Vanessa Hudgens – removing foot from mouth


An Instagramming actress Vanessa Hudgens has had to make a hasty backtrack after a live video in which she managed to write off an extended CV 19 outbreak as “a bunch of bulls***” and added for good measure “ people are gonna die, which is terrible but, like, inevitable?”

How to win friends and influence people. She is best known for the High School Musical film series some years back, and was born 14 December 1988 at 9.27pm Salinas, California.

She has an outspoken Sagittarius Sun conjunct an impulsive Uranus which sits in the performing and grandstanding 5th house and is in turn conjunct Mercury, Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn – she’ll be highly strung, scattered, erratic and inclined to be a touch autocratic with Saturn Uranus close. She also has an intense, deeply buried 8th house Mars in pro-active Aries squaring her Capricorn planets so will be overly forceful at times. Particularly now given her Solar Arc Moon is exactly conjunct her Mars making her overly excitable.

She also has a superficially charming Jupiter in indulgent Taurus opposition Venus in Scorpio which will suit her for the froth and glitter generation. But scrape off the surface veneer and there’s hubble and bubble underneath.

All a storm in a twitter-sized egg cup. But interesting astrologically since she has a birth time.

I wonder if this unholy meltdown in society will ultimately sweep away the idiotic celebrity culture, where fans treat actors, actresses and TV presenters as if they were the Delphic Oracle with magic powers of insight. I see Tom Hanks sister remarked in response to questions about his health that he was an actor, not God. Good for her.

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