Republicans – in power and paralysed

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The US Republican Party have a real problem on their hands. Their rallying cry in recent times has been to dismantle an over-expensive and as they see it intrusive government machine. But the policies they so dislike, health care amongst them, are popular with voters reliant on them, who would not be sanguine about losing their support systems just to fund tax cuts favouring the rich.

Now the GOP has been landed with, (perhaps the only reason they won), a president handing them a narrative about improving the lives of the forgotten poor – and stamping on minorities/immigrants. He’s as keen on tax cuts as the Republicans, but the money has to come from somewhere.

So the Republicans have met with a serious reality check when their right-wing ran into collision with voter-friendly moderates. And Trump’s famed deal-making skills met with another hard stop. Where do they go from here?

There are two possible start dates for the GOP: 28 Feb 1854 9pm Ripon, Wisconsin and 22 Feb 1856 5pm Pittsburgh, PA.

Both are very Piscean charts – the 1854 has tr Neptune on its Return; with a power-struggling tr Pluto conjunct Jupiter exactly now and on and off till late 2018. Into 2018 tr Uranus will conjunct Pluto for a major turnaround and upheaval; with sparks flying as insecurity strikes in 2020 with tr Uranus trine Mars.

The 1856 chart has a disappointing tr Neptune conjunct Jupiter exactly now and on till late 2017; with a disruptive tr Pluto trine Uranus as well this year; an emotionally upsetting tr Uranus square Venus from May onwards for a year; and a hugely frustrating tr Pluto opposition Mars in 2018/19. With more upsets from tr Uranus conjunct Pluto in 2018/19.

Donald Trump’s relationship chart with both are fairly aggravated at best.

With the 1854 chart: There’s a lashed-together and resenting-it composite Saturn Pluto in a deeply suspicious opposition to Neptune, which is being further clouded this year by tr Saturn; and an argumentative composite Sun trine Mars which will get jolting tr Uranus aspects in 2018 into 2019 upsetting the applecart. Plus this year, intense-debates with tr Pluto trine the composite Mercury Venus.

With the 1856 chart: There’s a truly horrible composite Pluto opposition Neptune (Jupiter) square Mars – so deep dislike, evasion and lack of mutual support (and then some). Tr Saturn is again dampening good feelings and raising paranoia through 2017 as it conjuncts Neptune and squares Mars; with again a throw-it-all-in-the-air tr Uranus conjunct first the composite Venus from this May onwards and then – even more separating – conjunct the composite Sun in 2018 into early 2019. With even worse hostility in 2020 with tr Pluto trine the composite Mars.

It’s truly difficult to see Trump surviving even one term and if anyone is going to stab him in the back (metaphorically speaking) it’ll be the GOP.

47 thoughts on “Republicans – in power and paralysed

    • Ha! I think we may get shut down soon for veering completely off topic.

      I wonder if there is any astrology around either forums in general, or this website in particular. It’s obviously a high-strung time.

      • Belle, Thank you. It’s why I put in the Borgias – compared to that time, this is as calm as a duck pond. Everyone gets very wound up about what seems stratospherically important issues until you go read some history. We should be grateful for small mercies and keep a sense of perspective.

  1. Ann,
    Your daughter is “Muslim” and those you support came here the “right way” – in other words were able to afford the thousands of dollars to become citizens – not all those that came here, who are NOT criminals, yet perform needed migrant worker duties, may not have the necessary funds, afford the lawyers, etc., to become “the right way” citizens. My ancestors came to Ellis Island and did not have How many times do you have to keep saying “90 days is no big deal” – the entire point. There is no REAL use for these half-planned, erratically enforced behaviors that are representing more of a power play (yesterday – a two minute “pat down” of a 12 year old boy – RECORDED by his mother, who requested a different type of screening at a TSA check point due to a medical condition that the child has) – another example of the types of intimidation and “bullying” behavior.
    No one wants terrorists here, majority are American born and Caucasian to be factual. The law and it’s enforcement has to have significant planning…not the attitude “90 days is no big deal” mentality going in, make it reasonable in taking effect, well thought-out in consequence and hopefully then it will be one that endures the test of time. These knee-jerk, unreasonable and bullying tactics are will not stand the test of time, history will mock this ludicrous and dangerously superficial prevailing mentality.

