Aquarius – Mars collides with Saturn and Uranus


Saturn has now been in Aquarius for a week and is joined tomorrow by Mars which makes a conjunction on Tuesday. So this is the first hint of what the long, slow slide over to Aquarius might bring. Saturn stays there till early July, Mars till mid May. Then Saturn and Jupiter together move in late December – Saturn staying for two years, Jupiter for one year; and Pluto moves in by 2023 for two decades.

Aquarius is an inventive, innovative, inquiring, scientific sign which likes to upset the status quo; and, particularly in Mars, dislikes being told what to do. No surprises if it starts on Tuesday’s conjunction with outbursts of anger or accidents. Mars Saturn can be disciplined but it tends to be passive aggressive, gritting teeth for so long and then letting fly. It’s associated with broken bones – Saturn’s rigidity meeting with Mars’ hash and crash approach. And with the military, which is being called out in various countries to deal with the crisis.

April continues with a fair sprinkling of the same energy with a volatile, explosive, argumentative Mars square Uranus on the 7th which can also bring equipment break downs, in particular with computers or high tech; and a Taurus Sun square Saturn on the 21st.

But along with the hitches and glitches there will be upbeat moments – a Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 5th might bring some cheer and confidence. Though thr Sun opposing Jupiter Pluto on the 14th/15th might lead to excessive behaviour since the combination is none too good at sticking to rules and regulations. Arrogance or over confidence can backfire.

Aquarius is associated with friendship and team or humanitarian activities and can also be stubborn and unyielding.

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  1. We’re back to medieval enforcement of quarantine…

    “Armed vigilantes blocked a neighbor’s driveway with a tree to force him into quarantine…A Maine man said armed neighbors descended on his home and chopped down a tree to block his road and prevent him from leaving because they believed he may have coronavirus…Officers learned that some residents believed the roommates needed to be quarantined.”


    Burning them at the stake is so much better and dramatic? Old habits never die.

  2. Some Aquarian co-operation across nations may be just what we need. Aquarius can be very dogmatic, though, and I do think it’s old ruler, Saturn, often seems quite apt. I have dear Aquarian friends, but have struggled with Aquarian Moon in two love relationships. Plenty of initial compatibility and mental connections, but emotionally……Still, its good to see a change in the astrology and the elements on the way. Perhaps the inventive side of Aquarius will come into focus. I can see hints already. And you might say Aquarius is a very technological sign, so technology may help find a solution to our global crisis. I always think the Water Bearer’s water looks like the symbol for electrical energy….

    • I like that image, of electricity !

      I’ve been wondering what Saturn in Aquarius will mean for weather, specifically precipitation – the pouring forth of water – especially now that Earth”s atmosphere has at least 10% more moisture in it, a consequence of the (minimum) 1c increase in global temperatures. When Jupiter joins Saturn it could exacerbate things further. Any thoughts on this, Marjorie?

  3. The Sun will actually square the Moon, Jupiter and Pluto on the 14th and 15th.

    Solaia, what about Sweden? It seems way off the mark.

    • The reasoning behind Swedish Authorities decisions – and in fact, their Health Authorities have much more extensive powers than in our country – is that Swedes follow recommendations, but not orders. They may have a point here, historically speaking. Swedes were quick at adopting safety belts, bicycle helmets and healthier food choices. On the other hand, Forced Sterilization Program, where Health Authorities actually gave orders, didn’t go as well. There also was a smallpox epidemic in Swede in the late 19th century, since many people had stopped being vaccinated. And many Swedes are, in fact, taking precautions now on their own free will.

      That said, I think Swedes have simply missed the scope of this epidemic. Even if they get 30 per cent of working population to stay home, and 50 per cent seniors to miss their “fika” meetings, they haven’t closed schools, restaurants and shops. They also have not taken in account the fact immigrant population may have different mentality and need orders. So, the epidemic risks to become “classist”. Right now, it’s spreading fast through Stockholm Somali Community, where young generation is mostly employed in service industry, and can’t stay home, but also often lives with parents and grandparents.

      It would, obviously, be good if their line proved to be right – this would allow countries that have been stricter to start lifting restrictions soon. However, it seems much likelier their hospitals will collapse in 7-10 days.

      • Thank you Solaia, I live in Stockholm and I couldn’t have explained it better. Even before you wrote this ( and Andre asked) I was thinking of asking marjorie to lok at the birthchart of the head of the public health authority, Anders Tegnell. His birthdate is 17 april 1956 and he was born in Uppsala. No birthtime.

        I oscilate between trusting and doubting the Swedish way in this. Last week wheni t was decided that the Helsinki region would be closed, myself and other people were thinking…. please close Stockholm also. But that may not be necessary because so many places in Sweden are saying, “no Stockholmers here please” .

