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  1. Good for Catherine Deneve! And the French love of Love! I know I am one of the older women, also half Greek, so my feeling is young women have no fun anymore and men are becoming so afraid of them they’ll all turn gay in desperation….and I wouldnt blame them! Of course rape is awful, or the manipulation of women by their bosses etc. But its getting silly now. I could say me too because an old roue cinema usher tried to put me in a seat where he could later come back for a grope. I was only fifteen but I simply moved to another seat near people. We used our instincts and looked after ourselves. Why should Deneuve et all get flak for saying what she thinks….Is no one allowed a different opinion anymore? Sorry to rant, Marjorie, but getting fed up.

  2. California (as you predicted, Marjorie) is in a bad way, taking one hit after another. Devastating wildfires, mud slides….. Gotta wonder what’s next. The “e” word comes to mind. God, I hope not. I have relatives in San Diego.

  3. Australian award winning actor, Craig McLachlan, (1 September 1965, no birth time) stands accused of sexual misconduct whilst performing in a stage production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 2014. In Aussie parlance, have his chickens come home to roost, turned into emus and kicked his dunny down?
    Thanks, Marjorie!

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    can you look into prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia who is one of the richest men in the world and who is being detained (among others) by order of crown prince Mohammed bin Salman as he sweeps through his kingdom to clean up corruption at the top? Now it’s been reported that he can buy back his freedom at the cost of around $6billion. Sorry, if he’s criminally inclined why not throw him in prison after a court case? The legal system and the elite work in different ways to us, the great unwashed. Al-Waleed has always come across as a very decent, progressive man, especially where women are concerned, and he has often thrown his weight behind such causes (although he did have a rape accusation thrown at him in 2012 which was later dismissed.) He still actively encourages and supports his ex-wife, Princess Ameerah, and it is nice to see they have what appears to be a respectful, warm friendship, and I would like to see what is also in store for her too, if you can take a peak, as she also throws her influence behind women’s causes and gets her fair bit of grief from the uber-conservative Saudis. She has been a vocal voice behind women having the right to drive in SA.

    Al-Waleed, who specifically has women drivers and a pilot to get him around, is also known to be a huge donator of cash to many charities around the world that run into their billions. I’m a bit surprised by CP Mohammed is placing austerity measures within his own kingdom yet he feels no embarrassment dropping offensive amounts of money on a yacht and a chateaux, although I do think he’s the best person for cleaning up the rigid, centuries behind, right-wing Islamic fundamentalists that he feels have ruined his country.

    prince Al-Waleed (7 Mar 1955, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) no time.
    princess Ameerah Al-Taweel (6 Nov, Riyadh, SA. There are 2 years for her birth; wiki states 1983 but from the story of her interviewing him and marrying Al-Waleed after finishing school/uni and marrying him just under a year later that places her year at 1987. Also, her last 3 birthdays on Instagram underline this.)
    CP Mohammed bin Salman (31 Aug 1985, Jeddah, SA)

  5. Now that North and South Korea will play nicely together on the Olympic playground, does the chart for the Winter Games show much? Many thanks.

  6. Hi Marjorie;

    Please could you look into whether Oprah might run for president and what her chances of being successful. With all this speculation of “Will she or wont she”, it would be nice to see if the stars would support her bid if she did. Thank you.

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