France elections – all bets are off

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The upcoming French elections (April 23/May 7th) are more wide open than ever with Francois Fillon mired in a scandal about payments made to his wife. With tr Neptune moving to square his Mars and conjunct his Pisces Sun just before and through the election, he doesn’t look hopeful at all.

Neither does Emmanuel Macron, the independent: He’s certainly on an upsurge at the moment with his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Mars, exact at the moment, though still in effect over the two-stage election on April 23/May 7. He’s also got tr Jupiter conjunct his Pluto over the first round which should give his confidence a boost. But what is probably a sinker is tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint over both rounds – which is usually bad news for election wins = being damaged by smears, suffering under attacks, lacking energy for resistance. [Post Jan 17 2017].

Benoit Hamon, socialist, pro-Eu and far-left, is an outsider who doesn’t look too upbeat in May.

The can’t-possibly-win-can-she candidate Marine Le Pen may well be helped by fate if Fillon is irrevocably damaged.

Born 5 Aug 1968 12.20 am Neuilly sur Seine, France she is a Sun Mercury in Leo with an ambitious 10th house Mars so certainly ambitious. But what marks her chart out as singular is a very tough, strained Yod, the toughest, of Uranus Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn in Aries. Saturn also sits as a singleton, the only planet in her relationship hemisphere, which channels the energy of the rest of her chart. Saturn in Aries is self-reliant, tends to be unsympathetic, dismissive of the needs of other, hard. It will have given her a sense that she has a special mission in life which sets her apart from the common crowd. She’s certainly not a fitter-in. But this Yod demands real maturity to make it work. A fated change can bring a turning point which will test the individual to the limit and can set them on a path of social responsibility; or it can bring self-defeating actions which end in failure.

She’s looking upbeat and confident in the early stages of 2017 with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter/Pluto and then her Jupiter/Uranus. And she has a bouncy tr Jupiter through her 1st house over the next year. Tr Uranus will conjunct her Yod focal point Saturn exactly at the time of the second round. That will really test her mettle to see if she can rise to the challenge of the Yod or end up in failure. Tr Pluto will be opposition her MC then which will certainly shake the ground under her feet. Plus a couple of mild but useful Uranus transits to Jupiter midpoints.

Le Pen as President of France would give Angela Merkel nightmares. Le Pen’s afflicted Saturn is opposition AM’s 10th house Neptune and square her Sun Uranus; and Le Pen’s Mars in Cancer is conjunct AM’s Sun Uranus and square AM’s Neptune; and Le Pen’s Uranus Pluto squares AM’s Mars. It would be a brutal fight for the soul of Europe. [Dec post].

Her closest adviser is Florian Philippot, 24 October 1981 11.20am Croix, France. He has tr Jupiter moving cross his 10th till the autumn which is usually successful; plus tr Uranus opposing his 10th house Jupiter Pluto which can also be lucky breaks and a complete turnaround in his life. Plus an even larger lucky break from Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Uranus which will be exact exact to within minutes over the election. He’s also got three less helpful influences but he’ll be buoyed up all the same.

Le Pen’s Yod does need a strange turn of fate to get into gear. Given her main opponent is tipping over and the world has gone berserk with Trump and Brexit, she might just make it.  It’s almost certainly the time she’ll be as near as she’ll ever get to the Elysee Palace.

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  1. The most definitive and comprehensive online astrology prediction for the winner of the 2017 French election right here:

  2. This is Barry Goodmans prediction I live in France and dread that he may along with many others be predicting a Le Pen win
    Marine Le Pen is likely to be the next President of France. She is leader of the National Front, a previously extreme right-wing party, led for a long time by her father, but whose positions and image she has softened (and this has included expelling her father from the party.) But it’s still pretty right-wing.
    She is economically protectionist, and wants France to leave the Eurozone, as well as the Schengen Area, which allows people to move freely between countries. She is opposed to the 2007 Treaty of Lisbon, the most recent step in the political integration of the EU. She sees 2017 as a year in which nation states will be reborn across Europe, a domino effect coming out of the Brexit and Trump votes.

    She is to all intents and purposes a Frexiteer, and she is narrowly ahead in the polls.

    So now for some astrology. I don’t think astrology on its own can make successful predictions: for example, there are plenty of people born at the same time as Marine Le Pen, they will have the same chart, but they will not be President because they are not politicians. So we have to combine astrology with available information.
    To make a prediction of this sort I look at 3 things: does the politician have popular appeal; does their chart make strong connections with the national chart; and do they have major transits empowering their charts in the coming years?

    There are 3 main candidates: the socialist Benoit Hamon, the centre-right Francois Fillon, and Marine Le Pen. I can’t say much about charisma, popular appeal, because I’m not that clued up to French politics. But the other 2 factors I can say something about.
    I’m ruling out Hamon because his recent major transit (Pluto opp Asc) is finishing, and there is no new major transit for some years. Also, his chart only makes one strong connection with the French Chart: his Asc conjoins the French Moon. (Update: Since writing this, Emmanuel Macron’s popularity has increased; I hadn’t mentioned him because he fails on both astrological criteria, and that remains.)
    Fillon likewise has just one strong connection with the French chart: his North Node is opposite the French Moon. As for transits, Pluto finished with his Angles a year or two ago, but has still to conjoin his Node. Also, he has Neptune conjoining his Sun over the next couple of years, and Saturn moving onto his Angles. So the transits are there, but I’m a bit suspicious of the major one, Neptune conjunct Sun.