    • My daughter in law worked legally to support college and pay for the cost to become a citizen. She was able to get her degrees in such a short time and worked taking care of elderly people because she is very smart. You state” those you support came here the “right way” …I did not support or sponsor her, I just admire and respect the respect she has for our country, its citizens and our laws.
      You are correct, many come here and perform needed migrant worker duties, jobs that American’s don’t want. The system needs to be overhauled so that they and many others can do the same, the right way. Not everyone who enters the country needs to stay.
      Far to many cross the border illegally and do jobs that many American’s will do, get paid under the table, or steal an America’s Social Security number, and get benefits that so many American’s cannot get. They can and often do get a 730.00 per month per person under SSI, all at a time when the Govt is talking about reducing Americans SS benefits or making me work longer before they can get what they have worked for.
      The young boy who endured a 2 minute pat down by the TSA agent is certainly a very valid point. America’s have to go through all sorts of things for the “safety of the country” but foreigners entering the country shouldn’t be vetted…or the system we have in place shouldn’t be evaluated? Or illegals should continue to enter the country without going through the proper channels…tell that to the parent(s) who has lost a child to an illegal.
      90 days is just a time to assess the process that we have in place at the moment. I suspect “make it reasonable in taking effect, well thought-out in consequence and hopefully then it will be one that endures the test of time” is on the horizon. I never said I felt that 90 days is the correct way to go about things, but it really is not a lot of time in the scope of things.
      Our ancestors could have been ship mates and arrived at Ellis Island at the same time. I think our laws are different today than they were when our ancestors arrived.

      • A “two minute pat-down” of a child is a classic fear programming technique. Fosters the “right” kind of thinking within a concentration camp.

        • Under GOP, even if they take away the 730.00 per month per person under SSI, it won’t go to you. And you will still work longer before you get it back…in fact, you may even lose your retirement.

        • I never said I agree with it. The point I am making is Americans are subjected to all kinds of ludicrous things like the boy getting the 2 minute pat down, while people, good and bad walk right in. Anywhere else in the United States, a stranger touching a child the way the TSA did would be considered child abuse. Our system(s) need an overhaul on many levels.

          • The pat down happened because of the kid’s laptop he wouldn’t give up as per the new rules in place to avoid terrorist attack. They have used mentally slow children in the past to get by security and then boom.If parents and kid had been good citizens none of this would have happened but yhey broke the rules an m ake a stink about it.

      • Under GOP, even if they take away the 730.00 per month per person under SSI, it won’t go to you. And you will still work longer before you get it back…in fact, you may even lose your retirement.

        • Your right it wont go to me or any other American because the rules to qualify are different for Americans. It still doesn’t mean they should get it!

  2. Trump can’t be enjoying this. He’s looking ineffectual and is constantly ridiculed. He seems to desire adulation so strongly & is so thin-skinned. This can’t be fun.
    Careful what you wish for…

  3. Larryc,

    Sorry for the ill health over the years, but importantly, you are a survivor! We too believe in supplements and exercise as part of our health insurance. Let’s hope Bernie is able to get the American people to understand that Healthcare is a right, and that we can get single payer in our country. Keep being well.

  4. “stamping on minorities/immigrants” Frankly I believe every county has the right to close the borders to whoever they wish. In our case it is for 90 days, big deal!!! It is a small amount of time to look over the process and see if it needs updating.
    As for “immigrants” I find it sinful that those that have the power to call it what it is choose to call it everything but what it is. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is just that, illegal. The moment someone steps into a country illegally they are saying I have no respect for the country, the citizens, your laws or the govt. For far to many years people have taken advantage of Americas generosity, and Americans are tired of it. At a time when the young, the old, the under educated and our amazing vets can not get a job because ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are working and getting paid under the table, paying no taxes AND getting social services that many Americans can not get is what the immigration scuttle is all about. Free health care for Illegal Immigrants is one of the reasons why Americans pay so much for health care. They drive fancy new cars and trucks, buy houses and send the children to schools that they do not pay for. As an American, I am ready to see American’s come first in American! And no I am not a Republican, I’m just one of many Legal Americans struggling to survive.

    • I want to know how can an undocumented immigrant without a social security number be able to avail social service benefits? Isn’t that the first thing they ask you? Really, I have no clue and I want to know how can they avail health care without SSN.

      • I have no clue how they manage to do it, but from what I understand we have different requirements for citizens and less requirements for “illegal” immigrants…that being said the IRS knows whose social security numbers are being violated but does nothing. Illegals also steal social security numbers. It is a mess and Americans want it cleaned up.

