Gary Oldman – a chameleon who packs a punch



Gary Oldman gives a universally praised performance playing Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, which has won him a Golden Globe and may yet land an Oscar. The film is about that crucial period when Hitler looked like winning World War 11 and cigar-smoking, brandy-swilling Churchill refused to be browbeaten.

Oldman, 21 March 1958 10.56 am London, England, has had an illustrious career on stage and screen, though a chequered and controversy-strewn private life with five marriages and an alcohol problem. He has an impulsive Aries Sun trine Uranus and sextile Mars in uncompromising Aquarius as well as being inconjunct Pluto.

Indeed his Sun is on the focal point of a Yod being inconjunct Neptune as well, so he will have had problems with low self-esteem and then the opposite. Asserting himself in a steady way won’t be easy for him. Either too little or too much. His Sun sextile Mars forms another Yod, both being inconjunct Pluto, which will have given him problems with wielding power; in unrefined form this can be coercive and manipulative, though also has the capacity for great depth of insight. Two Yods will definitely stand him out from the crowd,; he’s not a natural fitter-in.

His Mars in the 8th (on this uncorroborated birth time) is in an explosive opposition to Uranus squaring onto Neptune – he’ll be stubborn, sticking to his opinions even in the face of evidence that he’s wrong. Though helpful clearly for Neptunian filmic talent.

He’s got a hard-working Saturn in can-be-self-righteous Sagittarius, which no doubt contributed to some of his over-the-top support for Mel Gibson and others. His Moon Mercury are in Aries trine Uranus and sextile Venus in freedom-loving Aquarius, so no surprises it has taken him time to settle down.

Hugely complicated, he’s found his metier in acting where he can be someone else and he looks like having a good many years ahead of him.


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  1. My twin aunts are three days his senior. One of the cases where three days make a huge difference, not only because the Sun sign changes, but because it distroys those Sun yods.

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