        There is a logic to what we doing. That is that we may close schools down in the future ( and have passed a law to enable the gov to do this) and may do lockdowns in the future, but if passed to early they may have an opposite effect. There is a greater risk to (some) childrens mental health than of dying of the virus at the moment and that closing schools for pupils up to the age of 15 is not the best option yet. Also it is difficult for parents to keep teenagers at home in a non-authoritarian society and would be difficult to enforce.
        Closing schools would also mean less parents able to work in healthcare jobs. There is also a lot of decisons made at the local council level that don’t make it to the international news. I work for a local council and we have new guildelines coming in several times a week that we have to follow. We even have a rule saying we should just follow the new rules calmly and not engage in fear mongring with our colleagues.

        So I hope it works. Otherwise the political consequences will be awful. My own little fear (“farhåga” as one says in Swedish) is that adhereing to an ideology/ theoretical model over pragmatism sometimes goes wrong whatever the model. The Swedish response to the carona virus has been called an “experiment”. But Anders Tegnell has said that what other nations are doing is also and “experiment”.

        • “I was thinking of asking marjorie to lok at the birthchart of the head of the public health authority, Anders Tegnell. His birthdate is 17 april 1956 and he was born in Uppsala. No birthtime.”

          Even without birthtime, there’s a very telling Mars 1′ Aquarius square Mercury 8′ Taurus. Also, Aries Sun likely square Cancer Moon. Saturn/Uranus is going to crash his ideological beliefs. It remains to be seen how his Cancer Moon reacts. He could retire early after this, but it would still probably take toll emotionally.

      • I remember reading somewhere that a quarter of Sweden’s population is first-generation immigrants. I’m not entirely convinced that that is the case, as it seems too improbably high, especially for first-generation immigrants.
        But, given the significant number of Swedes born abroad (or born to parents born abroad), I would imagine that there may be major cultural differences in how the various communities would react to orders rather than requests.
        @Solaia, perhaps you can advise about the veracity or otherwise of the composition of the Swedish population I mentioned above.

        • 25 per cent also includes those whose both parents are born abroad, so part of 2nd generation immigrants. It still does tell many people in Sweden have different mentality.

  4. I’m no astrologist but it’s interesting to read; if I’m interpreting it correctly, that there is a possibility of anger and perhaps explosive reactions. Actually, I am rather angry right now after reading what the police did to the water at a beauty spot in Buxton, Derbyshire to keep people away; was that necessary? Drones in the sky, telling solitary walkers to go home; really? I am a little concerned for our personal freedom in the long term. Keep the rules in place long enough until we accept them as the new norm. Are we heading towards a police state? Perhaps at some point, when the time is right, people will wake up. In the meantime, stay safe and well.

    • I’ve mentioned it before but I am most intrigued with the different ways national temperaments react to the lockdown. The French on the whole are a bolshie lot – if farmers’ livelihoods are at risk out come the pitchforks and trailers of manure, ditto lorry drives blockading roads and the gilet jaune movement.
      But come a lockdown, from reasonably early on a French government edict was issued which listed allowable exceptions, repeated on mandatory forms which have to be filled out every time one ventures forth to shop, walk dog (only 1 km from house) etc on penalty of a whacking fine if not carried on one’s person. Beaches have been declared forbidden with barriers up to stop picnics. There’s not much room for misunderstanding and by and large it’s obeyed.
      In France it is obligatory to carry identity – passport or ID card – at all times on pain of a fine if found to be without. No one murmurs. Whereas in the UK, people rend their clothes and tear their hair about carrying ID as if the Orwellian state was about to take over. Weird.
      My view of the lockdown is – if you’re going to have it, then enforce it. There’s no gainsaying some people’s stupidity and wilful arrogance.
      Admittedly I’m privileged living in the country with vast vineyards across the road for dog walks, and shops still well stocked. Must be hell and worrisome stuck in a flat with children.

      • Policing by drone, how very Saturn in Aquarius.

        Marjorie, I have two friends serving in the police, one a Virgo in the Met and the other a Sag in Herts Constabulary. Both are very uneasy about the new measures, but will do what has to be done.

        Britain is a very complex society, I think. One example of the complexity – Londoners are usually famous in other parts of the country for being unfriendly and cold, but it was only when I moved away and lived in other parts of Britain that I discovered for myself that this is….false. Londoners may not strike up conversations with strangers or smile much, but if you are walking down the road carrying a heavy box, they will move aside without saying a word – in other less populated parts of the country the people walking towards you will carrying on chatting to the people they are with and force you to move around them. There is less crowd sense, if you like, which Londoners grew up with. My children spent part of their childhood in London, and I noticed that still, when we’re out walking they will automatically get in formation, in a single file, if others are approaching on a narrow pavement. The locals here don’t so much. It’s not that they are rude, they just have less in-built awareness of others and how to behave in crowds.

        I suppose the point I am trying to make is, the more urban a society, the more ingrained awareness of others and social norms are and the less policing it needs. That said, there are idiots everywhere and sometimes they need things spelling out.

  5. Hopefully we will find a treatment for covid 19 when Sun opposing Jupiter Pluto on the 14th/15th – thinking outside the box

    • I think this is close. The issue with this one truly is the long hospitalization needed for even “immediate” cases, and percentage of cases requiring intensive care. Some existing medicine seem to work in some cases, but they need to find the right combination.

