John Hinckley Jnr – drawn to the darkness

John Hinckley Jnr who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan in 1981 and injured three security guards in order to attract Jodie Foster’s attention on whom he was fixated has been granted unconditional release from psychiatric care, starting next June. He pled guilty by reason of insanity at the time and has spent 35 years in care, in recent years being partially released to stay with his mother who has now died.

  He was born into a wealthy family on 29 May 1955 at 11.42pm Ardmore, OK, USA. He was a drop out from university and hoped to become a songwriter.

  He has a 4th house unaspected Gemini Sun and a deeply buried 8th house Virgo Moon square Mercury and a Sagittarius North Node. An unaspected Sun tends to produce an overly independent, closed-in and self-centred personality. He has an attention-seeking 5th house Mars in Cancer square his Moon, so he would have/will have issues with women; and an intense and possessive 7th house Pluto sextile Mercury and sextile Neptune. His Venus in Taurus is in a chilly, unloved opposition to Saturn in obsessive Scorpio; and he has a lucky Uranus Jupiter in a can-be-fanatical square to Neptune. It’s not an especially brutal chart but it would give him a driven personality with strong emotional reactions.

  Jodie Foster’s Scorpio Sun sits on his Midheaven which would provide a link and he was evidently drawn to her having seen Scorsese’s violent 1976 movie Taxi Driver in which she controversially played a trafficked 12 year old child prostitute. His can-be-perverse and obsessive Venus opposition Saturn in Scorpio would be stirred by her Venus Neptune in Scorpio square Mars.

  When the shooting occurred on 30 March 1981 at 2.27pm in Washington, tr Uranus in Scorpio was retrograding towards the conjunction to his Midheaven (and Jodie Foster’s Sun) and tr Pluto was moving to conjunct his Neptune and square his Uranus for a devastating set of life changes.

  His relationship chart with Jodie Foster has a deeply buried, super-intense, possessive/controlling 8th house composite Sun Pluto conjunction. When the shooting happened tr Neptune was poised to conjunct the composite Ascendant, tr Pluto was aiming to square the composite Mars and tr Uranus was approaching a square to the composite Sun Pluto for a major disruption.

 The Lunar Eclipse this November and next late May will sit on his Midheaven, the latter just before the absolute release date of June 2022 – and will also impact Jodie Foster’s Sun so she will be on edge – maybe for other reasons, but she probably will be nervous.  

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