Germany – into the political melting pot

Germany is heading into a radically different political landscape ahead as Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc slumped to its worst ever defeat and the centre-left Social Democrats claimed a narrow victory. This would fit with tr Pluto opposing the German’s 10th house Uranus this year prompting a significant change of direction.

 But there will still be months of wrangling ahead to form a coalition government with third and fourth parties, the Greens and the pro-business FDP, who do not agree across a range of issues.  In 2017 after a close German election it took six months; the Netherlands is still wrangling over its government after March elections and Belgium saw negotiations dragging on for 541 days in 2010.

Olaf Scholz has been congratulated by Merkel and looks the most likely to be the next Chancellor. I wrote him off initially since his Gemini Sun opposition Saturn had the undermining tr Neptune square earlier this year, which returns mid February to mid March 2022 and again in November/December 2022. What would buoy him up is his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Saturn and opposition his Sun and that could cast a ray of sunshine over coming months. But he’s still heading into calamity country from October 5th to 30th with tr Uranus hitting his Sun/Mars and Mars/Saturn midpoints, repeating in early 2022. This December also looks a touch rattled with tr Saturn opposition his Uranus; with 2022 being a year of slog and plans not working out.  Though that could be his first year in power discovering that he’s taken on a load of problems.

  His chart does have some positive crossovers with Germany since his Gemini Sun is conjunct the Germany Jupiter – and his Venus in Taurus and Moon are conjunct the Germany 8th house Pluto. Those latter planets are being rattled up by the tr Uranus conjunction in 2022/23 – so he may be the man for the moment – as something profound and deep-rooted stirs in the German psyche. The tectonic plates will shift.

  But the relationship chart is a good deal less successful than Merkel’s with Germany. In his case there’s a hostile, power-struggling Mars Pluto conjunction with Mars opposition Saturn square Sun which looks anything but progressive and popular.

 Merkel will stay on as chancellor until a new government is formed and she looks under pressure with tr Pluto opposition her Sun till late November.

4 thoughts on “Germany – into the political melting pot

  1. I had thought that Scholz would get it, profiling himself as the ‘natural’ successor to Merkel, even adopting her signature hand folding gesture, while the ‘positioned’ candidate Laschet scored quite some own goals during the campaign thereby undermining his credibility as a steady hand on the tiller as Germany tries to navigate the many problems it is facing.
    As to the Netherlands, it is a disgrace that no government can be formed because of personal grudges. The ‘polder model’ has run aground on personality politics. Putin must delighted with all this political chaos spreading throughout Europe.
    Maybe the whole idea of “central” government is what needs a radical overhaul, with more power shifting to local authorities who then have to cooperate to get anything done across their boundaries. We live in interesting times!

  2. In my close and extended family circle including friends and partners of them, I know 12 Geminis hence my obsession.
    And I while having neither planet or asteroid in Gemini, my IC ios in Gemini.
    The Universe is hilarious…

    The spooky synchronicitous thing is that despite all being born in different years, they almost all have, not Venus or Mercury as you might expect, but Mars in Taurus…

    And that placement invariably conjuncts my Ceres/Vesta in Taurus conjunct my Gemini IC.
    HELP! Any thoughts welcome, is the Universe jangling my chain?

    Its statistically wildly improbable and surely a subject of Astrological research

    • And aside from being a Gemini my mother was a foriegn language teacher and my dad, also a Gemini, was in advertising.
      On athat note an article on the MC/IC would be very welcome, as its too often overlooked and as evidenced in my case, clearly significant re tribe and therefore life impact.

  3. Not another Gemini Sun Mercury in power!
    It never ever ends well and is always divisive and corrupt in one way or another, especially with Moon Venus in Taurus.
    Gemini /Taurus no matter the words, its all about the money somewhere along the line.

    I’ve been thinking alot about why so many Geminis are so prominent recently despite it not being particularly echoed in the planetary lineups.
    I recently came across an article about the subdivisions of the eras/great cycles. As we all know we are at the very end of the Piscean Era, but what I’d missed is we are in a sub era of Gemini, that started around 2008 [?].

    I must find the article so I can quote it more accurately.

    Anyway it clarifies for me why lying and propaganda has been so centre stage since then, and how the Great Lies on both the Right and Left hold so much sway currently.
    And of course describes the partisanship on steroids.


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