Francis Urquhart – Pluto plumbing the depths

A quickie. Tristan Garel Jones isn’t a name to spark much recognition but he was the inspiration for Francis Urquhart in House of Cards, the Machiavellian Tory whip and consummate backroom fixer in the original book and Brit TV series who morphed into Kevin Spacey in the US version.

The Times obituary says: ‘A whip’s job is to keep backbenchers in line, by fair means or foul, and Garel-Jones was certainly good at it. He was an astute judge of character and political moods, ran a formidable intelligence network, hoovered up gossip and dispensed patronage. He could be foul mouthed or charming, as required. “There was no staircase so twisting, no trapdoor so concealed, and no footfall so silent that Tristan didn’t know of it,” his ministerial colleague, Kenneth Baker, once wrote of him.’

Born 28 February 1941 in Wales, he was a Sun and Mercury in Pisces with a disciplined and hard-edged Mars in Capricorn trine Saturn Jupiter in Taurus. What is more to the point he had Pluto on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Mars sextile Mercury (Sun). This is a classic signature for manipulation and coercion, and often sends the individual to a prominent position – J Edgar Hoover also had a Yod focal point Pluto inconjunct Saturn and Sun.

Pluto revelling in grubbing down the sewers.

Garel-Jones never sought high office but his leaving-a-legacy 17th Harmonic is exceptionally strong, as his doppelganger lives on.

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    • There are some striking similarities with McC’s Pisces Sun inconjunct Pluto and his Pluto is further emphasised/afflicted in opposition to Venus also in Aquarius and maybe square a Taurus Moon. He also has Saturn and Uranus in Taurus as well as Mars.

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