Ghislaine Maxwell – short of a sugar daddy


Tone deaf, brass neck, shameless – it’s difficult to wrap your head around Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawsuit against convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s estate for legal fees and security costs. She insists a): she had no knowledge of any wrong doing on his part; and b): she had “a legal and special relationship” with him which obligated his estate to compensate her, since she was out of pocket because for personal protection and safe accommodation costs after multiple death threats. It’s breathtakingly self-absorbed.

Born 25 December 1961, she was the favoured daughter of crooked media proprietor Robert Maxwell, who lavished her with money until his mysterious death by suicide/murder as his financial sins were about to emerge. She was left bereft – and short of cash – until hooking up with Epstein, who effectively bankrolled her in exchange for her social contacts.

She has her Sun, Mars, Mercury in money-minded and socially ambitious Capricorn in a changeable and restless trine to Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Her Saturn is also in Capricorn. Her Venus in late Sagittarius is in a charming and passionately enthusiastic conjunction to her Mars and Sun. Her five-star-lifestyle Leo Moon is almost certainly in an indulgent opposition to Jupiter and square an evasive, unrealistic Neptune. A steady supply of cash to fund an opulent lifestyle probably seems like a basic essential to her.

She hasn’t yet been charged in connection with Epstein though that may come. This year is a mix of risky catastrophes late this month and through April; with radical changes from mid April, on and off into 2021; with a morale-boost in June this year as tr Uranus square her Jupiter – though since that tugs on her Neptune it may be a short-lived bubble of happiness. Where she really hits the skids is in 2022/23 as tr Pluto is conjunct her Saturn for deprivation and hardship; and her Solar Arc Pluto is in a devastating conjunction to her Neptune in 2023.

Her Second Saturn Return this year isn’t knocking much sense into her. She’d have been more sensible to disappear into a bunker and stay there.

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