    It could be the transit of a popular redeemer – Tony Blair was empowered by Neptune throughout his time as Labour leader – but I think you have to come from nowhere to achieve that. You can’t be a redeemer if you have a track record in power – and Fillon used to be Prime Minister – because then people know you, and being a redeemer is dependent on people not knowing you (like Obama, with his natal Sun square Naeptune), so they can project their hopes onto you. I think Neptune in Fillon’s case is therefore more likely to suggest him leaving politics. The current investigation into alleged improper payments to his wife, even though it may turn out to be a non-story, seems indicative of this.
    And then there is Marine Le Pen. Her Asc-Node-Saturn conjoins/opposes the French Sun-Node Asc (these are fairly wide stelliums, but together they add up to something very strong). And her MC-Mars in Cancer conjoins the French Moon-IC in Cancer. And then her Capricorn Moon conjoins the French MC.

    So she has an extremely powerful connection with modern France (the chart I am using), far more so than the other candidates.

    As for transits, over the next 3 years she has Pluto opposing her MC, and Saturn hard aspecting her Moon and Angles.

    So I expect Marine Le Pen to be President, and to be very effective in bringing about change for the 1st few years of her Presidency. After that, her transits will dry up and she will become less effective. (When I say ‘effective’, I mean that she will achieve much of what she sets out to achieve: it does not suggest I either agree or disagree with what she does, that is not my job as an astrologer.)

    One further argument in favour of Le Pen: in the next few years France will be coming out of a long period in which Pluto and Uranus will have hard aspected the country’s Sun, Moon, Node and Angles. This is huge. Le Pen is the only candidate with the radiclaism to bring about the level of change that the outcome of this series of transits requires. France will be a very different country in 2 to 3 years time, or sooner, with a very different relationship to the EU.


  4. On a mundane level I use the cycles to track historical events. It gives a feel to where we are at any given time. So the return of the 30s is a feeling we have now but it’s down to the leaders and people not to repeat the past. A bannon dictatorship is not inevitable because Uranus and Pluto are in aspect but looking across the pond from the UK it sure feels like it. As above so below.

  5. Let’s compare the French election landscape in the same vein as the US election landscape. All bets were for Clinton, yet some monkey wrenches and dirty politics came out – fair play or not.

    In Fillon’s case, falsely employing one’s wife and disbursing large amounts of euros are hard to dodge. Le Pen offers a populist movement – “Let’s make France great again. France for Frenchmen!” certainly in light of the disastrous yet well-intentioned immigrant quotas.

    It may be difficult to predict the sudden emotional sway. The smallest thing can trip up the stars. La France might have to accept what America now must swallow.

    • As regards the US elections, not really. Towards the end, FiveThirtyEight gave Trump 25-30% chances of winning, with a 10% chance of wining the Electoral College, but losing the popular vote. I think they got it pretty close.

      France of course has a habit of revolutions. “If you have a headache, have a revolution” seems to be the standard for France. Two Empires, three monarchies and five republics…and all that in just the last 225 years.

      France is comparatively an ideologically-driven basket-case anyway. I am worried about pragmatic and sane Germany, which has been holding the EU steady so far. Although not a German myself, I admire the practical approach that Germany has. And I dearly hope that it is not harmed and/or changed by a rise of the AfD.

      • Trump taking the electoral college when 538 projected only a 10% chance of winning it is “getting it pretty close”?

        Not sure where you learned that kind of math.

      • Trump: 90% chance of NOT winning the electoral college and a 75 to 70% chance of NOT winning.

        95% to 100% you’re spoofing, right?

  6. Dear Marjorie,

    From one point of view, the purpose of astrology is to predict the future. If you were to bet money, what odds would you place on each candidate? Would you give le Pen, say 40% of winning or 60% of winning? Likewise for the other candidates.

    • Sure-fire political predictions:
      Le Pen: 50% chance of winning, 50% chance of losing.
      Francois Fillon: 50% chance of winning, 50% chance of losing.
      Benoit Hamon: 50% chance of winning, 50% chance of losing.
      Emmanuel Macron: 50% chance of winning, 50% chance of losing.

    • I dislike the idea of astrology being an absolute and literal predictor. It has its limits and you need to be clear about them and not be bullied into laying down absolute certainties. That isn’t just me hedging bets. You genuinely don’t know how some individuals will react. Uranus for instance can be present for major positive changes and the reverse. Some people relish a turnaround, for others it spells doom.
      What the chart shows is not so much the outer event as the individual’s reactions. One may win and then fall into panic and confusion, and if you misread the confusion they could appear in advance to be about to lose. Some lose and heave a sigh of relief at being freed of a punishing campaign and the burden of office.
      The ancient Arab astrologers believed the greatest use of astrology was in understanding the past and they were probably right. What you can say of Le Pen from her chart is that she is facing the key game-changing point of her life around the French election with tr Uranus triggering her Yod focal point Saturn. She’ll either click into gear or self-destruct. Not much help, I grant you, if you’re looking for an I-knew-in-advance epiphany. But the astrology really doesn’t like being over pushed.
      We tend to get very caught up in importance of the moment. Only with the perspective of time do we see the real relevance of what’s going on. Trump, Le Pen et al may just be “a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then are heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

      • Marie Le Pen is in the middle of her own “money for nothing” aid scandal too. Her friend Catherine Griset received a salary as her aid in European Parliament, requiring her to spend most of her working time in Brusells and Starsbourgh. She apparently didn’t, and Le Pen has been asked to pay back 300 000 euros by European Parliament. She has declined, calling the request politically motivated, and this will be withheld from her salary as a MEP. I think this won’t hurt her chances with Front National base, but there are more European minded right leaning voters who could be discouraged from voting her.

        That said, since the first round of the election is held during Mercury Retrograde, there’s truly a chance the polls will be wrong or even that the result will be contested.

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