Clemmie & Winston – divorce never, murder frequently



Clementine (Clemmie), wife of Winston Churchill, was the great unsung heroine of his triumphant efforts in World War 11. He said openly he could not have done it without her. Far from being a submissive mouse, she was not only his emotional rock but was involved in some of the most crucial decisions of the war, exerting an influence that would shock modern sensibilities. She helped repair relations with Stalin, Roosevelt and de Gaulle, when they came under strain. Churchill himself was a turbulent, erratic, selfish, demanding and impulsive personality, given to bouts of depression, so it was no easy match and she had a fiery temper. She came, as he did, from an emotionally deprived childhood, in her case with warring parents and a mother more concerned with her love life than her children. She did at one point consider leaving him during the 1930s when he was more impossible than usual. Though she later remarked about their marriage; ‘divorce never, murder frequently.’

Winston, 30 November 1874 1.30am Woodstock, England, had a quick-witted and communicative 3rd house Sun in Sagittarius; with an exuberant, morale-boosting and inspiring Mars Jupiter in Libra in his 1st opposition an idealistic (though not always sensible) Neptune. His Leo Moon was in his 12th square an 8th house Pluto in Taurus, which made him possessive, especially of his socialite mother who paid him little attention.

Like Hitler he had both Neptune and Pluto in the 8th, though in Hitler’s case they were conjunct, which does give an ability to influence the masses.

Clementine, 1 May 1885, was a charmingly determined Sun, Venus, Mercury in Taurus which fell in her husband’s 8th, making for a deep connection. Her Jupiter in Leo was conjunct his Sun, so she would provide support, optimism and home comforts, boost him up when he was low. Her Sagittarius Moon was also conjunct his Sun, giving a mutual understanding.

Her sensible Saturn, sextile Mars on one side and Jupiter on the other, gave her grit, a clear mind and balance that he sometimes lacked. Her Saturn opposed his Venus in Sagittarius so she’d be capable of coming down hard on his wilder moods. Especially since her Saturn was in a can-be-autocratic square to Uranus which was exactly conjunct his Ascendant. She changed him out of all recognition and clearly for the good of all.

But it was no easy or harmonious marriage. Their relationship chart did have a wide affectionate composite Sun Venus. Plus a controlling Sun square Pluto. And a power-couple composite Jupiter trine Pluto, sextile Mars – they’d be better when they had a common cause to focus on. The composite Moon was probably in a cold opposition to Saturn square Mars. Usually when Saturn Mars appears in a relationship chart there is unkindness, if not downright cruelty, and one partner usually has to give up a great deal in ego terms to keep the relationship afloat.

Those were different days when marriages tended to stick through thick and thin but interesting to see how a less than perfect match produced such a bonded-together and productive couple. Now that I look – they also have a composite Yod of Mars sextile Jupiter inconjunct Sun, which often appears in the relationship charts of those bound together with fate for some greater purpose that changed both of their lives irrevocably.

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  1. In other words Clementine won the war.

    Check out Churchill. He was a nasty piece of work. A racist and probably suffered from bi-polar condition (like Hitler). He was a failure in so many ways. On a personal note my family will never forgive him for his actions in relation to Captain Turner and the Lucitania.

    We’ve all been taken in with his ”on the beaches” speeches and so on. No doubt in a manic phase when he made them. The US saved our, and his, bacon.

  2. Despite it all there is little doubt that they were very attached to each other. There is a story in the book The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill which recounts a dinner party where the question “If you couldn’t be who you are, who would you like to be?” was asked.

    Starting on Churchill’s left the question was answered by each person as it went around the table, at last it was Churchill’s turn and his answer was “Mrs Churchill’s second husband.”

    In the early 1950’s Graham Sutherland painted a portrait of Churchill which he hated. It was intended to be hung in the houses of parliament, but Churchill took it back to Chartwell where it was stored out of sight. Following Churchill’s death Clementine had it burnt.

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