Ghislaine Maxwell – facing Saturn’s reckoning

Ghislaine Maxwell due for trial this November on charges of sex trafficking and other offences may face evidence from other Epstein co-conspirators of Jeffrey Epstein, which could be damaging to her case. She has pleaded not guilty.  Legal wrangles are continuing in advance of the due date.

  Born 25 December 1961 3.20pm Maisons Lafitte, France, she has an intense, secretive Capricorn Sun, Mars and Mercury in the 8th house of money and sex, with her Mars in a passionate conjunction to Venus in late Sagittarius. She has a drama-queen, lucky, successful though also self-righteous Jupiter in her 10th on her Midheaven in a head-in the-clouds square to Neptune. Her flashy Leo Moon falls in her 4th along with the unsettled Uranus Pluto in Virgo, hinting at her closeness to an unstable father.

  Her Midheaven and Jupiter will catch the tr Saturn conjunction on and off till late November which will be discouraging and a time when the harvest for past actions is reaped. She’s got the emotionally upsetting tr Uranus square her Moon picking up in July and repeating into 2022. The run up to the trial in October looks blocked and over-burdened with tr Saturn square her Sun/Pluto; and December is nervy and under attack with tr Saturn square her Mercury/Pluto midpoint. Next year from mid March onwards for two years she picks up the discouraging tr Pluto conjunct her Saturn in the legal 9th which suggests an uphill struggle against the forces of the law.

  She does have Neptune in her 6th so will be semi-fragile on the health front and since it catches both tr Saturn and tr Uranus hard aspects through this year I’d wonder about her general state of fitness.

 Significantly the composite Mars opposition Uranus on her relationship chart with Epstein sits exactly on her MC/IC – an explosive connection that will upend her life.

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10 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell – facing Saturn’s reckoning

  1. With her busy 8th house and Pluto in the 4th, it seems that mystery and secrets are at the very foundation of her psyche and may be the reason why the circles she moved in had an appeal to her. I wonder if there is something about her father’s death that she knows and will somehow be revealed in the course of these proceedings…?

    • As far as I’m aware, she believes her father was murdered. I suspect she knows where all the money he embezzled went. And that, in turn, could have something to do with her unspeakable boyfriend.

      Otherwise, I agree she is utterly vile and self deluding. However, I – like most of us – also think she’s the visible tip of an enormous international iceberg, the extent of which may or may not be revealed as time passes. Whatever was on those rumoured tapes, and photos, we may never discover. Unless Uranus transiting the 12th brings up the bodies.

  2. Whats the bet they ‘Burn the Witch’ with her, because she is a woman, and to deflect from all the men in high places involved.

    • Yes, I agree. However, it may depend on what information of various kinds she is prepared to divulge. The Pluto transit to Saturn Marjorie describes looks pretty relentless. It also might symbolise powerful organisations or male figures. It certainly resonates symbolically with the “ghost” of her father.

      • True, but eitherway I cant see the media or interested parties doing nuance on this. One way or another she will be eviscerated.

        • If a tenth of the evidence that is in the public domain holds up in court she is every bit as bad if not worse than Epstein’s sleazy buddies. Using her gender to entice? Words fail me – well printable ones anyway. Witch is the least of what I’d call her. She deserves to rot for eternity.

          • Didn’t Bill Clinton also have an equally questionable background regarding “underage female voters”?

    • Her behaviour was insupportable. Please reconsider transforming her into some sort of victim. I hope that justice will be served.

  3. Thank you Marjorie. Perhaps the Saturn and Uranus transits may bring a sense of responsibility – Saturn – and some kind of awakening – Uranus? From what’s emerged publicly so far, it seems that GM’s thinking may be delusional when it comes to much of what happened. Saturn’s reckoning, as you say, looks implacable. With transits to Neptune involved, we can’t know what else is going on behind the scenes either. Transiting Uranus in Taurus to her Neptune in Scorpio could suggest financial revelations or shocks of some kind too. She could hold the key to the mysteries surrounding Epstein’s vast wealth – and indeed his whole rather mysterious career.

  4. Thank you Marjorie, The new documentary schedule June 24 may just regurgitate old news, but I can’t help feeling that something will emerge into the light.

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