Donald & Xi – Chinese fireworks at Mar a Lago

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Donald Trump will hold a two day summit with Chinese premier Xi Jinping on April 6/7 at Mar-a-Lago his summer palace, just as Mars in Taurus is exactly in a challenging, disagreeable trine to Pluto and tr Uranus makes a bad-tempered, uncompromising and unpredictable square to the composite Mars on their relationship chart.

Trump has already upset the Chinese with his overtures to Taiwan, where it was reported in November he had hoped to build hotels, and for his criticism of their currency manipulation and his protectionist trade policies which would dent Chinese exports.

Their relationship chart has a composite power-playing Jupiter Pluto conjunction; as well as a frosty Sun Venus square Saturn, and a suspicious, evasive trine to Neptune. So it doesn’t start from a great place. Tr Uranus will repeat the explosive square to Mars in Dec/Jan 2018 so there will be arguments. Tr Saturn is also in Dec/Jan opposition the composite Mercury and then Uranus. And throughout 2017/18 tr Neptune is square first Venus and then the composite Sun, which will undermine trust further.

Relocating Trump’s chart to Beijing puts his fiery, grandstanding Mars in Leo in his 7th so he’s likely to be even more pumped up and reckless in what he says (and does).[See Post Dec 3 2016]

Xi Jinping has been steadily consolidating a formidable degree of central control domestically – what onlookers describe as a kind of Leninist capitalism. He’s been cutting out corruption but also targeting liberals and political opponents, and building up military power. The three major military bases in the South China Sea will allow Chinese military aircraft to operate over nearly the entire South China Sea.

There are concerns about the state of the Chinese economy with soaring corporate and household debts (270% of GDP). Goldman Sachs estimates the chance of a financial crisis in China this year at 25%, and in 2018 at 50%. That needn’t mean a more inward looking country, perhaps the opposite with some analysts fearing a Chinese version of Putinism, with repression at home and aggression abroad. There’s a whole array of possible flashpoints with the West – North Korea, Taiwan and the South China Seas – so concern is rising.

The China chart does show continuing financial worries till late 2018 and beyond with tr Neptune opposition the 8th house Saturn; and thereafter tr Saturn square the 8th house Sun, Neptune into 2019. There’s also tr Pluto conjunct the Jupiter in Capricorn in 2019/2020 which could see an upsurge of over-confidence which may lead to unwise actions just to prove a point.

Relations between China and the USA are certainly at their lowest ebb for some time with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mats in 2017/18, so high aggravation factor; with tr Neptune opposition the composite Venus undermining friendship.

2 thoughts on “Donald & Xi – Chinese fireworks at Mar a Lago

  1. Incidently, it seems you’ve been looking at astrology of two October 1st Librans today, since Chinese People’s Republic was founded on October 1st, 1949. I read some financial reports a year ago, and the futurologists predicted Central Committee loosing a lot of power to regional entities due to especially the manufacturing regions in South growing increasingly wealthy and thus hard to rule. Anything there to indicate that?

    Another thing I found in financial reports: China’s GDP growth will be stalling simply because the generations entering workforce are starting to shrink drastically. Right now, generations entering work force are children of people born during Cultural Revolution when natality sank for obvious reasons. One Child Policy was formally introduced in 1979, so age classes continue being smaller for quite a while.

    I wonder how this reflects astrologically, there is, obviously Pluto transit one China’s Natal Moon coming in mid 2020’s (interestingly, both China and The US have Aquarius Moon), so they are definitely facing some interesting times.

  2. Marjorie: Love your description of Mar-a-Lago as Trump’s “summer palace.” Gave me a good giggle over coffee this morning…..

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