Geoffrey Cox – chancing his luck

Geoffrey Cox MP is giving fat-cat politicians a bad name, appearing only twice in Westminster to vote in 13 months and reportedly using his Commons office for his £1m-a-year legal sideline which takes him off to the sunny tax haven of the British Virgin Islands. He evidently offered the Islands legal advice recently in a corruption probe by the UK Foreign office.

 He was also Boris Johnson’s legal cheerleader as Attorney General over one of Bojo’s early dirty tricks in shutting down parliament in late 2019 to avoid discussion of Brexit. Cox’s advice which greenlit the dodgy deal was firmly quashed by 11 Supreme Court Judges, at which point Cox went off in a Shakespearean rant/toddlers’ tantrum in the House lambasting Brexiteers. See post September 26 2019.

   None of which should be a surprise and he’s a bit player in the UK-down-a-sink-hole saga but his chart is so apt it seemed a shame to waste the example.

  Born 30 April 1960, he has a classic money man and businessman’s chart. His acquisitive Taurus Sun is in an Earth Grand Trine to Pluto in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn. Earth Grand Trines have organizational ability especially when it comes to material achievements. His Sun is also in a practical trine to Saturn in Capricorn, square an innovative Uranus and opposition an elusive Neptune.

  The fates handed his career to him on a platter.

  But for all that he is rattled at the moment by tr Saturn square his Neptune exactly now and then both tr Saturn and tr Uranus battering on his Sun into early 2022; with a panicky-failure tr Neptune conjunct his Mars continuing on from this year throughout 2022.

  His impassioned support for Boris in 2019 hasn’t earned him any support in this fiasco as his situation has thrown fuel on the ire about sleazy MPs. And he has fallen victim to Boris’ lifelong tendency to dump erstwhile friends who are no longer of use.

  Their relationship chart has a pushily-confident, power-couple composite Pluto opposition Jupiter which can often joust about rules and regulations as being only applicable to others. That opposition squares onto the composite Sun so is all the stronger. Jupiter Pluto relationships fly high as long as both sides’ agenda coincides. When they diverge it can turn nasty.

There is also a focal point slippery Neptune squaring Saturn opposition the NN. The composite Venus is conjunct Algol so catching this month’s Lunar Eclipse for an emotional crisis. The composite Mars is also getting hammered in 2021/22 by a tr Pluto square which will make both feel trapped and enraged.

A passing kerfuffle but maybe symbolic in the greater scheme of things about the present downward chute.

As a cartoonist pointed out recently – it’s not one rule for everyone else and a different one for us, according to those in power. It’s more that there are rules for others and no rules at all for the elevated ones.

4 thoughts on “Geoffrey Cox – chancing his luck

  1. I’m hopeful this is Pluto in Capricorn’s last hurrah, and he finally and irrevocably destroys the venality, corruption and disease at the heart of public life in the UK and indeed beyond. Into Aquarius he will have a powerful revolutionary note.
    I’ve never lived through a more immoral, dishonest and Marie Antoinette kind of existence than we have now. I despair….

  2. Very interesting, thanks Marjorie. He’ll probably be fine, with all that money. However, he may have to make a few changes – the Solar Eclipse for April 2022 is conjunct his Taurus Sun. The UK 1801 Mars in Taurus will also catch that eclipse.
    And I’m curious about the long Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn this December, as it will square his natal money-making Venus and maybe highlight it some way? With Venus turning retrograde in December while making this aspect, perhaps there’ll be more information eventually?

    I also noticed that in March 2022 there’s a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto at 27 Capricorn – just past squaring Geoffrey Cox’s Venus. It trines the North Node in Taurus, which is hovering around the Algol degree – and the Cox/Johnson composite Venus in Taurus. I don’t know if transits to composites are significant though. Anyway, it all seems very financial and about assets and values (ha!). It does suggest that this current upheaval is just the tip of a rapidly melting iceberg.

  3. Wow, Marjorie, thanks for posting. Truly this is the chart of an arrogant and entitled man who is quite content to spend other people’s money! I hope that Neptune meeting with Mars-South Node will bring him down several hundred pegs, he certainly deserves it.

  4. Marjorie, absolutely love the pig in his little house. I have a feeling that he is far more loveable than Geoffrey Cox. Does the pig have a name?

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