Ellen Degeneres – smiling through gritted teeth

Comedian and television show host Ellen Degeneres who had been a byword for niceness for years appears to be losing her sheen, after several recent missteps. She has admitted her television persona is an act rather than the real her.

Born 26 January 1958 3.30 am Metairie, Louisiana, she has a charming Sun Venus in Aquarius opposition an 8th house Uranus so she will like to walk her own road and won’t always be good at compromise. Though since that opposition squares onto Neptune, North Node and Jupiter in Scorpio, she will cover over her stubborn streak with a bubbly Pollyanna-ish veneer. She also more markedly has a gritty conjunction of Saturn Mars on her Ascendant which can be short tempered. It trines her upfront Aries Moon so she will be a firecracker in her emotional life; and her Mars (Saturn) is also trine Pluto which is uber-determined.

What will be taking the gloss off her success is tr Saturn moving below her horizon through her lower profile First Quadrant, since 2017 and now at the nadir of that seven year phase moving through her 2nd house until 2022. It’s a time when individuals no longer feel like pushing ahead as ambitiously as before; and at a deeper level it’s when the old ego starts to be unpicked leading to a withdrawn few years until a new identity with different aims starts to emerge. Those who can’t give up the glitter and glory of their previous existence and push on as before start to slide on banana skins and make misjudgements.

In 2020 tr Uranus will be shaking up her natal Sun and Uranus for a definite rethink about priorities and direction. She also has tr Neptune moving to square her Saturn and then Mars in 2021/22/23 which will be unnerving and uncertain. And as if all that wasn’t enough she’s got her Progressed Moon moving through her 8th for another two years which is a conflicted time of searching for new values. So a tricky transition patch for a fairly Fixed individual.

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  1. Ellen always intrigued me. She is a comedian who made her mark doing clean humour, much the same as Bill Cosby did. Yes, like all comedians they also had their raunchy acts too but their main fair was pretty g-rated. The gift for that is what made her able to sort of bring her closet (clean humour) with her and that carried her after her coming out years.

    She established herself as safe. Even more interesting her presence with its androgynous look injects a genuine paradigm of lesbian culture without “femming” it up and making the look acceptable. She didn’t exactly start out that intentionally but her presence always set off “gaydar” whenever she took the stage. Her Mars/Saturn first house was a great way to make that work. The bold masculine out-there nature of Mars with the noble discipline of Saturn in Sagittarius (natural 10th house) with a planetary swap between 1st and the 11th house ruling her first, she knows how to work a crowd.

    No doubt in my mind she is a woman in control of her image, at times in a Promethean manner. For sure some parts of the world are better for it.

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