        • Ann, you should have done your homework and find out the “how’s” before you made those conclusions. Mighty Proud asked you a simple question to support your statement and you couldn’t even give any.

          • I do know someone who scammed the system. He asked me to fill out the paperwork for him, he would just tell me what to say. I wouldn’t do it because I want no part filling out forms in a way that is dishonest but is worded in such a way they can say I didn’t understand the question, or so and so filled the form out for me. When I would not answer the questions the way they wanted me to, they did it themselves and got what they wanted.
            I don’t know the “details” of how they do it because I don’t want to know. What I do know is they have a different point system for citizens and non citizens according to Social Services.
            Just a thought…you assume to much.

    • Ann, The point I was making, if you read the previous post on India, is that antipathy to immigrants and/or those-not-like-us, legal and otherwise, seems to be a phenomenon of many countries politically at the moment. Which hasn’t been true to this extent in the past. The USA result just fits the same pattern.

    • You are closing the door, woman, on mostly doctors and our highest educated. You need to seriously understand that the terrorists you most fear are your neighbors…not the majority of the people that practice Muslim religion. There are radical extremist Muslims that have blighted the religion for all true and decent followers; just like there are low-life stinking rotten pedophile priests in my Catholic religion. Those ignorant men that terrorized small, innocent children are in NO WAY any different that the radical extremists. You seriously need to understand the real problem – and it’s your prejudice.

      • I am not closing the door to anyone!!! I personally feel that 90 days is no big deal. And yes you are correct we are “closing the door” on many highly educated people, Temporarily which again is no big deal. What about all the educated people in America that need jobs. It seems to me in American they should come first. I do feel however that the president choosing a few countries instead of all countries for 90 days might be a bit racist, however none of us ever knows what is really going on behind govt closed doors. Our governments tells us what they want us to know. It isn’t my neighbors I fear, nor the Muslim religion or the people who follow it, but instead the radical Muslims as most people do and for good reason.
        For the record my daughter in law is Muslim (I, we are not). She came to America the right way, worked her way through college and earned 2 engineering degrees and a degree in applied mathematics, learned English and became a US citizen all within 5 years!!! I have the utmost respect for her because she did it the right way.
        As for myself, I break bread with all races except the Native America race and that is ONLY because I have not met a Native America. My pool of friends are from India, Pakistan, England, Ireland, China, Japan, Afghanistan, Iran, Trinidad, Mexico, America and Russia. To quote:”You seriously need to understand the real problem – and it’s your prejudice”. Prejudice…in your opinion perhaps, but my opinions come from common sense and what I see happening in my country.
        Oh by the way, I am a “woman” and proud of it!

        • Ann

          I think the key words you have used are ‘but in my opinion’ . Remember that what everyone calls ‘common sense’ will
          always come from their perspective and be influenced by their prejudice (perception).

          That’s just the way it is not matter how you want to slice it and dice it.

          Ask 50 other people what they see and some will agree with you, some won’t and some will say they have no opinion.

          Don’t take it all so serious….. it’s all politics!!

          That’s how globalisation began and now not everyone doesn’t want to play ball anymore (when it doesn’t suit them).

          • Jennifer, I don’t take it all so seriously, which is why I added “in my opinion.” You are correct everyone’s opinion always come from their perspective and is influenced by their prejudice (perception).
            Jmh is the the serious one.

    • Ann,

      Undocumented immigrants pay billions of dollars in sales taxes, state & local taxes and payroll taxes. They also contribute to the school system with property taxes if they rent or own property. They are banned from claiming welfare & food stamps. They are paying billions in social security taxes that they will never be able to claim on.

      Under welfare law, documentation is required to claim benefits, when immigrants get documentation they still need to be in the US for 5 years before they can claim benefits.

      I’m sure some scam the system, just as some people born in the US scam the system.

      • I know some undocumented immigrants who got sick but couldn’t get decent health care aside from free clinics from non-goverment agencies. They do work and pay taxes through TIN (Tax Identification Number). TIN is also what foreign companies use to be able to do business in the US. But paying taxes through TIN won’t make you eligible for tax refunds, nor avail of social service benefits. There is so many documentation involved, so I really don’t know how some could avail of such without being legal in the US. Faking a SSN won’t fly, the department of social services have efficient fraud investigation system. Oh well…

        • Ilegal Immigrants can have a net-positive impact on the economy, they don’t ‘suck billions’ from the system. They contribute to taxes & social security, and in some areas such as agriculture & construction they are essential to the economy.

