Oprah Winfrey – poised on the brink of radical changes



Oprah Winfrey having taken a look at Trump is pondering on the merits of running in 2020 for president. She’s undergoing considerable changes at the moment and through 2018/2019 with tr Uranus trine her Pluto exactly now and opposition her Solar Arc Pluto throughout 2018; as well as tr Pluto opposing her Uranus from early February till late 2019. So she will feel her life is being turned upside down or at least onto a totally different trajectory. Tr Pluto is also opposition her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint for supercharged confidence from this February till late 2019. Her high-enthusiasm will be dented a touch by tr Neptune square her Jupiter from May onwards till late 2019, which could undermine financial expectations. From spring 2019 to late 2020 she has tr Pluto sextile her ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio, so whatever she’s doing she’ll be going at it with unrelenting persistence.

At the inauguration in 2021 tr Jupiter is exactly conjunct her Sun Venus in Aquarius, so she’ll at least be pleased with whatever is going on; and more intriguingly she has her  Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Pluto within months of the inauguration, which is similar to Trump in 2016/17. What will not be in her favour, birth time being accurate, is tr Saturn moving through her First Quadrant which is usually less high-profile and less successful (though there are exceptions to this rule).

Her Solar Return for Jan 2021 to Jan 2022 does have a controlling though charming Venus Pluto in the 10th as well as a successful Sun Jupiter; and the volatile Mars Uranus on her Ascendant for a fiery, innovative year.

It’s certainly possible, though she’ll arouse as much resistance as support. And it will depend on whether the USA is fed up by that time of having a president with no governing experience, either of the negotiating that goes on within Congress and Senate, let alone handling the complexities of the economy and foreign policy.

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  1. I think others will come forward over the next few years, but Oprah is interesting and I doubt she is as politically naive as is being assumed by some. She is a balanced person, she likes women, she likes men, she can see we are all human. I would not strike her out. Be interesting to hear her viewpoints though, the policies etc.

  2. I’m wondering if Oprah’s stars are more about possibly organizing around the incredible devastation in Montecito from mud slides where she and several other celebrities’ homes were damaged??

  3. Surely they need somebody capable who has relevant experience. They rump of the US partially went for Trump due to his celebrity, we don’t need another celebrity at the White House.

  4. Somehow, I’m not seeing Oprah as a President happening. But her endorsement arguably made Obama, and it lifted Cory Booker’s career early on. So, she will be important. I think we were discussing about a possible Senate Run for her last year. This is even more probably now, actually, in case Kamala Harris will be on Democratic Ticket in 2020 or named Attorney General after Democratic Victory, which is entirely possible (she just made it to Senate Judicial Committee yesterday), I could see Oprah becoming a Senator for California in her place. Or, even if Feinstein is running this year, and had a very good day yesterday, she’ll be 86 (!) in 2020.

    But, as said, there’s a story with Inauguration Charts. 2021 Inauguration Chart is seriously hardcore (Pluto joining Sun on MC, and basically ALL planets squaring each other in 9th and 12th house), and I have a feeling next Elections will be all about Administration. Trump is making such a mess here it will take at least one term by someone remotely civic minded to fix that. And it shows in 2021 Inauguration Chart. It’s also a very Masculine Chart (Aries Moon in the 12th), in a way, so I doubt it’s still time for a Female President. However, 2025 Inauguration Chart, while complex, has a much more upbeat mood and a well aspected Uranus Rising. Also, hardworking 6th house Moon and Venus conjunct Saturn sextiling AC and MC. The President swearing in will at least be more “feminine” than most. And with that Uranus, it’s entirely possible there will be two one term, or several interrupted term presidents in row, just like from Kennedy Assassination to Carter.

  5. Looks like the US is REALLY losing the plot now. Oprah on a different level as far as decency goes is however just another celebrity. Time to get real. If this is the best that they can muster out of around 326 million people in the US we are all doomed.

    Let’s start with all US potential Presidents (all politicians including in the UK) having their IQ tested, followed by psychological assessments and even their grasp of global geography. Move on to economics, history and so on.

    Most, so far, would be found wanting no doubt on all three basic levels. Bush Junior for one. A total idiot that has decimated the Middle East, along with the UK, in an attempt to please his Daddy.

    Say no more.

    • Ita—thank you!
      I see so many expressing concern on social media re: restoring our democracy, post Trump. It’s very disconcerting seeing so many seemingly eager to hand our govt. to another inexperienced celebrity. This would be a poor choice no matter intelligent, well read, or compassionate the celebrity seems to be.

      I wish the US could get over its celebrity obsession.

  6. Looking at Marjorie’s comment, Tr Saturn moving through her First Quadrant which is usually less high-profile and less successful…as Oprah is a true self-made billionaire who can raise her profile at any time on her own terms, I’m wondering if the Saturn energy could represent the constraints of a government salary and having to share the spotlight with other pols with big egos in Congress. It’s true we could be yearning for a seasoned statesman/woman by then, but her almost singular combination of pragmatism, spirit and judgment would be a breath of fresh air after Trump.

    • The aspects could represent her as vice president? Who eventually becomes president during the term, as in a Biden/Winfrey ticket. Biden would be 78, Winfrey 66.

      • …as well as innuendo about her relationship with Gale, and failure to marry Stedman. Oh, and unflattering moments from her show, where she was less than kind, compassionate, and understanding, and seemed to lack the ability to relate to “less fortunate people.” Her interview of Toni Braxton comes to mind.

  7. I have no doubt that she would be a far more decent president than Trump in just about every way but I am not sure it is good for democracy that ‘popular’ is more powerful than ‘proven and able’. Although I am a believer in democracy it can so easily get hijacked by opinions rather than facts, especially with social media. The free world needs to be
    lead by ‘experience and thoughtfulness’ rather than ‘feel good celebrity’. What she could more usefully do is add sparkle to someone else’s campaign.

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