Meghan & Harry – Beverley Hills here we come


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, proclaims herself ‘free’ since she moved from the UK in which she felt trapped and claustrophobic, according to a friend. She and Prince Harry are now, plus baby Archie, in Los Angeles, having skipped their multi-million dollar Canadian hideout before the border closed.

I wonder about – various things, which in this time of CV19 obsession is a welcome distraction. First the negative vibes about the UK. Relocating her chart to London puts her Leo Sun and Mercury on the midheaven which would allow her to shine in a public role. Admittedly it also puts her Pluto and Jupiter, Saturn Moon in the 12th. But that is a mite less-trapped than her birth chart with Pluto in the 4th and Mars in the 12th. She’d have more of a chance to glitter in the spotlight in the UK than elsewhere.

Methinks she over-reacted because of her own (clearly little understood) psychology from a trapped, scary childhood with Pluto in her 4th. Marriages often bring up old unresolved issues. And it would be exacerbated in this instance since her relationship chemistry with Harry is reflected in their composite Moon square Saturn Pluto. What happens with Saturn Pluto in relationship charts is that external circumstances are blamed for what is an inner dynamic in the bond itself.

Harry’s Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio (not conjunct) both fall in her natal 4th house and square her Sun, Mercury, North Node – so it’s not an easy interface.

Taurean Baby Archie, 6 May 2019 5.26 am London, has Saturn Pluto conjunct his Midheaven in his 10th house which represents career but also mother – and a Saturn Pluto mother is tough, disciplinarian, controlling, not warm. His hidden 12th house Venus and Mercury also square his Saturn Pluto, suggesting a lack of nurturing. His Gemini Moon is very sparsely aspected only in an out-of-sign trine to Pluto, so he’ll not be well connected from his feelings and perhaps hyper-sensitive as a result.

Meghan in Los Angeles has an exuberant First House Sun Mercury in Leo so it will bring out her enthusiastic streak. In contrast Prince Harry relocated to Los Angeles has a behind-the-scenes Sun and a deeply buried 8th house Moon, so he won’t be as outgoing.  It does put his charming Venus on his Ascendant so he will smile prettily but be more private.

Harry and Archie will resonate well with Meghan’s mother Doria since she’s a Sun and Jupiter in Virgo; though she’s also got the tough-minded Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto in her chart. Her relationship with Meghan isn’t entirely seamless Since Doria’s Uranus is conjunct Meghan’s Sun; while Doria’s obsessively conscientious Pluto square Saturn collides with Meghan’s emotionally wayward 5th house Uranus.

Their relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun Venus Mercury conjunction in a steady sextile to Saturn which will help. But there’s an elusive, evasive composite Venus square Neptune; and can-be-troublesome-in-the-long-run composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction.

I wish them well and I was very much in favour of Meghan at the start but there’s a smell of something very self-willed, I-know-better-than-anyone-else about the whole set up which won’t end well. She/they haven’t left themselves much wiggle room for if and when the grand plan all goes wrong. Hollywood and the LA celeb culture can be brutal once the initial gloss wears off.

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  1. I’m puzzled by the finances of it all. A full-on LA celeb lifestyle is stupendously expensive. A phalanx of agents, managers, marketing gurus, hangers-on, never mind 24/7 armed security – and designer wardrobe – all have to be paid for on a running basis. Plus a 15 million dollar house bought or rented. That requires an income into 8 or 9 figures on an annual basis to keep it up.
    Meghan has no earth planets and is a Leo with a Libra Moon. Harry is more earthy with a Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon but has never had to face a reality outside a very well-funded Royal family. From reports (DM as ever) they didn’t seem to have thought through the practicalities of the move. And even without CV would have been hard pushed to generate that kind of income from a standing start and keep it up.

      • Hm doubt Charles will. It was said at the time his generosity wasn’t limitless – and it would dent the Royal image and bring closer scrutiny of Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall income which while entirely allowable within the present regulations would not be welcome.

      • Do we know how much did Diana leave Harry and who much of it is still available?

        I would presume that Charles would fund it in the shirt term (maybe this year and the next), but would expect the couple to pick up after that. After all, they did want independence, and that comes at a cost.

  2. Saturn is squaring the Queen’s Sun while Uranus is near. Meghan and Harry are part of it, but she must be concerned about Charles and her husband as well. Would there be royal funerals in a pandemic and would Harry be able to attend?

  3. Wow. Curious about Harry’s chart. There may be some separation, individution and return with his London Family, but I don’t see that over for good. As far as Archie, he will have a lot of questions in the future, and will probably want to know about his roots in England. Interesting years ahead.

  4. Thanks Marjorie. A welcome distraction indeed! Can’t help wondering how the Saturn square to Archie’s Sun, plus the Uranus transit over it, will manifest in the world around him – Saturn ruling 9th and MC suggests another upheaval in his young life with his parents, father maybe, or yet another relocation ahead.

    The pandemic has certainly brought out the worst in a number of celebrities, and the best in others. But nobody wants to see all that self indulgence from certain quarters any more. Cynically, I think possibly many are desperate for attention! Hard to see how they can promote any kind of glossy “brand” at the moment. It would be so offensive. And Harry enjoyed having silly fun when younger, but does seem to have a more serious and thoughtful side. LA not a great location for that…..

    And you’re right, Marjorie, LA is a tough place to live and the Hollywood culture is ruthless underneath all the gloss. I’ve seen a little of it, and it is truly awful.

    • Absolutely agree about how the Coronavirus crisis has shone a harsh light on Celebrity culture, Jane. Against the backdrop of sudden economic hardship, the heroism of those such as health workers, doctors, supermarket staff, delivery drivers, key workers who have put their own lives at risk, the sudden awakening of the Western world to the fact that human life is fragile, these people’s vapid, self-absorption and vulgar displays of wealth look ugly and inappropriate. I think Marjorie mentioned this in her post on Vanessa Hudgens.

  5. How interesting to choose a COVID-19 Hot Zone such as Los Angeles as a place to escape to? There will be a lot of hardship for your average citizen in the months to come and I’m not sure it is the best time to launch a celebrity brand. There is already pushback that the rich & privileged get tested for the virus and the rest of us are sent home. Social media posts by celebrities on how they are “managing” mandatory stay-at-home orders in their 10,000 sq ft mansions are sent without any sense of shame. No one has any time for “Woe is me, I was treated badly”. I think that the storyline is over.

      • @tara their move to LA probably had been long planned .. even before move away from UK .. they had Hollywood intention (Disney voiceover, and also retaining Hollywood agents etc) all along .. so, they kept to their plan for Canada to LA is what I think

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    Another astrologer had predicted that Harry and Meghan’s marriage would run into rough weather (possibly even leading to a separation) in the middle of next year. Do you see anything similar in that time frame?

    Also how will Archie’s relationships with his royal cousins and uncles/aunts be?

  7. I saw the article in the Daily Mail, that font of all knowledge ;), that she was much happier in LA, so I looked at Solar Maps interpretation in Solar Fire for her chart in London, Vancouver and LA and I think there was some North Node implication which said she’d feel more at home and feeling on a Spiritual path in LA rather than London….as you say it may be great for her but she’s probably not had the astrolocality advice for Archie & Harry!

    • The same newspaper had an interesting article of astrology in action apparently Meghan (Leo) finds Kate (Capricorn) cold !

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