Wayne Couzens – a disgraced police force

  The deeply distressing tale of the gruesome rape and murder of Sarah Everard by policeman Wayne Couzens has been dominating the UK headlines since he was sentenced to life. It’s also dragged out of the woodwork a culture of misogynist, homophobic, racist and sexist attitudes amongst a section of the working police force, some of whom may now be investigated. And serious questions are being asked – again – about the Metropolitan Police, who employed (and continued to ) Couzens despite allegations of flashing.

  It hardly bears lingering on except for a few astrologically significant points. Couzens born 20 December 1972 is a Sun Sagittarius almost certainly opposition a Cancer/Gemini Moon square Pluto – a control freak. He also has Mars in vengeful Scorpio which was being triggered by his Solar Arc Pluto moving to conjunct this year. So the full weight of the central, power-hungry T square of his chart was brought to bear on his Mars in Scorpio, which was never going to be a happy state of affairs.

   Tr Jupiter was conjunct his Solar Arc Sun raising his confidence which is often seen with perpetrators around the time of an atrocity.  And tr Pluto was conjunct his Solar Arc Neptune for confusion, perhaps a hint of megalomania.

   Sarah Everard, 14 June 1987, was a Sun Gemini opposition Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius. When she was killed tr Pluto was opposition her Solar Arc Sun. Her Mars in Cancer was conjunct Couzens’ South Node and his Pluto was conjunct her South Node – so a strong pull backwards for both.

  Her ‘relationship’ chart with Couzens, though they had never met, has a stark Mars opposition Saturn Sun square Neptune which has overtones of cruelty and perversion. A fated connection that ended in a terrible tragedy for her.

  The other minor thought is that Cressida Dick, the benighted Met Police commissioner who seems to survive despite a litany of blunders over the years, started her term of office on 11 April 2017 when Mars was in Taurus conjunct Algol and in opposition to Couzens’ Mars; Saturn was in late Sagittarius conjunct Couzens’ Sun; and the Sun Uranus in Aries was opposition Couzens’ Uranus. In an eerie way her term is inextricably linked with the Couzens’s story. 

  Too much to hope at this late stage that she might fall on her sword and do the decent thing. See previous post on Met Police and Cressida Dick March 15 2021.

The Met Police chart has tr Neptune opposition the Mars till January 2023 so continuing to slide.  And exactly of this moment has its Solar Arc Venus at 23 Taurus conjunct Algol. Coincidences abound.

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  1. The further erosion in the Met’s reputation continues, with news of a serving police officer being charged with rape.

    Cressida Dick cannot continue to serve as Commissioner, after this ghastly incident.

  2. Nothing happens without the full involvement of the Cosmos, not even something as terrible as the murder of Sarah Everard. On the evening of 3 March 2021, when Sarah was murdered, we find her progressed Mars at 7° 21 Leo in almost exact square (90°) to natal Pluto at 7° 27 Scorpio.

  3. Serial killers often choose victims at random or for spurious reasons. Might this fit in with Sag? The hunter just looking for prey… Scorpio is very focused though so I’d have imagined more likely to be an obsessive stalker type killer. What do you think?

    • Thanks Lorna for your suggestion about Scorpio. I’ve done a speculative chart for Couzens for 3.30 am for Scorpio Ascendant, which puts Scorpio Mars in 1st house, Sun in 2nd, Moon and Saturn in 8th, Leo MC, all of which seem feasible. Pluto (power) in 11th (organisations) seems feasible too.

  4. “Tr Jupiter was conjunct his Solar Arc Sun raising his confidence which is often seen with perpetrators around the time of an atrocity.”

    Thanks Marjorie, this detail seems so apt given that the dark side of Jupiter/Zeus’s role in Greek myth as serial rapist and abductor of mortal women and that Sagittarius crops up with such frequency in the charts of notorious serial killers. As for Sagittarius, the centaur carries a weapon don’t forget and is often depicted on Ancient Greek pottery as a roaming forest hunter, his quarry consisting of hare and young deer, their bodies hanging from a stick he’s carrying over his shoulder.

