Germany – heading for seismic changes + Bavaria

The reunification of Germany in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin wall is celebrated every year on 3 October.  The promise of the time by Chancellor Helmut Kohl was to transform East Germany, a drab Soviet Union client state, home to 16 million people, into a ‘blooming landscape.’ With a further declaration to allay anxiety that a united Germany would become too powerful – “Germany will not go it alone, there will be no unilateral nationalism and no ‘restless Reich.” The first promise hasn’t quite materialised since the east still lags economically behind the west.

  Looking back over Germany’s tumultuous 20th Century history, with two World Wars, a divided and then reunified country, what is noticeable is one of the key trigger points of the Germany country chart’s is the 8th house Pluto in Taurus. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 tr Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the Sun was opposition the Germany Pluto with the Solar Arc Neptune square the Pluto.

   In the years running into World War 11 as Hitler’s power rose tr Uranus was conjunct the Germany 8th house Pluto; through the war years tr Saturn moved through the Germany 8th crossing over the Pluto creating blockages and setbacks. World War 1 had other factors at play although the transiting Uranus Jupiter midpoint in the grandstanding 5th house was exactly square the Pluto. So it is a highly sensitive point for Germany.

  The other key directional indicator is the Germany Midheaven at 9 Cancer which was highlighted for both World Wars. Tr Pluto conjunct the MC for the start of WW1; Solar Arc Jupiter square the MC for WW11. And the other end of the Midheaven on the IC was spotlighted for the 1990 Reunification with the triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn moving across the base of the Germany chart.

   The relevance of all of this for present day Germany is that tr Uranus will return to its 1938/39 position at 17 degrees Taurus to conjunct the Germany 8th house Pluto from June 2022 onwards. Life never repeats exactly but it will stir an archaic energy in the German psyche – as well in this instance as cause economic disruptions given the state of global trade, since the 8th house rules international finances as well as deeper transformations.

   The triple conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter has been moving through the Germany 4th house causing domestic unrest and pressure for change; with a hopes-dashed tr Neptune square Jupiter now till late January 2021, which may be partly covid-related.

  Tr Pluto will start to oppose the Germany 10th house Uranus from late January 2021 onwards for two years for a forced change of direction. That again echoes the 1930s when tr Pluto in Cancer was conjunct the Uranus in 1934/35 just after Hitler was named Chancellor in 1933. With the key difference that this time tr Pluto is not moving through the power-hungry 10th but bringing domestic and internal challenges in the 4th. There is also upcoming a devastating Solar Arc Pluto opposition the Germany 7th house Neptune in 2023, suggesting differences with a neighbour.  

  Whatever the outcome it is a time of seismic change for Germany. Relations with the EU will be exceptionally confused through 2021/22 with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Neptune and highly uncertain in 2022 with tr Neptune square the composite Saturn.  Relations with France, in days gone by the power-couple drivers of the EU, are bumpy and muddled this year into next spring; with the gulf widening precipitately in 2023/2024 as tr Uranus opposes the composite Sun and tr Pluto is in a high-risk, aggravated square to the composite Mars.

  Germany’s relations with the other starter EU nations:

Italy – aggravated in 2020/21 and in a state of significant upheaval from mid 2021 onwards for three years.

Netherlands – disappointed and undermined in 2021; undergoing a radical shift in relations along with increasing pressure from 2021 to 2024.

Belgium – again 2023 to 2025 look to be the nadir years.

Luxembourg – much the same, undermined through 2021/22 and turned upside down thereafter.

All options are open but it will be into the melting pot, for sure.

  The Germany/UK relationship chart isn’t that informative though 2022/23 will be discouraging and 2025 looks high-tension, unsettled and a turnaround in relations.

Add On: On the prospect of Bavaria splitting from Federal Germany – historical charts are always iffy but there appears to have been a significant moment on 16 September 1180 JC when the Wittelsbach dynasty that survived till 1918 took over as rulers. It gives a Libra Sun square Pluto in Cancer which clashes mightily with the Germany 1871 Saturn Sun opposition North Node Midheaven square Mars in Libra. Not much love lost there.

