Iraq – in the eye of the Middle Eastern storm

Iraq, fifteen years on from the aftermath of the catastrophic Bush/Blair invasion, appears to have gone backwards. The initial ‘shock and awe’ attack of 2003 was followed in 2004 by what was ironically described as sovereignty. Since then there have been a series of unstable governments. Recent public protests against political corruption and Iran’s influence over Iraqi politics coupled with the government’s violent response in which 400 have been killed led to the recent resignation of the prime minister.

The defeat of ISIS has left a vacuum in the country and in Syria, which has been filled by forces linked to Iran, Turkey, the United States, and Russia. New intelligence points to Iran stockpiling of missiles in Iraq, which pose a threat to American troops as well as Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Trump administration has sent roughly 14,000 additional troops to the region, primarily to staff Navy ships and missile defence systems.

What’s interesting about the Iraq Sovereignty chart, 28 June 2004 10.28am Baghdad, is that it is a Uranus Return on from the Iraq mandate chart of 23 August 1921 6am when the country was carved out of a Middle Eastern map after World War One. Both have Uranus in early Pisces; and coincidentally both have Jupiter in Virgo and the 1921 Pluto is conjunct the 2004 Cancer Sun Saturn. So both charts do appear to hold good. And they are being rattled by the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses this year and next which usually points to crises.

Both charts have 2021 as an especially tricky year with a blocked Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Sun on the 2004 chart; and a severely jolted Solar Arc Sun square the Uranus on the 1921 Iraq chart in addition to tr Uranus in an explosive and highly-strung square to the Mars Neptune in 2021/22.

Tr Neptune is square the 4th house Pluto on the 2004 chart in 2020 for a discontented population and Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct the Mars in 2022 which will bring more violence/war; and tr Neptune opposes the Jupiter Saturn in the 1921 chart in 2021/22 for lowered hopes and uncertainty.

So it looks as if it’ll rumble on in the same state for some years ahead. The Iraq Attack of 20 March 2003 had the transiting Saturn opposition Pluto and this conjunction of the moment is the half-cycle further on.


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  1. Saturn is now returning to the 22 Capricorn position it had when Iraq annexed Kuwait in August 1990, starting the First Gulf War. Ten years before, in September 1980, Pluto squared that degree from Libra as the Iran Iraq war began. This cardinal degree aspects fixed star Pollux, the nasty one of the Gemini Twins at 23 Cancer – great energy, if channelled wisely, but aggressive, associated with poisons, and generally combative otherwise. And this is a region of incredible ancient history, culture, fertility and wonder. Sadly, peace has often been short lived.

  2. I’ve added a November war map of who controls what in Syria though it’s a fast changing situation since Trump decided to pull back. There’s a URL for the map at the bottom of the piece – I’ve no idea about its reliability though it seems similar to others.

  3. What! This is an Astrological site and when I last checked we lived in a democracy!
    So Majorie is entitled to expressing her opinion

    • Both Syrian and Iranian regimes reduce internet speed and/or block access to sites. So, when you see people passionately defending “their democracy” around The Internet, you can be 100 per cent certain they are somehow involved with those regimes. I know people here desperately trying to reach their family in the area – Iraq too – because all lines of comminication are brought down.

    • Yes, she certainly is entitled. Keep in mind, you’re not paying a thin red cent for public posts.

      Try watching Fox & Friends for a change of pace.

  4. What do you mean a power vacuum in Syria? we have a fine government, butt out of our business please. You do not own the world, in fact Americans are showing themselves up more each day.
    The Iraq war began in 1990, on the premise that the governing party was Sunni, when it was actually socialist and comprised all religions and denominations, and that the majority of Iraqis were Shiah. Much of the Western propaganda played on this issue.
    Britain, having governed Iraq, prior to its independence, was well aware it would unite with Iran once there was a Shiah government, in fact it has helped the situation along, still it proceeded to break up the country, so stop complaing.
    Anyway Iran doesn’e attack anyone, Iran isn’t in Syria, it’s blokaded, by Britain and America in the Homez Straits.

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