          The positive income impact to citizens like me is about 1%. The people who are negatively impacted are the young, high-schoolers who at minimum wage are still too expensive to hire.

          This is the dilemma. Removing them solves one problem and creates a new problem.

          Nothing is ever black & white, yes or no, there are many shades between. This is why claiming an absolute such as ‘illegals are bad for US’ and pointing to isolated incidents as proof, is a bad way to direct an argument.

          Finding the right balance to support the needs of particular industries & society, while ensuring citizens are not burdened is the solution… but if I knew where that right balance was & how to get there, then I would be president of the world & not a nobody on a forum.

          • “Nothing is ever black & white, yes or no, there are many shades between. Finding the right balance to support the needs of particular industries & society, while ensuring citizens are not burdened is the solution… but if I knew where that right balance was & how to get there, then I would be president of the world & not a nobody on a forum.”
            Yep, I agree.
            “This is why claiming an absolute such as ‘illegals are bad for US’ and pointing to isolated incidents as proof, is a bad way to direct an argument”.
            Well you cannot point to all the things good or bad in a forum because to make the many multifaceted pros and cons of any given situation because the space is limited…As for illegals, I sure wish I could break the laws of any given country and not have to worry about being punished. Especially in my own country because there are a lot of things I would love to do, but I am not willing to pay the price for breaking the laws. Laws should apply to everyone.

  5. Hi Marjorie;
    You write with such awesome insight. Please continue your work. We can see how easily some people believe facts to be fake news and vice versa. I do hope they face reality at some point.


  6. Larryc,

    Yes. In our age category, with or without insurance subsidy, that is about what it would cost. The $1660.00 covers my husband and me. We have the platinum policy from BlueCross and BlueShield because for our bracket it really wasn’t that much of a saving to go gold or otherwise. Plus I have a hole in my retina and don’t want any doctor billing surprises. But Larryc, we are looking for cheaper insurance next year. And even with our insurance, there are still many doctors, like my dermatologist who will not accept it. Consequently, I spend out of pocket for his visits. It’s a mess.

    • Jai – I’m in my early 60’s – but fortunately long life and good health do run in the genes. I admit, after cancer, losing a kidney, and some other scary conditions – I do the best I can with supplements, research, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Does that work for most Americans? Nope. Last fall, I suffered preretinal membrane vitreous detatchments in both eyes. My vision is darkened and somewhat blurry – but there’s no medical procedure to reverse the detatchment. I muddle along. Agree that docs who refuse insurance should be kicked to the curb. They’re a bane on society.

      • Make insurance not for profit, as it use to be and the cost of medical care will come down greatly. The powers that be don’t want the gravy train to end.

  7. Jessica,

    Marjorie explained quite well the Healthcare and immigrant issue in the USA. My husband and I were terrified that the $1, 660.00 monthly we pay for health insurance had the possibility of skyrocketing to $3500.00 monthly.

    Cinco de Mayo has been cancelled because many immigrants do not want to be harassed by ICE. Muhammad Ali’s son, an American citizen was stopped and questioned at the airport for hours, they wanted to know where he got his name from. That is my reality in USA today, not fake news.

    • Jai – do you really require medical insurance to that cost? I’m self-employed…and cannot afford even a single month of insurance at that level.

    • Assuming you are a Trumpeter, it’s her website. Many of us welcome her comments and observations. There are other astro websites promoting the so-called “death of the Queen” while promulgating their own alternative news and astro info…beamed live and fresh from comet inhabitants. Try watching Fox News.

  8. I have to say this, very few organizations of any kind survive to their Neptune Return. And somehow, I think a Neptune Return may be even worse than a Pluto Return in the sense it Neptune dissolves. And there are quite a few Neptune Returns for Nations in the next couple of years – the last Neptune in Pisces cycle was charactarized with National Romantism. Then, especially with Neptune in Aries, things turned bloody.

    • Have to agree with you Solaia – Pluto is brutal, but also has unbelievable power to transform. Neptune is a very weakening deceptive influence that really does dissolve whatever it is influencing. Only upside is a sense of inspiration with high idealism – but it all never seems based in reality.

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