capricorn saw huge empires with few at the top; we do seem to be going there again with increasing amounts of power concentrated in individuals, on a scale unprecedented in recent times.

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