The Bavaria chart, if sound, is under exceptionally heavy pressure in 2021/22 with tr Pluto opposition the Saturn for a discouraging slog; and then in rebellious mood come 2023/24 with tr Pluto square the Uranus.  The relationship chart with Germany 1871 again has the same separating influences come 2023/24 as some of the other relationship charts.

24 thoughts on “Germany – heading for seismic changes + Bavaria

  1. I love whoever said change is the only constant around us,maybe that’s why trump here in the states,and other leaders like him fear democracy,cause like earth tectonic plates,everything born,or created here on earth is evolving through phases,and spatial points around us,maybe it was proven on weather networks here in the states that very small eye of storms like delta that winds are intensifying,and we still have certain days left of hurricane trump hopefully in the white house,and once trump is gone,all the stuff around us will start settling down,and more calmer energies between us humans,and earth energies will come to pass,like nation states such as Germany,UK,USA,and other since it’s seems for the last 4and a half years,hurricane trump has allowed earth around us to go nuts,and create stuff like covid 19,which seems scary ,that a group of humans can cause such grief,that our own literal mother of all of us humans aka as earth,and its energy systems which we humans are tied very closely together on a symbiotic level,which is why humans like Richard tarnas,and Percy Seymour tried to prove that indepth astrology really works this way,and its less about what your sign says as a literal libra,scorpio,or whatever,these are just seasonal markers combined into a 360 degree compass,and why astrologers like Martin Davis felt spatial based astrology,and seasonal based astrology whether geocentric,sidereal,heliocentric,spatial based astrology as the roots are just guidance systems,and its up to us to use our seasonal markers,spatial points around us as best we can ,and however we view indepth astrology,and maybe Bill the bard was saying the simple way to view us humans is through his saying,and question to be,or not to be.

    • Anthony, I’m sure you have jewels of thought buried in your posts – but punctuation would make it a good deal easier to find them.

  2. Thanks Marjorie, and Hugh. I’m intrigued by the idea of “archaic energy” and the Uranus transit to Germany’s Pluto. Carl Jung wrote about the Teutonic god/archetype Wotan (Odin) in relation to, I think, both WW1 and WW2 and what was happening in Germany at that time. Here’s two quotes from his 1936 essay on Wotan:

    “He is the god of storm and frenzy, the unleasher of passions and the lust of battle; moreover he is a superlative magician and artist in illusion who is versed in all secrets of an occult nature.”

    “Wotan is a restless wanderer who creates unrest and stirs up strife now here, now there, and works magic.”

    Uranus was called “The Magician” by Holst in his Planets Suite. This description of Wotan seems to align with the meanings of Uranus in astrology. I know that sometimes aspects of Uranus are linked with an interest in astrology, and that Uranus can be connected to flashes of intuition. It seems we are now experiencing again something of the archetypal atmosphere that Jung was describing and analysing. Roll on the magic part!

    • Hi I’ll ponder overnight. I’d always associated magic with Pluto but it may be a combination of Uranus’s trickstery energy and the god of the underworld.

      • Thanks Marjorie. Holst composed the Planets in 1916, and studied astrology but I am not sure when he did that exactly. Perhaps the Uranus Magician meaning was around at this period? I agree about Pluto, and also there’s the smoke and mirrors of Neptune. Maybe all the outer planets represent facets of this kind of archetypal theme. Jung also studied astrology, again not sure when he did this. I think one of his children was an astrologer. Hitler, according to the chart on, had a twelfth house Uranus which may account for his weird ability to tune into or influence “the masses” in some way. I’ve always wondered how such an unprepossessing looking man with a strangled voice managed to be a leader of such apocalyptic influence.

        • Jane, this is interesting. Love the ‘unprepossesing man with a strangled voice’ managing to lead…..I too have seen those black and white shaky films where he’s going ape at his people, wondering why they listened….enthralled. Astrodata’s rectified chart shows Jup/Sat/Nep/Plu biquintile ascendant (in fact there are a total of about 10 Q’s and BQ’s) which contribute to the magnetism, even if unseen from a distance. Sat/Nep/Plu all benasp the MC gave gravity I suppose, I was looking for an outstanding Mercury but there were few and sparse aspects there (its his vocational indicator according to Sakoian and Acker who I find to be very perceptive on this)….it seems it was a concoction of some uniquely mesmerising quality and being of the people – you had to be there, as they say, as it seems so unlikely when viewing from the huge distance from then until now…..

