Boris & Matt – CV19 no respecter of VIPs + Carrie

The UK PM Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have both got coronavirus.

Boris has tr Saturn exactly square his Scorpio Moon which only picked up a few days back and sticks around till April 6th, returning mid June to early July. The Moon can represent the body and Saturn is a depressing influence. He’s also got his Progressed Moon  on top of his Neptune, in effect for two or three weeks, which is also energy-lowering and muddle headed. Plus tr Pluto opposition his Solar Arc Mars which is frustratingly blocked, on and off for another two years ahead.

Late March into mid April also sees tr Uranus square his Sun/Pluto midpoint, which Ebertin describes as ‘sudden adjustment to new circumstances (arrest).’

He’ll be cheered up come late May to mid June with tr Uranus square his Moon/Jupiter midpoint so he may get his energy back for a brief patch. Though he’ll sag again mid June into early July with tr Saturn back on his Moon.

His Moon is under a fair amount of stress later in the year with his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct, exact in nine months’ time. That may produce an emotional shock or surprise of sorts. Birth time being accurate he’s also got his Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct his Uranus at the moment. Tr Neptune has been ambling through his 6th house of health, since 2016 and on for all of this decade which does suggest he needs to look after his health better,

His pregnant lady Carrie Symonds,17 March 1988, is living separately for the time being. She does have tr Saturn square her Jupiter in Taurus from April 6th to mid June which will damp her enthusiasm but that may just be late pregnancy blues. She looks in bouncing good form from July onwards; and will be firing on all cylinders in 2021/22.

Matt Hancock, 2 October 1978, Chester, is a Sun, Mercury, Moon, Pluto in Libra with a determined Mars, Uranus, Venus in Scorpio. He’s up and down ahead with a couple of splashes of Jupiterian cheer but also a dead-halt, accident-prone Progressed Mars square his Saturn in Virgo, which will get in the way of duty; and tr Neptune square his Solar Arc Mars all year which is droopy and undermining. Mind you that may not all be personal health since he’d be under huge stress anyway given the pressures on the health service.

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  1. SA MH conjunct Uranus could reflect the truly unexpected, shocking career challenges. After that landslide win in December, could anyone have foreseen that a pandemic would result in unprecendented levels of state funding from a Conservative government? The government has been compelled to introduce policies that could have come straight from the Labour Party’s manifesto. That could be felt as unsettling at the very least. The latest development is the removal of all data broadband limits across the industry so that people can stay connected, work from home during the pandemic. Corbyn suggested broadband should be viewed public utility in the GE which was attacked as ‘broadband communism’. Topsy-turvy times.

  2. If the pandemic had come six months earlier, Brexit would never have happened.
    Marjorie, I remember you expressed mild dismay at the election results since the astrology showed difficulties for Boris. It turned out to be true after all. His term will be catastrophic like Trump’s.

    • Brexit or not, according to Majorie, both EU and UK are in trouble for a few years .. UK’s problems start and finish a little later than EU’s .. so, they can’t be tied together(my inference) ..

      According to this site and two other astrology sites I follow, there is going to be substantial changes in the world politically and economically between now and 2026 .. I feel Brexit will pale in comparison to the changes coming ..

  3. “He’ll be cheered up come late May to mid June with tr Uranus square his Moon/Jupiter midpoint so he may get his energy back for a brief patch. Though he’ll sag again mid June into early July with tr Saturn back on his Moon.”

    That’s interesting timing, since Boris and Carrie’s baby is due then I think. And with all this unprecedented stress, combined with a new baby, I think he will undoubtedly sag quite a bit!

  4. Through this period Johnson also has tr Saturn trine his natal Mars which will probably give him the strength and resolve to get through it all. So we probably won’t see him expiring from Covid-19.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    a friend did and Aries ingress chart set for London just to see what it would look like and Pluto is exactly on the ascendant. Death and rebirth. Fated times for sure.

    • It is repeated in the Cancer Ingress chart as well. Quite literally Death is in the Ascendant. The presence of Jupiter nearby Capricorn in these circumstances may not be beneficial either as it may simply make what is bad bigger. To be honest I did not like those Ingress charts for London from the moment I saw them. As mentioned in an earlier thread the signs impacted crop up in earlier disease outbreaks in London too. We don’t have the exact date for the foundation of London but the earliest archaeological evidence comes from 47 AD which just happens to be when another Pluto Saturn conjunction occurred at 9 Capricorn on 8 December 47 CE (Julian Calendar) or . If you draw up that 47 Pluto Saturn chart set at London the Moon representing the people is at 25 Capricorn on the descendant and is now conjunct within a degree to a Pluto and Jupiter. Rather spookily the Sun in that 47 CE chart is at 15 Sagittarius. According to Wikipedia the first reports of the coronavirus emerged when the first signs of the Coronavirus were reported In Wuhan on 8 December 2019 when the Sun was at 15 Sagittarius. So you are correct that this appears to be a fated event for the U.K. and for its capital city in particular.

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