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There’s mayhem in Washington, yet another sinkhole opening up, over the Trump-Russia probe with the Democrat leadership demanding that Republican chairman Devin Nunes recuse himself from the Congress Intelligence Committee who are investigating. First of all he disappears at midnight for a secret briefing at the White House, then gives a press conference next day without contacting his staff or other members, and makes a statement which Trump takes to be an exoneration. Now it has emerged that former acting Attorney General Sally Yates has been blocked from giving evidence by the Trump admin. She was fired in January after ordering Justice Department lawyers not to defend the initial travel ban.

Nunes, 1 October 1973 Tulare, CA, has a hard chart, which a bleak Sun Pluto in Libra square Saturn in Cancer; but his Jupiter in Aquarius is also trine his Sun Pluto and square his Mars in Taurus. So he’s a complicated mix of very battened-down and a considerable risk-taker. And his Saturn is on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Jupiter, which is a configuration that demands maturity and self-discipline if it is not to self-destruct.

He’s only a bit-player in an increasingly confused and mishandled scenario that is threatening to blow up into a good going scandal. The Washington Post and other serious media are doing a good job of getting the facts out there.

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  1. This is why I left astrology! The entire group of professionals has a rigid herd mentality and continually misuses astrology to create a confirmation bias feedback look for its political and other beliefs.

    It’s not harmless — and you were wrong on this one!

    According to Human Design, which is FAR more precise than astrology, Nunes is willing to struggle to bring the truth to light. No need to make up convoluted nonsense to create a confirmation bias feedback loop for your personal political beliefs.

    Anyone who justifies double standards because corruption and communist tactics are ok for one side — as long as it’s your side — doesn’t understand the Constitution or what the USA is about because this is Banana Republic stuff, unheard of in our Constitutional Republic. Truly frightening to misuse astrology like this!

  2. I have to say, Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra people – I’m from the Libra Pluto generation, so I know quite a few people with this signature would be, generally speaking, the ones you’d want to investigate messes like the one left here with Trump’s Campaign. Spotting a toxic environment is a skill, for these people. Obviously, having a difficult Saturn aspect to that conjunction may lead to an entanglement, which is Nunes’ case.

    However, I’d say what has really dragged Nunes into the mess he is now into is his Moon conjunct Neptune in Sadgittarius. I bet his birthtime is in the morning, making this conjunction even closer than a noon birthtime. Overblown optimism can get you into a lot of trouble.

  3. The Trump administration seems destined to evolving into a classic soap opera than a real, functioning government. I can hear the organ playing in the background…and then a commercial break from one of “our” sponsors.

    You can’t make this up.

  4. Love the wonderfully clever, “intelligent” title!

    Not to mention the content. The configurations give insight into Nunes’ erratic, impulsive behavior.

    Thanks, Marjorie.

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