Google’s You Tube – censoring and blocking funding of terrorists and hate groups

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Google is facing a thorny problem after a mass walkout of many of its biggest advertisers after the UK Times ran an investigation showing their ads appeared beside videos supporting terrorist and other hate-spewing groups, who benefit financially. Until now Google have been fairly cavalier about how they run their massive platform, watched by 1 billion people daily, on which 300 to 400 videos per minute are loaded direct to air. They’ve tended to wait until public complaints came in but now they’re being forced to work out a system for checking content in advance. Quite how isn’t clear, since it would take more than 50,000 full-time staff on an eight-hour day to manually moderate it; and algorithmic checking systems never work perfectly.

The You Tube chart for first video uploaded, 23 April 2005 8.27pm UTC, San Mateo, CA, did have the February Pisces eclipse conjunct its Uranus, for a resounding wake-up call. This year also sees tr Saturn in a blocked conjunction to the Pluto; and an upset-public tr Uranus opposition Moon. 2018 has a downbeat, discouraging-setbacks Solar Arc Saturn square Sun; and a tough-slog tr Pluto opposition Saturn running in 2018/19; 2019 also has disruptions from tr Uranus conjunct the Sun, moving onto 2020 for an even greater upheaval in 2020 from Solar Arc Uranus square Pluto and an explosive Solar Arc Mars conjunct Uranus.

The original Google chart, 4 Sept 1998, is limping and sagging this year with tr Neptune opposition the Virgo Sun; financially hit by tr Saturn square Jupiter; with a high-tension 2018 and a cataclysmic 2019 to look forward to.

Google Alphabet, which is the parent company now, 10 Aug 2015 5pm New York, is following much the same winding path ahead, with reputation-denting tr Pluto square the MC in 2018/19 as well as in an unstable square to Uranus; with tr Saturn opposition the Moon for a loss of popularity; and racking up the insecurity with tr Uranus square the Mars as well in 2018 into 2019.

Financial commentators say that even this large a walkout is unlikely to affect Google to a catastrophic degree but they certainly look to be heading into an exceptionally bumpy few years ahead. Being seen to facilitate the funding of terrorists will begin to have a public blowback at some point.

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  1. Dear Marjorie

    Situation in Turkey has me very worried. They seemed to be democratically voting for a dictatorship. It would be very useful to read what you glean from the stars.

    Thank you!

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