    • Yes, a very good point. Ancient myths are full of rape and abduction. The Centaurs were characterised by their often rowdy, drunken, aggressive behaviour. They were also frequently described as rapists and abductors of women. I’m now wondering about those asteroids named for centaurs, not just Chiron. The sign Sagittarius is half human, half horse – does that represent the human challenge to evolve, or learn (ruling 9th house of education)? That motif only works if we think we are better than other species though! Hmmmn….

      • I took note of the asteroid Nessus in Couzen’s chart, Jane. It’s at 22 degrees of Gemini, so close to his Saturn and opposing his Sagittarius Sun. Nessus in myth was a centaur who abducted Deianeira, the wife of Heracles, carrying her across the river Euenos and attempting to rape her. This is a well-known subject in European fine art and there are many, many paintings and bronzes depicting the abduction (what this says about our culture is another, separate debate!). Heracles fired an arrow, dipped in the poisonous blood of the Hydra and as he lay dying, Nessus persuaded Deianeira to take some of his poisoned blood, telling her that it would ensure Heracles would be faithful to her. This was a malicious trick, since the blood was poisoned and indeed it was to be the cause of Heracles’s eventual death.

        So Nessus in the chart, according to some astrologers indicates abusive behaviour and where it is prominent, abuse will be an important theme.

        • I should add — just for balance — that Nessus in the chart is said to indicate violence, abuse and lack of sexual boundaries, but can also be prominent in the charts of those who fight against sexual abuse and speak up for victims – this is the rescue aspect of the myth.

          • Thanks @VF, I do like that you give the other side of Nessus. So there is an alternative that more evolved minds can focus on. Nowhere does anyone write about this side Nessus. It’s always the doom side that they focus on.
            Doesn’t everything have two sides by nature? Where there is darkness there must also be light?

        • Interesting stuff VF, so sharing a thought or two, which planet would you say influences his Nessus stronger? His Saturn or Sun? I would have thought Saturn would restrain his Nessus?

          • Jennifer I think there is an orb of 2 degrees, so Couzen’s Sun/Saturn is too far apart to count as an aspect. However its role in the synastry of perpetrator and victim in the instance is what stands out I think.

          • What we tend to forget about Saturn is that one facet of him is the goat god, old horny. He has an earthy sexuality, not sentimental or touchy feely, fairly primitive. He’s not all about restraint and rigidity. Venus Saturn for instance can veer towards promiscuity.

        • Looking at Sarah Everard’s natal placements, it appears that her Gemini Sun at 22 degrees is actually conjunct Couzen’s Nessus. Not only that, but she had a very tight Sun/Chiron conjunction in Gemini, so Couzen’s Nessus collides with that too. Plus, his Nessus also conjuncts the Met’s Solar Arc ascendant which is also 22 degrees of Gemini conjunct Jupiter.

          • All very intriguing and quite helpful. This particular heinous crime may, possibly, be the catalyst it takes to begin to change the culture within the police, and prompt society/social media to take a critical look at its own casual assumptions about women too. One thing I noticed in recent days was the assumption that such crimes happen at night, or in the dark. This, sadly, is utter nonsense. And it feeds ideas about how dangerous it is for women to walk alone, independently, after dark. It’s the old “respectable” vs “asking for it” mentality in yet another cunning disguise.

            Regarding Saturn, I agree with Marjorie. Once the Romans freed the temple statue of Saturn from his symbolic chains, the wild and abandoned Saturnalia commenced, in December – where both Sagittarius and Capricorn reside. I also think it’s interesting that Mars, as well as Saturn, was once an agricultural god. The earth, fertility, and sexuality are then associated with both deities, and planets.

