Germany – an angry, gloomy population

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Germany is reeling from an epidemic of shootings and knifings by immigrants – nothing like as destructive, in terms of lives lost, as Kabul or Baghdad etc – but being closer to home it resonates more. It will pile yet more pressure on Angela Merkel’s open door policy.

What is pertinent about the Germany 1 Jan 1871 12 am chart is the Solar Arc Moon now within less than a degree of being conjunct the 12th house Mars which suggests a shocked and angry population; and in a year’s time the Solar Arc Moon squares the Germany Saturn – so a longish run of metaphorical collisions and setbacks, sparking heated responses and despair.

Tr Pluto is moving through the Germany 4th for another decade, bringing internal domestic tension and resentment. In addition tr Pluto is trine the Germany 8th house Pluto in 2016/17 which is more difficult to interpret since it’s a very subterranean shift, pulling away from an old approach to power and influence.

What will be worth looking out for is tr Pluto square the Germany 7th house Neptune at 19 Aries from March 2017 for two years. With tr Uranus square the 10th house Uranus from May 2017 till early 2018. The latter will bring a sharp change of direction. But the former suggests a longish phase of total confusion, mis-judgements and agitated questioning about one close relationship; and indeed about Germany’s commitment to committed relationships in general with other countries. Certainly the UK/Germany relationship chart is very fraught over the next three years. There’s a disappointing tr Saturn square tr Neptune in hard aspect to the composite Moon this year, trailing into next; with an insecure, bad-tempered tr Uranus square the composite Mars in Feb 2017; with 2018 being even more stressed with a trapped/enraged tr Pluto opposition Mars and tr Uranus opposition Saturn – so it’s not going to be an amicable split, not remotely.

Even the Germany/France relationship which has never been as mutually supportive as it appeared, is on edge in 2017 and explosive in 2018.

The Germany/EU relationship will meet its sternest test by 2018/19 as tr Uranus in Taurus starts to square the composite Venus, and then in 2019/2020 square Uranus, oppose Mars and then conjunct the Moon. With tr Saturn crossing the conjunction to the composite Sun during this phase of extreme strain, jolts and multiple aggravations  – and perhaps a debate about whether it’s all worth it.

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