          • thanks Maggy. Interesting about the vocational indicator being Mercury. Possibly Mercury, also associated with magic and tricks, connects with the ‘archaic energy’ Marjorie mentions in her post. Uranus can be considered as the “higher octave” of Mercury. With the Uranus Pluto transit Marjorie is writing about, the “archaic energy” may express itself through Mercury and Mars (Pluto) as well as through Uranus and Pluto themselves. And then we would find Wotan/Odin stirring as a symbol too? Odin does travel to the underworld in one of the myths, just as Mercury is able to travel there. Odin is a trickster and poet, another link to Mercury/Uranus?

            If ‘archaic energy’ is stirring in Germany, then it is likely to be stirring elsewhere.

          • Yes, spot on about Mercury. For decades I thought the Sun to be the most personal planet, but actually after so many experiences I’;ve been re-educated to trust Mercury as often the strongest planet, its the voice, the mindset, the thing that makes someone so particularly…them. I know it’s meant to be bland on its own, and though it is rare to find one with no major aspects, or hidden away, people with it often say they feel they’re not listened to……their voice does not count. Mercury is very underrated… bible for years has been The Importance of Mercury in the Horoscope by Sackoian & Acker, still mind boggling.

          • Jane and Maggy, I believe the Romans linked Odin to their Mercury. Tacitus’s ‘Germanic’ states;

            “Mercury is the deity whom they chiefly worship, and on certain days they deem it right to sacrifice to him even with human victims.”

          • Thanks VF, very interesting. The Romans always wove themselves into other mythologies they encountered, or subsumed them in some way. The magician and trickster archetype skips about in most mythological systems. I think Odin has also got an element of shaman, with the sacrifice on the World Tree and the mastery of the runes.

      • There are times when I do not see the most obvious things in front of me.

        It is interesting that one Uranus revolution around the sun (30,685 earth days/84.02 years) equates very closely to a third of Pluto’s revolution around the sun (247.92 years).

        So one Uranus Return or Opposition almost always coincides with a trine/sextile of Pluto as well.

        I wonder how closely those energies work together.

      • I think all planets are involved in magic. The desire of Mars and Venus, the tricksters Mercury and Uranus, the urge for control and transformation with Pluto, and especially Neptune given its association with ‘glamour’, mesmerism, mystification and spells.
        From Miriam Webster.
        “The word glamour comes to English from Scots, the English language as spoken in Scotland. In the early 1700s, the Scottish altered the English word grammar to create glamer or glamour; it meant “a magic spell.”
        Pluto is the Machievellian process.

      • Hmm, reading all this I wonder how much the influence of Wagner has been on the German psyche – not only his music but his political sympathies which are well known. Is it a misconception that he is by far the most important composer (greatly over-shadowing Beethoven?) because he was more accessible…my German friends are all subtle and obtuse, I would not raise this personally with them but it seems to be floating amongst this thread….

  3. Easy to forget that German Unification in 1871 was proclaimed in the Palace of Mirrors Versailles after the defeat of France in the Franco Prussian War not in Berlin. There is a an odd symmetry of history here as the original German federation was created following the death of Charlemagne king of the Franks at the Treaty of Verdun in August 843. It existed in various forms for over a thousand years. The modern German state was basically forged out of Bismark’s wars with Austria, Denmark and France. Prior to that time the Hapsburg, Wittlesbach and Hohenzollern royal kingdoms had been the main focus of power in a German federation made of a patchwork of smaller states. In many ways the story of modern Germany has been a conflict between Prussian centralisation and militarism and the older largely Catholic heritage of the Haspburg realms and Bavaria. In fact whisper it quietly it was probably that expansionist militaristic Prussian tradition which was responsible for triggering the 20th centuries two world wars as much as the influence of the likes of Hitler and the Nazis. This fact was not lost on the Allied powers in 1945, and particularly Russia , who deliberately detached Prussia from the industrial and economic heartlands of Germany when it created the German Democratic Republic in the East. Historically the German federation pulled in many directions having links East, West and South. Those underlying historical influences have never really gone away and one might ask the question whether modern Germany actually has relied on conflicts such as the First, Second and Cold Wars to bind it together.