      And, here something I’m looking at – China isn’t doing well at this. Innovation is not usually encouraged in closed societies, and in many levels, China is Soviet Union with better numbers. Their response wasn’t as swift and flawless as they want us to think. Deathtoll in Wuhan is likely much higher than reported, based on how they ran out of urns. Masks and test kits they sent to West have been flawed. Now that this is an issue in many “open societies”, we’re much more likely to get a solution.

  6. Aquarius has its pluses and minuses but it will be good to have a change from the Capricorn diet we have had over the last few years. In my experience Aquarius tends to focus on society and people in a rather impersonal way. Statistics rather than individual stories. It can be stubbornly dogmatic with a fondness to shock.It also signals freedom which is in short supply at the moment. So change.
    Over the current year there is comparatively little from the water signs excepting Neptune in Pisces and we are going to get a large dose of mars in Aries from around May which may be a lot of thrashing around.

  7. “But along with the hitches and glitches there will be upbeat moments – a Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 5th might bring some cheer and confidence.”

    I suppose one should adjust to location they want to make an enquiry on? Helsinki has Jupiter/Pluto exactly on IC and Mars/Saturn 4th house. Uusimaa Region where Helsinki is situated is on a lockdown from the rest of the country, because this is where most accertained cases have been concentrated. Schools have been closed for 2 weeks, we’re considering closing restaurants (most have been closed or only do takeout anyway) on Monday. The outlook is realistic, but hopeful. We took first restrictive measures early on to epidemic. Measures taken in Denmark and Norway, which are similar to ours, but were taken when they had several times more accertained cases than we, seem to be working rather well, so it’s likely we won’t see a “Lombardy like” collapse of the system, although there may be local tragedies involving nursing homes, because we see some of the same issues everybody has with protective gear.

  8. Aquarius colleagues have tended toward being overly headstrong and opinioned, kicking to the curb views which they believe are beneath them. Not one of my more compatible signs. Lovers have been rude, manipulative, crude. Lacking integrity and compassion.

    • All signs have negative and positive traits and get on better with some signs and not others. I’m Virgo so I’ve had a few Aquarian friends whom I get on well with.

      • I don;t disagree. The entire chart needs to be assessed for compatibility…or much patience and trust. I wish I possessed larger quantities of both.

        • Thank-you Larry… me too!

          Decades ago I lived in a small town in Canada with a long-standing “intentional” community nearby. After 40 years, this group was going through immense upheaval. A lovely Scottish astrologer moved to town and offered a 10 week astrology course. Most of the participants were from this community. This was my first astrology course!

          There was so much history, so much buried resentment, so much discord in this group.. but all smiles on the surface. At the end of each class, our teacher would have us put our personal charts on the table and we would go through them.

          Over the 10 weeks there was this remarkable healing process between these people.
          “oh!!… you’re not that way because your are a jerk… you have Pluto square Mars, or Sun opposite Saturn. That must be really hard!”

          The astrologer ended up teaching a second level, with continued healing for everyone. It was not promoted as such but was simply a lovely, gentle byproduct of the gifts of astrology.

          I was fortunate to be part of that group.
          One of my friends says that astrology for me helps me come back to my compassionate heart. She is right.

          • That’s really interesting (was it Nelson BC?!) Astrology is so enlightening and there’s no better way to get to the heart of the matter than by examining the underlying/overarching vibrations. People come by most of their qualities honestly enough, as can be understood when you look at their charts!

    • I have a truly bifold experience with Sun Aquariuses. Some of my easiest, flowing relationships have been with Aquarius Suns, but then again two of Nemesises are Aquas, as well. I’ve come to a conclusion it’s about their Mercury. I’m a Virgo Rising and Mercury, so very Mercury Ruled. Also, I have 6th house cusp in Aquarius. I can overcome someone having Sun in my 6th house, especially if we share a mission. But someone’s Mercury falling to my 6th makes things difficult. Similarly, I think Aquarius people who are immediately hostile to me, may have similar synastry.

    • Every Aquarius I know is such a different personality, it’s hard to see them as a single group. Perhaps because the Sun is in the sign opposite to the one it rules? I have an Aquarian Moon, so maybe I see them differently to most of you.

      Despite a busy 7th house, I don’t have an arch-nemesis or rival (shame, on some level it sounds sort of fun). The only thing I know is that I sometimes have problems with people who have Mars in my 12th house, mostly at work. My 12th house is quite big, running from Pisces to my Taurus ascendant. Mars in Pisces will leave a knife in my back (after I’ve helped them, *sigh*). Mars in Aries will do something reckless, come unstuck and try to frame me for it! I confront them and then cut them out, no messing about…. and they have all accepted this. I don’t want to be that Scorpio who dwells on these things 😉

      Conversely, if someone has their Moon in an air sign (or Sun to a lesser degree), it’s usually a sign that we will get on.

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