France – up in arms, encore


Emmanuel Macron’s landmark pension reforms have been met with the largest strikes of his presidency, as French rail workers, air-traffic controllers, teachers and public sector staff took to the streets in resistance to the changes. France has one of the lowest retirement ages and highest public sector costs in Europe; and Macron was voted in on what everyone knows needs done. As per usual pitchforks came out at any hint of a disruption to the ancien regime of generous benefits. 82% of rail drivers are out leading to the cancellation of 90% of regional trains cancelled, half of Paris’s metros are out, with fears it could continue for days.

The bullish, bolshie T Square in the France chart of a revolutionary Uranus opposition Pluto square a never-say-die (and vengeful) Mars in Scorpio has moved by Solar Arc to catch the prevailing Cancer/Capricorn eclipses. And tr Neptune is in an enthusiasm-denting and uncertain square to the Solar Arc Saturn opposition Jupiter in 2020; and in opposition to the 8th house Mercury – so muddle and mayhem may run on.

Macron’s Presidency chart 14 May 2017 11.25 am Paris is sagging badly till mid this December with tr Neptune square the Mars which usually suggests failing plans; with a setback tr Saturn square the Midheaven exactly now and a blocked tr Saturn conjunct the Pluto in mid this December.

Macron’s personal chart 21 December 1977 10.40am Amiens, France, has his Solar Arc Pluto now conjunct his Midheaven (birth time being exactly accurate) which can lead to power struggles, sometimes loss of reputation or an inability to stand up to stronger forces. With tr Saturn moving through his 12th house till this coming March and then hovering across his Ascendant backwards and forwards until December 2020, he’s at the end of a successful, responsible phase and heading downwards thereafter. Saturn on his Ascendant which repeats through the coming year will take the shine off his image.

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  1. Thank you Marjorie. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Mars and Saturn are together in early Aquarius at the end of March/beginning of April 2020, square Uranus. This also triggers the French national chart for 1958 with its Neptune at 3 Scorpio, and Jupiter at 5 Scorpio. Although I do think the 1792 chart seems to work very well. Curiously, the chart for the execution of Louis XVI has the Sun at 1 Aquarius, square Neptune at 1 Scorpio (21 January 1793). As you say, this unrest will rumble on.

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