    Interested to note that Saturn was at 0 Aquarius when the Treaty of Verdun occurred in August 843 exactly the same degree as the upcoming Saturn Jupiter Grand Conjunction in December 2020. Neptune will be at 18 Degrees Pisces in that Grand Conjunction chart which also just happens to be where it was located at the time the Carolingian German federation was born. I think that rather suggests Marjorie may be right that the next few years could be deeply significant for Germany.

  4. “I would not be surprised to see Bavaria decide to leave the Federal Republic of Germany”.

    Bavaria is the Scotland of Germany, in that it has a distinct culture that sets it apart and politically has always taken a different line to the rest of Germany. I remember that it made a point of not ratifying the German Basic Law (their equivalent of the Constitution), secure in the knowledge that it had already come into force because of ratifications by the other German Lander (states).

    Marjorie, could you cast a chart for Bavaria to see why it sticks out from the rest of Germany so much?

    And of course, how does the German relationship with the UK look?

    • Thank you for the look at the Germany-UK relationship and at Bavaria, Marjorie. It is quite interesting how closely the quirky relationship between Bavaria and Germany follows the astrology.

  5. Living in Germany right now and looking to move back to the UK, I can see that large scale changes are coming to Germany. Angela Merkel will no longer be in charge and the Far Right look like gaining in importance. The Far Right are not happy about funding the EU or immigrateion. Astrologically I would not be surprised to see Bavaria decide to leave the Federal Republic of Germany (it only joined the German Empire in 1871).

    • Cassandra, are you in Bavaria? I talk to people there basically on daily bases, and they will only leave Germany and EU if they can continue to sell those cars to the rest of us on advantageous terms. Something like this more or less applies to all areas pulling German economy: They’ve taken enormous advantage of EU. Germany is the biggest exporter in The EU, and the biggest bilateral exporter to all but a handful of countries. German job market is very export driven, too.

      As for immigration, one amazing thing that covid-19 has done is that it has closed the boarders and taken the favourite/only argument away from Far Right. Remember how, in April, there was supposed to be a food crisis in Europe due to the fact Ukrainians couldn’t get to work on fields here? Turns out, there isn’t a food crisis. Now, I see Left Wing Governments bringing forth motions that would make employing cheap labor force from Eastern Europe or even Asia and Africa much less tempting due to minimum wage and better control on sites. Only people complaining seem to be people who took advantage of the gap in living standards.

      • I notice how you mention the return Pluto will stir archaic energy.

        Did you find we are “stirring” any energy here in the UK – I felt a tremendous fear in the people at the start of lockdown and still people are stuck in the fear frightened of “cases” unable to think rationally. It is like the psyche of the nation has been stirred – 75th ww2

        • The UK Mars in the 8th at 11 degrees Taurus is being shivered in advance by the transiting Uranus conjunction, though not exact until next year. But Tr Uranus anyway moved into the UK 8th last year to stay for several years which can be de-stabilising psychologically and emotionally as well as financially.

      • Yes, I live in Bavaria and I haven’t met many true Bavarians that feel part of Germany. Many of the Germans living here, particularly in Munich, are not Bavarian.
        The combustion engine – the basis of the cars manufactured in Bavaria – is being phased out. BMW and Mercedes have some catching up to do with hybrid and electric cars. It is true that Germany has profited more from the EU than any other country, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will continue to contribute more to the EU than any other country, particularly after the UK leaves.
        Germany as a whole has a good and economy which of course is export driven. One of the reasons that they are able to manage the Corvid pandemic and resultant global financial crisis better than some others. Astrologically they seem to pull out of the crisis quicker than most. This is Germany as a whole. There is one possibility for Bavaria not pulling out of the Federal Republic in the near future, and that is if Soeder were elected the next Chancellor. Bavarian leaders are not always well-like in the rest of Germany. Time will tell.

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