  5. Is there any reason why Astrology cannot be used when people are being interviewed for certain
    appointments to ascertain their suitability, with clever people eg. Marjorie in charge or even like minded
    people.Just a thought!

  6. I thought Neptune (or water) would be prominent in Couzens’ chart. This is someone who would have issues with establishing boundaries, as well as getting very easily immersed in a fantasy world. Most likely he was born under the full moon phase which is naturally drawn to projection; with a greater than average need for interaction with the ‘other’.

    • Just to add to the mix, natally he has BML tightly conjunct his Neptune, Venus Mercury stellium – quite a potent mix for a warped fantasy world regarding women.

      • Transiting Ceres is at 11 Gemini now, with BML at 8 Gemini. Both oppose the Met’s Jupiter (Justice?) in Sagittarius now, and on into this October. They also oppose Couzens’ Mercury, and solar arc Uranus. As Marjorie says, coincidences abound….

  7. Thank you Marjorie. The intense horror and tragedy of this case (and all the others) brings up so much from the deepest shadows of our society, and our psyches. It’s almost unbearable really.

    Regarding Cressida Dick’s term chart of 2017, I noticed that Mars at 22 Taurus was exactly conjunct minor planet Ceres in that chart. Ceres’ daughter Proserpina (Greek Persephone) was abducted by Hades (Pluto), and this symbolism seemed significant to me. As did the square between Saturn and Venus that connects, as you write, with Couzens’ Sun. Black Moon Lilith on the Term chart sits with his delusional Mercury and Neptune in Sagittarius. The rage and emotions of women represented, perhaps, by Lilith, cannot keep being ignored or swept aside.

    For the Met’s founding chart, Ceres is at 23 Virgo, conjunct Mars and the North Node. BML is at 25 Virgo. I think this amplifies the current Neptune transit in opposition, and perhaps points to some kind of “dissolving” of what seems to be so deeply entrenched? Also, possibly, more scandals and confusion to come?

    The police in general, not just the Met, have a long way to go with this, and their attitudes towards crimes against women and girls in general. I almost laughed at the advice (from a man) to “call 999” if approached by a lone man claiming to be an undercover police officer. If that man had bad intentions, do they really think a woman would be able to make that call in time?

    • I was horrified to learn that two of Couzen’s colleagues gave him a good character reference in court. Sickening. Just how much cognitive dissonance does it take to be able to do that after he committed such an appalling crime? And what does it tell you about attitudes to women and girls within the Met itself?

  8. A few years ago on another Astro blog someone made a comment about serial killers and the preponderance of certain signs.
    I was hesitant to believe her and dangerous stereotypes, so I looked at about 20 charts of serial killers, as many as I could stomach.
    Although it was a small sample what she had said was born out by what I saw, around 40% -50 % had either Sagittarius or Capricorn as Sun Moon or Ascendant.
    It was quite unnerving, and I kept thinking about Sagittarius and the jolly astro clichés, expansive generous foot in the mouth sporty ‘aw shucks’ philosophical, political travellers freedom loving etc
    The other surprising thing was how little Scorpio was in the picture, but Pisces and Gemini were more emphasised.

    • I should clarify the mix was often Sun in one sign say Sag, and mercury/venus in Cap and visaversa, rather than Scorpio merc venus as you might expect with Sag sun.

      • My ex was violent. He had Sun 0 Scorpio, Mars-Neptune exact conjunction in Sagittarius in 12th house, 0 Capricorn Ascendant and Cap Moon squaring Saturn Venus Pluto Sun. Does he qualify?

      • It was discussed here as well I believe – search Peter Sutcliffe

        Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn are signs in which the moon (and other planets) frequently go “out of bounds” (beyond the ecliptic). This doesn’t produce killers in itself, but OOB planets often show up in the charts of people who go too far, in some way – those who go beyond the normal rules. In an already disturbed individual, this is not a good thing

        Wayne Couzen’s Moon is out of bounds at 25N

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